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Rome - Part 1
So visitors at Rome issue from dim closing museums at three o'clock in the afternoon and gaze around in a stupid, dazed fashion on a sky of cloudless deep blue and on placid streets and squares.
Rome - Part 2
And now we begin to have the usual experience of Roman mendicancy. Truly, there is no beggar like your Roman beggar.
Rome - Part 3
At this languorous hour of the afternoon the broad, sunny piazzas with their many fountains afford incomparably lovely loitering-places on the way to the Pincio.
Prague - Part 1
A brooding, stolid city is Prague; the sombre capital of a restless, feverish people. It is the hotbed and darling seat of all Bohemia.
Prague - Part 2
If now we can manage to look away from the bridge and its crowds, we shall observe that the afternoon activities of the river-life of Prague are manifold and highly interesting.
Prague - Part 3
Staring gloomily down on the Kleinseite, and set solidly far above it on a precipitous hill, the rugged old Hradschin, Prague's acropolis, warms into mild ruddy tones in the afternoon sun.
Scheveningen - Part 1
Nurtured in the salt sadness of the sea, Scheveningen is a Whistler nocturne. Its prevailing and distinctive tones are neutral and elusive.
Scheveningen - Part 2
To the eye of a man taking his comfort at the pretty little Cafe de la Plage on the Kurhaus terrace, all this bustle and late afternoon animation is bound to prove decidedly diverting.
Scheveningen - Part 3
The long-beaked curlew that flashes overhead with hoarse, raucous news of the sea looks down at this hour on pleasant and curious sights as he wings his swift circle above the Scheveningen neighborhood.
Berlin - Part 1
In every section that the Kreuzberg looks down upon, and still farther away under the fading western skies, pleasant signs of recreation abound.
Berlin - Part 2
The classic Town Palace of Potsdam is receiving its compliments, as usual, and no less the artistic Lustgarten, opulent in marbles and fountains.
Berlin - Part 3
On leaving the Bauer it is amusing to dip for a few moments into the tumult of rip-roaring Friedrichstrasse and sweep along with merchants, government clerks, shop girls, artists, soldiers, and all the rest of the jovial, motley company.
London - Part 1
It will probably have seemed to many that in London the evening hour between seven and eight o'clock is the most distinctive and significant of the twenty-four.
London - Part 2
Across the Serpentine in the children's paradise of Kensington Gardens we should find that the Board Walk and the round pond lose none of their drawingpower with the years and that the fountains and flowers are as beautiful and as highly prized as ever.
London - Part 3
The shadows fall away with startling suddenness as Fleet Street becomes the Strand at Temple Bar.
Naples - Part 1
Drifting lazily of a summer evening over the Bay of Naples in a brown old fishing felucca with a friendly ancient boatman for companion.
Naples - Part 2
Serenades seem twice serenades when breathed in the soft, lissome dialect of Naples. There is no tiring of the impassioned refrain of Sole Mio.
Naples - Part 3
Women dodge through the streets carrying great bundles on their heads, and pause from time to time for friendly greetings with frowzy acquaintances tilting out of the upper windows where the laundry hangs.
Heidelberg - Part 1
Heidelberg's appeals are to the mind, the heart, and the senses: the mind is inspired by her impressive achievements in learning.
Heidelberg - Part 2
One looks down from the castle on the twinkling lights of the cramped old town, and notes how it has ambitiously spread its suburbs even beyond the opposite bank.
Heidelberg - Part 3
As the hour of ten draws near, we return through the vaulted passage from the Great Balcony and enter the grass-grown central courtyard.
Interlaken - Part 1
The top of the evening at brisk and bracing Interlaken is certainly ten o'clock. Vigorous, vitalizing air breathes down on the lush meadows from towering Alpine snowfields.
Interlaken - Part 2
But the real evening-heroes must be looked for at the Kursaal. That is where you hear the great champion talkers of the world!
Interlaken - Part 3
Lesser lights are to be found among the Kursaal heroes who will confess to nothing more unusual in the way of activity than salmon-fishing in the neighboring lakes or bagging red partridge and hazel hens in the upper meadows.
Venice - Part 1
A July moon over, a gondola under, a tenor lilting a barcarolle, thousands with you on the Grand Canal - Venice a festa!
Venice - Part 2
The vagabond Venetian, penniless but happy, comes out of his doze in a corner of a sunny riva and before his mouth has settled from its yawn it is rounded into a song.
Venice - Part 3
It seems weeks since, in the cool of this very morning, out at the little island of Burano, I lunched under shady locusts in the quiet garden of The Crowned Lion.
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