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Singing - From The Earliest Times
To sing is to use the voice in accordance with musical cal laws. Singing is a musical expression of thought and feeling through the medium of the voice and the organs of speech.
How To Sing
There are few accomplishments surrounded by such glamour as that of the singer. Apart from the pleasure which good vocalism gives to all who hear, there are social and public opportunities of winning wealth and fame by singing.
Accompanied Vocal Music
This, the most popular kind of music, dates, barring individual experiments, from the end of the sixteenth century, and owes its beginnings to the efforts of the Academy of Florence to recover the music of the ancients.
Correct Methods Of Vocal Study
The art of song is in a wretched condition; it is sapped to the very foundations. One can no longer distinguish between good and bad.
How To Learn To Sing
People sing less well than they sang in the past, though good voices are equally abundant. They sing less well because of the lack of a right school.
On Teaching Singing And The Singer's Art
To teach singing is more serious than to teach any other thing in this world. The singing-teacher can often give a voice, but he can more often take it away and break it forever.
The Value Of Correct Breathing
A bad singer experiences discomfort and strain at the throat; a good singer is utterly unconscious of any fatigue, or, indeed, of singing at all.
The Care Of The Voice
It is not poetic, but it is plain truth, that chiefly upon the condition of the stomach depends the condition of the voice.
Personal Views On Vocal Instruction
According to human practice the results of phonation fall into two classes : modulated, pertaining to music; and significant, pertaining to language.
What I Think Of The Modern Art Of Song
The art of song will always be the same—only, nowadays, much less must be learned than heretofore, and of this fact the singers of the period make good use.
It's All About Personality
The word personality is on everyones lips today. In asking for information about prospective employees, employers use the terms pleasing personality.
Habits That Annoy
Almost everyone, whether he realizes it or not, has mannerisms that are annoying to his associates. Several years ago the author was discussing this subject with a friend.
Personality And Background
What is this important factor in personality growth called background? Background is that fund of knowledge and experience that determines your understanding and appreciation of the world about you.
Personal Appearance And First Impressions
The first impression that a person makes on others is dependent in a large measure on his appearance.
How To Act At Formal Teas And Other Events
Formal teas are given for various purposes. The hostess may wish to honor a house guest, a friend who has just moved to town, or a prominent person who is in town for some special occasion.
Formal Dinner Etiquette
The formal dineer never begins before seven o'clock; the time usually is eight or eight-thirty. It is very discourteous for a guest to be late.
Voice And Conversation
The outward appearance first attracts or repels others, but it is the voice and what is said that actually reveal true personality.
How To Make A Proper Introduction
The ability to make introductions correctly is very important. Introductions should not be made unnecessarily but on many occasions must not be omitted.
Travel Tips And Etiquette
After thge length of the trip and the mode of travel have been decided, plan to take just enough baggage so that you will have with you what you actually require.
Correspondence And Letter Writing
Correspondence is metely conversation on paper. It reveals personality just as surely as any other act of a person reveals his personality.
Gregorian And Ambrosian Chant
Nature of the Chant—Ambrosian and Gregorian Forms—Anglican—Metrical Chants...
Ancient Jewish Hymns
The hymns of the Old Testament were, as we have indicated, the spontaneous outflow of the religious nature. No form of worship requiring song was instituted by Moses.
From Football To Horses
The average race track fan who is trying to "beat the horses" is looking for a method of selection that (1) is simple, (2) shows a fairly high winning percentage, and (3) comes up with a "solid" longshot with reasonable frequency.
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