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Large-Mouthed Black Bass
There is perhaps no fish on the American continent which affords more real sport to anglers than the Large-Mouthed Black Bass.
Crappie Or Speckled Perch
Any fisherman who has not found a school of Speckled Perch when they're really biting-has missed one of the real delights of a lifetime.
Bluegill Or Bream
To those fishermen the Bluegill is not a stranger, and should they return to the scenes of their boyhood days.
Red-Breasted Sunfish
When you pull this little fellow protestingly from the water, you have in hand the most beautiful of Florida's fresh water fish.
Warmouth Perch Or Rock Bass
Other popular local names: Bream, Yellow-Belly Perch, GoggleEye, Redeye, Sunfish or Sun Perch.
Pickerel Or Jackfish
A member of the pike family, the coloration of this particular species varies considerably with localities in which taken.
A haughty member of the Cravalle family, the Amberjack does not inhabit local waters with the regularity of many of the smaller species.
Probably the most vicious, savage fish that swims, and well deserving of the name Sea Tiger given to him by many anglers.
Salt-Water Trout (Spotted Weakfish)
There is not a more abundant species in local or nearby waters than the Spotted Weakfish-Salt Water Trout, Sea Trout or Spotted Trout as they are more properly and familiarly known hereabouts.
Weakfish, member of the croaker family, are quite prevalent in northern waters, but are seldom taken in this area, and then only from the banks offshore.
Channel Bass
Florida need not give way to any section of the United States for the sport offered anglers seeking the Channel or Sea Bass.
Sea Bass, Rock Bass Or Blackfish
The Sea Bass is one of the few fish bearing the name of bass that really belongs to the bass family.
Bluefish-savages of the sea-frequent almost all of the waters of the world and migrate to local waters at various seasons of the year.
This fellow is a cousin to the Mackerel, and can always be identified by abortive fins just forward of the peaked dorsal fin.
Dolphin are usually taken locally at about 3 pounds; of good food value; feed upon mullet, yellowtails, and other small fishes.
This salt-water fish prefers to inhabit inlets, mouths of creeks, around jetties, bridges, and piling.
The Sheepshead probably is the most common and best known salt water panfish. His flesh has high food value.
Mangrove Snapper
The Mangrove Snapper, sometimes called Red Snapper, Gray Snapper and just Snapper, frequents water near reefs, docks, and wrecks.
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