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Ready To Pick The Best Horses
The paramount aim of this book's methods is to select only such horses as appear ready to run as good as their best race, or at least give their backers some kind of a run for their money.
A Horses Record
In the matter of weight, the rules are not quite so strict. Instead of requiring that a horse must have won a race carrying the same weight as or higher than the weight assigned to him today.
Late Action Horses
In the back of the book will be listed a few more general rules for all types of horses and races.
Average Money Won Per Race
However, as was proven in Payday at the Races, the writer's first book on handicapping, it is considered better to base consistency on a high money-winning average than on the percentage of races won.
Five Aces - A Winning Hand
It might not be very healthy to be caught with five aces if you were playing poker under normal rules, but they can come in mighty handy in handicapping horses.
Making Adjustments In Handicapping Horses
The first thing a race fan should do in handicapping a race is to make certain obvious adjustments in his list of entries or racing paper.
Horse Racing - The Daily Double
One of the times when the race-goer probably will want to make an exception will be when he is trying to pick a daily double.
Straigh Betting At The Racetrack
Just take the $2 you were going to wager to place and the $2 you planned to bet for show, and put all of it on the nose where it will do the most good. Forget about picayune profits-the idea here is that we are BETTING HORSES TO WIN.
Opera - The Magic Flute
Opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Text by Schikaneder.
Opera - The Valkyrs
First day of the Nibelungen Ring by Richard Wagner.
Florida's Indefinable Charm - Part 1
There is only one way to know Florida. That is to live there. Most winter tourists see little or nothing of the real Florida.
Florida's Indefinable Charm - Part 2
Florida hurricanes are much like Chicago bandit outbreaks. Their occasional occurrences do limited damage over a highly restricted area and occasion no concern to the great mass of residents who go about their business as usual without giving them a thought.
Florida's Indefinable Charm - Part 3
There has, of course, been a high proportion of Federal money contributed to Florida's latest wave of physical development.
The Art Of Living In Florida - Part 1
In most of Florida there is never a day and seldom a night in which one cannot in comfort work, play or relax out-of-doors attired in the lightest of garments or next to no clothing at all.
The Art Of Living In Florida - Part 2
Just as Nature has made the problem of water supply a simple one to solve anywhere in Florida, so too she puts few difficulties in the way of drainage and sewage disposal.
The Art Of Living In Florida - Part 3
Perhaps the most characteristically Floridian tree is the liveoak. It is not only a beautiful tree, sturdy and long-lived and with spreading branches which provide grateful shade, but it is the favorite foster parent for the Spanish moss.
Florida's Upper East Coast - Part 1
Like most travelers to Florida we enter the state by way of Jacksonville, the metropolis and largest city of the state, which appropriately calls itself The Gateway City.
Florida's Upper East Coast - Part 2
Forty-two years before Captain John Smith landed at Jamestown, and forty-seven years before the Dutch settled Manhattan, Pedro Menendez de Aviles and his Spaniards were building St. Augustine.
Florida's Upper East Coast - Part 3
The reader who has never been to Florida may wonder what all of these folk do with themselves besides fishing, bathing, boating, motoring or just loafing on the beach.
All About Florida Oranges And Grapefruits - Part 1
The orange and grapefruit are the backbone of Florida's agriculture. Florida has been growing oranges for close on to four centuries.
All About Florida Oranges And Grapefruits - Part 2
By the end of ten years of experience with a moderate degree of citrus control, the Florida growers were ready for more control.
All About Florida Oranges And Grapefruits - Part 3
The major reason why canned orange juice tastes different is that, to prevent it from discoloring by oxidation, it has to be deprived of most of its oxygen content before the cans are sealed.
Florida - A Typical Farming County - Part 1
We have taken the reader-tourist on a long detour, but since we are examining Florida agriculture down to the roots, as it were, let us return to our typical agricultural region, Volusia County.
Florida - A Typical Farming County - Part 2
Next to beans, peppers, tomatoes, okra, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant and squash rank high among the quick-money, short-time crops of Volusia County and all South Florida.
Florida - A Typical Farming County - Part 3
Here, then, we have in Volusia County a representative cross-section of agricultural central Florida. Like the rest of Florida, it is a land of forests and clearings.
Florida - In The Indian River Country - Part 1
Leaving Volusia County behind us, but carrying the picture of a typical Florida region which it showed us as characteristic of the major phases of life and activity throughout most of the peninsula.
Florida - In The Indian River Country - Part 2
The city of Vero Beach, like most Florida cities, spreads over the countryside so widely that, outside of its business center, it seems like a rural or semi-suburban community, with orange groves surrounding many of the residences.
Florida - In The Indian River Country - Part 3
It is by promotion at the hands of developers who have agricultural land to sell that most of Florida's products have been introduced and established.
Florida - The Conquest Of The Everglades - Part 1
We are getting down to the edge of the Everglades, and at the little town of Stuart, long popular with sportsmen as a fishing rendezvous, at the mouth of the St. Lucie River.
Florida - The Conquest Of The Everglades - Part 2
The Okeechobee dyke, as this is written, is in process of developing into what may prove to be one of Florida's most popular scenic highways.
Florida - The Conquest Of The Everglades - Part 3
The preceding paragraphs provide a rough outline sketch of the economic background of the city of West Palm Beach.
Florida - Palm Beach And The Souteast Coast - Part 1
The gulf between Palm Beach and West Palm Beach is not entirely physical. Separated as the two communities are by the beautiful salt water sound known as Lake Worth.
Florida - Palm Beach And The Southeast Coast - Part 2
Within a few months every tract of vacant land anywhere near Miami had been gobbled up by developers. Scores of wealthy men who did not know just what to do with their war-augmented fortunes.
Florida - The Rise Of Coral Gables - Part 3
That was the ideal back of Florida's largest and most widely known development, Coral Gables.
Montreal And The Environs
Montreal is credited with being more extensive than it is in reality, for the outlying parts, that are generally included when speaking of Montreal, are, in many cases, entirely distinct cities or towns.
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