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Getting Rid Of Goats At The Racetrack
Instead of discussing the improvement of the breed, how many ways there are for a horse to lose a race, this book tells you exactly what horses to play.
Speed Vs. Class In Horse Racing
The speed handicapper goes by the time in which a horse runs his race. If the horse is required to carry additional weight today, due allowance is made for that fact.
Fundamentals Of Handicapping Horse Racing
By Fundamentals Of Handicapping, we mean what this book-not dyed-in-the-wool, generally unsuccessful handicappers-considers to be the real fundamentals.
Horse Race Handicapping - The Colt System
Most of the time, however, this second type of handicapper finds himself hopelessly involved in trying to separate two or three horses in a race.
Claiming Race System For Horses
Because of the vast differences in the type of races and grade of horses encountered, the rules for this book's claiming race system are different from those given for the colt system.
$61,000 For $2 In 30 Days At The Races
Now some fans think that progressive betting means wagering more than usual when you lose, in an effort to make up for previous losses when you do win.
Pulling Out Of A Slump At The Racetrack
Most any racing system would be ruined by a slump that produced an average of only 20 percent winners.
How To Bet Horses
The, second rule is that the more strong points a horse has in his favor, the greater the investment on him should be.
The Food Payers Of Horse Racing
These would be horses which barely fail to qualify under the regular rules, but still seem to have enough on the ball to be worth some kind of a play.
Beginner's Luck At The Racetrack
If he has a sound system, a newcomer to the race track should be the luckiest man on the grounds.
Backward Is Forward In Racing Systems
The racing systems in this book use an approach which is directly opposite to conventional methods.
The Good Old Summer Time At The Track
In fact, many Northerners lose all interest in racing as soon as the nags head southward for the late fall and winter.
The Rains And Disaster At The Racetrack
When the track is fast, there is only one problem. That is to make sure that a horse is not strictly a mudlark-that he didn't win all of his races on so-called off or wet tracks.
Cheap Horses Are Expensive
There are many types of races which the race-goer should avoid. First and foremost in the undesirable class are the steeplechase or hurdle races.
Females Are Unreliable In Horse Racing
Monkeying with females in the equine world can be just as disastrous as with the two-legged variety. They are flighty, unreliable and almost always a dangerous proposition.
The Long Trail Of Horse Racing
Our first objective was to try to find out what makes winning horses win. We took an enormous piece of cardboard and ruled it off into 20 columns.
When Is The Traing Trying With His Horses?
When a horse runs a poor race, many a disgruntled race goer who had a bet on him will shrug off his loss with the remark: Oh well, the trainer wasn't trying.
Three Old Reliable Horses
The factors of class, consistency and distance are musts with almost every handicapper.
The Red Badge Of Courage
During the 25 years which our little group of handicappers spent in striving to detect similarities in the previous performances of horses that win, two outstanding factors emerged.
The Big League Of Horse Racing
In horse racing, steeds that can move up from the minor or smaller tracks to the major tracks - and win are few and far between.
Weight Will Stop A Locomotive Or A Good Horse
Carrying extremely high weight is a tough obstacle for a horse to overcome in all races except in handicap races for colts of the highest caliber.
Gelding Repeaters Beat Lovers At The Racetrack
As noted earlier, geldings win more claiming races than other types of steeds.
Supplementary Claiming Horses
Horses in the first group of these additional plays are called automatic plays because they are considered so powerful that the reader will need to check them on only a few of the rules given earlier.
Summary Of Horse Racing Systems
Each of the two systems contains actually only three or four rules of selection, meaning the type of horse for which you are looking.
Glossary Of Horse Racing Terms
A complete glossary of the most common horse racing terms.
If the bride's house is small, a church wedding may be the solution for her, or else she may plan a house wedding with just a few chosen friends and relatives present.
Summer Wedding Decorations
Every girl can have a pretty wedding - especially if she lives within reach of the free woods and fields or in a place of gardens and shrubbery.
Wedding Table Decorations
Whatever color scheme is used in the other parts of the house, an entirely different one may be carried out in the diningroom. Some suggestions for simple table decorations in various colors.
Menus For Wedding Buffet Luncheon
Many dining-rooms are too small to have a wedding breakfast served at the table, and for that reason buffet luncheons are most popular.
A Wild Rose Wedding
A wild-rose wedding which one bride planned was wonderfully attractive. In one corner of the living-room an arch of woven wire was erected, and covered with graceful wild clematis vines and wild roses.
A Field Flower Wedding
Four little girls, dressed in white with yellow sashes and hair fillets, carried a daisy chain to form an aisle for the bride and her attendants, and the ceremony took place under a big bell of field daisies.
Outdoor Weddings
There's no wedding quite so picturesque as the outdoor one.
Fall Weddings
September and October weddings are always popular, partly perhaps because of the decorating possibilities of the autumn season.
Three Winter Weddings
The first girl lived in a country town and evergreens in the woods near by were plentiful. The wedding was a Christmas one, and took place in the late afternoon.
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