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Where Art And Nature Meet
As every garden lover knows, there are, apart from the flowers themselves, any number of accessories which increase the effectiveness of the garden.
Our Birds And Our Gardens
The more attention one gives the birds, the more one realizes the charm which they lend to the garden - a charm so elusive that it is all too often missed.
Gardening And The Flower Spectrum
There is now a fancy for gardens, or sometimes for beds, of masses of solid color. It is a pretty idea, and in itself a useful one, since to work it out effectively a thorough understanding of the flowers to be used.
Garden Friends And Foes
Everything has its drawbacks, it is said, and, to support this cynical saying, the garden, among its pleasures, has some crosses in store for us which we must bear.
Trees And Tree Planting
The average amateur gardener, however, is but too apt to forget a third form of vegetation which is at once less trouble than the garden, and far more effective than the shrub. This is the obvious but too often neglected tree.
Window Box Gardening
Perhaps the greatest and most effective decoration which can be devised for the house in summer-or in winter as well, it may be said-is that of window boxes.
Flowers For Cutting
There are those who go about the garden armed with scissors, clipping off flower heads and letting them fall upon the ground because the house is full of flowers, and there is nothing more to do with them.
Garden Warnings
There are a few general directions for plant culture which it is well for all garden-lovers to bear in mind.
The More Common Garden Flowers
The more common garden flowers and how to grow them in your garden.
Decorative Styles And Periods In The Home
It might seem that it is the province of the decorator and the furnisher to know better than the layman all the intricacies and occultism of their trade.
General Antiquity
It is the happy business of the architect and decorative artist to study the ancient styles of the centuries before the Renaissance, and to find in them much fascinating material for thought.
Pompeian Decorative Styles And Periods
All of Greek and all of Roman detail at their best are found in Pompeii; and in knowing her we know all except those matters that have to do more with architecture than with the embellishment that completes the home.
Gothic Decorative Styles And Periods
The style we call Byzantine, followed with the Romanesque, styles which in the South developed into the Gothic or pointed style.
Decorative Styles - The Renaissance
But even as the sun dominates the world, yet illumines its smallest corner, so the great light of the Renaissance is reflected in the many minor designs with which we are familiar, not, perhaps, knowing their origin.
Decorative Styles And Periods In Italy
And what has the Renaissance done to make beautiful our modern homes? Is the practical suggestion that follows the strong-and-bitter ale of history.
Decorative Styles And Periods In France
In a decorative way, the time of the French Renaissance extends from Louis XII to Louis XIII, including the styles known arbitrarily as Franqois Premier and Henri Deux.
The Style Of Louis Quatorze
I allude to the decorative periods known as Louis Quatorze, Louis Quinze, and Louis Seize.
The Style Of Louis Quinze
And the period which follows, that of Louis XVI, went for its central thought again to Italy, where Pompeii was yielding herself to the excavators.
The Style Of Louis Seize
The two styles of Louis Quinze and Louis Seize ever stand as rivals. Together they present themselves before the decorator, the home-maker, the collector; two charming beauties, they stand in bewildering attractions awaiting choice.
Empire Decorative Styles And Periods - 1799-1814
To read our pieces of Empire furniture aright, we must keep in mind the time and the events of which it was the decorative expression.
Elizabethan Or Tudor Styles
The so-called Elizabethan styles in England - are they not the English reflection of the Renaissance?
Jacobean Period
As was the custom, the style was not named for its originators, but for the house that occupied the throne during its growth. So we call this decorative period Stuart or Jacobean.
Queen Anne Style
With all reverence must the Queen Anne period be approached and studied, for in it we find matter of absorbing interest, the beginning, in fact, of the great train of minor styles that produced the furniture we hold so dear.
Chippendale Middle 18th Century
The major part of our study is, in fact, only a brief tracing of furniture history from the beginning, that we may know to what traditions we owe the development that we regard as peculiarly our own, to wit, the styles of Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, and some minor men.
The Adams Brothers
Perhaps the esteem in which Robert Adam was held by England is most eloquently expressed by the fact that after his death in 1792 he was buried in Westminster Abbey.
Hepplewhite - Book Issued 1789
These three men compose a trio of furniture-makers whose names mean more to the American collector than any others - Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton.
The Decorative Style Of Shearton
A man's works were all the public cared for in the days when Sheraton was living sadly and working indefatigably.
Decorative Style - English And American Empire
With a style as perfect as that in vogue at the close of the eighteenth century, with Chippendale just behind it, and with Jacobean and Tudor styles to suggest the Renaissance, why must England run out of the country for inspiration?
The Art Nouveau Style
The result is what we call L'Art Nouveau, or New Art, if one likes the English better.
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