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Principles Of Decoration
If you are to be your own decorator one of the first things to realize is that the qualities of livableness and charm are not intangible but the result of two plus two.
Painting Points And Tips
Purchase any of the well-known brands of ready-mixed paint. To apply follow exactly the directions given on the container.
Wallpaper Points And Tips
The character of a wallpaper should be that of the character of the room, which depends on the architecture of the house, the size of the room, and its use, as well as the furniture in the room.
Tips For Walls
Smooth finish plaster may be used as a foundation for any wall covering. Sand and rough finish plaster may be antiqued or painted over, but no wall covering should be applied.
Tips For Floors
Wood floors may be of regular flooring, of broad planks or of random width boards.
Colonial Living Rooms
Since there are many houses being built today along Colonial lines, and since there is a tremendous interest m early American furniture, let us put the two together in the making of an early American living-room.
Veneered Paneling
Wood wainscot was used for finishing the interior walls of the earliest houses in the American Colonies before the use of plaster became common.
The English Living Room
The houses in the Early English feeling are gaining in popularity, not only for the large country house, but also for the smaller suburban house.
Spanish-Italian Living Rooms
The interest all over the country in rooms of Spanish or Italian character may perhaps be traced to the very charming houses of this sort in Florida and along the Pacific coast.
The Living Room Without A Mantel
Where there is no mantel in the room, there is no established center of interest, unless it is made.
Decoration Tips For Your Living Room
Livableness is the first quality required of a living-room. This is largely produced by arranging the furniture to give comfort.
How To Decorate Dining Rooms
The dining-room, of all rooms in the house, should have a spirit of friendliness.
Tips For Decorating Dining Room
First of all make a dining-room fulfill its main purpose-a room in which to eat three meals a day comfortably.
Combination Living Room - Dining Room
With the growing conservation of space today, combination rooms have become a serious consideration in modern life.
Tip For Decorating Living Room Or Dining Room
In furnishing a room which is to have the combination purpose of two different rooms, it is necessary to have the qualities of each room put into the one room.
Decorating Halls, Sun Rooms, And Porches
Neither halls nor porches are exactly rooms. But nevertheless if they are to be attractive, they should be furnished with as much care.
Decorating Tips For Halls, Sun Rooms And Porches
Give an air of hospitality to the entrance hall. This is achieved by attractive color on the walls in the daytime, and by proper lighting at night.
Colonial And Modern Bedrooms
There are bedrooms which merely answer the purpose of sleeping and dressing. They have a bed, bureau, and a necessary chair or two.
Tips For Decorating Bedroom
Bedrooms should serve three purposes,--a comfortable place in which to sleep, to dress, and to use during the day.
Colorful And Comfortable Nurseries
The lure of the nursery is one that cannot be denied. Not only should it be beautiful, colorful, flooded with sun and warmth, but it must also be practical.
Tips For Decorating Nursery
The nursery today is furnished for the comfort of its occupants just as any other room is furnished for the comfort of those using it.
New Fashions In Draperies
The modern tendency in window decorating is away from the elaborate swathings of the Victorian era.
How To Make Curtins And Draperies
One of the first and greatest essentials in the making of curtains or draperies is accuracy in measuring.
Tips For Draperies And Curtains
Glass curtains are the sheer curtains which are hung as close to the glass as possible. They should be made to clear the window-sill.
New And Smart Slip Covers
The vogue for slip covers has increased tremendously in the past few years as women have begun to realize the possibilities of these covers.
Slip Cover Tips
Slip covers are used to protect furniture from dust and dirt during summer months. They may be used the year round in place of regular upholstery as they are easily removed and cleaned.
How To Make Slip Covers
The first step in making slip covers is to take accurate measurements to determine the quantity of material required.
How To Paint Furniture
Painted furniture has become a definite note in almost every house. Perhaps there is only one chair, a table, a desk or a chest in the livingroom, but its bright note of definite color.
Combining Business With Pleasure At The Racetrack
The rapidly increasing popularity of horse racing in the United States and some other countries has created an unprecedented situation in the field of turf investment.
Past Performance Of Horses
The first thing an embryo race fan must do is to learn something about the past performance records printed in the official racing papers. These records give pertinent facts about a horse's performances.
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