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Red Snapper
This probably is the best known of the Snappers because it is a common and delicious item on the bill of fare.
To catch a Tarpon, the Silver King, the greatest of all game fishes, is considered one of the supreme feats of angling.
Sailor's Choice Or Salt-Water Bream
This is a very delectable small panfish, averaging about half a pound in size, up to two pounds maximum.
The Crevalle is known also as Jack, Jackfish, Horse Crevalle, and Jack Crevalle. His average size is two to three pounds, though he ranges up to 50 pounds.
The Croaker is strictly a bottom feeder and lives mostly in fairly shallow water from 8 to 15 feet deep, preferring grassy flats.
He is one of the few fish able to produce sounds, and when conditions are favorable you can hear his drumming above water at some little distance.
The flounder is strictly a bottom fish, white on the under side and with the power of changing color on the upper to match color with the bottom on which he is lying.
Nassau Grouper
The latter name will be remembered by the unlucky angler who fails to stop his Grouper soon enough after hooking him.
Not so much sport as work, fishing for these Jewfish. One hundred and fifty pounds is an average size, and the record is 750 pounds.
Pompano is largely a seasonal fish in local waters, bound northward in abundance between March 15 and April 15.
Great Kingfish
Florida Kingfish, Great Kingfish, Horse Mackerel, King Mackerel, Sierra, Cero, King Cero, Spotted Cero...
Sometimes at inlets large schools of Ladyfish can be seen feeding out in the ocean, and will come in with the turn of the tide.
Spanish Mackerel
The Spanish Mackerel is unsurpassed as a food fish and many of them are served daily in restaurants and hotels throughout the country.
Pompom Or Cuban Queen
The Pompom is a member of the Grunt family, and often is mistaken for the Drum.
They may be had either by surf-casting or still fishing from an ocean pier. They belong to the Croaker family and have a small sucker-like mouth, being caught on small hooks.
Tripletail Or Chobie
A common name for this fellow is Tripletail, taken from the location of posterior fins that give the fish almost the advantage of three tails when trying to pull away from an angler.
Finishes For Natural Wood Furniture
It may signify wood in its natural state and color, as in the case of natural finished floors, or may be used to distinguish a stained from a painted finish.
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