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Warming Up Your Party
Ice-cream is the only portion of a party that should be frozen. If you foresee danger of your good time turning into a North Pole expedition or an evening among icebergs, plan something that will either break or melt the ice.
Party - Doing It Differently
When you think of giving a party, does it mean the same old orchestra and the same old fox-trots and one-steps and the same old ice-cream and cakes?
Party Killers
There are some persons whom a hostess always dreads to see at her party. They are like just so many punctures in an automobile tire-making it bump along flat on the rim instead of rolling.
A Japanese Garden Party
A girl who wished to entertain for a visiting school friend one evening in midsummer sent out invitations to a Japanese Garden Party.
A Children's Daisy Party
Let the children make the invitations they send out for their own daisy party. On heavy water color paper they may draw and cut out simple outlines of daisies.
A Hawaiian Porch Luncheon
One woman entertained her club at their last meeting of the year with a little porch luncheon. Hawaii had been one of the subjects of study, so the Hawaiian note was dominant throughout.
Mother's Birthday Tea Party
A pleasant way for a daughter to entertain for her mother is to give a little informal afternoon tea, asking the mother's friends and their daughters and thus making it a kind of mother and daughter affair.
A Girl's Birthday Luncheon
Once a mother gave a little birthday luncheon for her daughter who was a freshman in high school.
The Wooden Wedding
An informal evening party is perhaps the jolliest way to celebrate the fifth wedding anniversary.
The Tin Wedding
The tenth wedding anniversary has many possibilities for fun. An informal social evening or a dinner followed by some jolly stunts are in order.
A Silver Wedding Shower
Silver fittings for a work basket were chosen and included a silver needle case, a silver thimble case, a silver hem gauge, a unique tatting shuttle, a little silver ripping knife, a cunning strawberry emery with a silver hull and a wee wax cherry with a silver stem.
A Cape Cod Luncheon
In remembrance of a happy two weeks spent in a little bungalow on Cape Cod, one of the girls of the bunch gave a quaint luncheon for the others during the year following.
Announcements And Showers
There are several sorts of affairs which may serve as a setting for an announcement. A favorite kind is a luncheon for a group of girl friends.
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