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The Influence Of The Zodiac Upon Human Life
The twelve signs of the Zodiac have always been supposed to represent the physical framework of man. This framework is but a vessel of breath, motion, and vibration.
The Quickening Spirit Of The Zodiac
The influence of the Domains, Zodiacal Signs, Planets, and Stars has been recognized and understood by certain wise men for thousands of years, but the esoteric part of occult law has been known only to the initiated of certain nations and secret orders.
Questions And Answers Of The Zodiac
The Moon is the only planet in the heavens which has been generally credited with exerting an influence upon the Earth, and, in the minds of most people, this influence has been confined to the tides.
Influence Of The Zodiac On Disease
When the astronomers and astrologers of old placed what is called THE GRAND MAN in the centre of a circle, ranging about him the twelve signs of the Zodiac, each one, from Aries to Pisces, was made to point to the weak or vulnerable parts of the body.
Influence Of The Zodiac On Development
The threefold division of man's constitution, as illustrated in the twelve signs of the Zodiac, has long been known as triune in its nature, such as spirit, soul, and body.
A Warning For The Zodiac Signs
The alleged influence of some of the zodiac signs is certainly more powerful and more difficult to overcome than others.
Marriage Considered With Reference To The Zodiac
If the people born in these domains-Fire, Earth, Air, and Water-do really embody the qualities of their triplicities, it must be plain to the thoughtful student that the cause of many an unhappy marriage can be traced to the attempted union of uncongenial elements.
Aries - The Zodiac
ARIES is called the sign of sacrifice. People born under Aries are usually very executive, earnest, and determined. They accomplish what they resolve to do against all opposition.
Leo - The Zodiac
THE people born under this sign are kind hearted, generous, sympathetic, and magnetic. They make good nurses when in full sympathy with the patient.
Sagittarius - The Zodiac
The people born under this sign usually aim well and hit the mark in all matters. Because of this characteristic they are prophetic, and can tell the outcome of almost any enterprise from its inception.
Gemini - The Zodiac
Many Gemini persons may be said to be double. One trait of character seems to contradict another trait-in other words, they have a dual nature in active operation.
Libra - The Zodiac
People born under this sign are energetic, ambitious, generous, and inspired. The men and women are said to differ even more than Leo men and women, and probably from the same reason.
Aquarius - The Zodiac
People born under this sign are said to be the strongest and the weakest people in the world. They are naturally endowed with great possibilities.
Taurus - The Zodiac
This is a very hard sign to overcome. Those born under it are fearless and kind, and very magnanimous when not irritated.
Virgo - The Zodiac
This sign represents the hidden fire of the earth. People born under it are very orderly and methodical, and are good magnetic healers.
Capricorn - The Zodiac
This sign represents the dark side of the earth, the occult side of history, solitude, and meditation. People born under it are deep thinkers, natural orators, and teachers.
Cancer - The Zodiac
This sign is called the paradox of the twelve. A few harmonious people are to be found in it, who as far as known have not given any especial attention to mental or spiritual development.
Scorpio - The Zodiac
These people are allied to the great powers of the ocean of this planet, and are possessed of a wonderful vibratory force, which gives them a great vitality through electro-magnetic influences.
Pisces - The Zodiac
These people have a deep, hidden love-nature, and are always anxious to give of their abundance to all who need. They are natural lovers, and their realm is the kingdom of the soul.
The Moonlight Garden
The average garden lover revels in a mass of color. At his fancy every shade that nature can produce is called into play, and at his wish combinations arise.
The Water Garden
There is no sort of garden more delightful than the water garden, and none which, contrary to the general opinion, is so easy to make or maintain.
The Rock Garden
The rock garden, which has been for many years the standby of English flower lovers, has found its way into America.
The Wild Flower Garden
Another advantageous use may be made of the wild flower garden to brighten a spot to which little care can be given.
The Court Of The Queen Of Flowers
For the rose garden is one of the easiest varieties of garden from which to secure results. Its preparation requires time and care.
Gardening And The Children's Garden
Of course the flowers for the children's garden should be those which do not require too much time to give results.
Gardening And The Bulb Garden
A bulb planting in October will make the garden gay early in the spring, so that its beauty may reign undiminished from that season until frost.
The Indoor Garden
And how shall the indoor garden be planted? Of course, window boxes are the most obvious answer to such a question.
The Garden That Faces Four Ways
To arrange a city or suburban plot when you have both a front yard and a back yard is a comparatively easy task.
Gardening And What Can Be Done
The question of what can be done with a small plot of land is one which, in these days of suburban immigration, presents itself forcibly to an increasing number of new country residents every year.
Old And New Flowers For The Garden
We who love gardens have all experimented with the marigold, the zinnia, phlox, and other indestructible plants; and a good many of us have even gone further afield.
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