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A Brief History Of Upholstery
It is widely thought that the craft of upholstery evolved from that of the tent-maker. And it does seem a likely development.
Upholstery Tools And Workshop Requirements
Compared with other trades like cabinet-making, plumbing, etc., the upholstery trade requires few tools.
Upholstered Furniture - Types Styles And Frames
The frames of upholstered furniture are, as the name implies, the skeleton upon which the stuffing or padding is built. These frames are made of metal and of timber, the great majority of them from timber.
Upholstery Springs And Spring Units
The ordinary coil spring made of coppered steel is probably still the best and most efficient way of building a sound foundation. It is also the most adaptable unit in the comfort of an upholstered job.
Upholstery Stuffing Materials
Although one can't classify webbing as a stuffing material I've included it in this chapter because it is upon the soundness and quality of webbing that any upholstered job depends.
Upholstery Cover Materials
In choosing the type and quality of material to cover upholstered furniture, previous thought should be given to the value of the furniture and the usage to which it will be subjected.
Upholstery - Measuring-Cutting And Preparing Covers
Modern upholstery factories carry out this part of the job on a very methodical scale. For each model of settee or chair, templates are made for every piece of cover, and several dozen pieces of cover are cut off with a machine.
Basic Principles Of Upholstery
The object of upholstering a chair or a settee frame is to provide a comfortable piece of furniture to sit on or recline in.
Upholstery Webbing
The webbing stretched across the frame can take the weight of three and sometimes four persons on a settee or perhaps just one person on a dining-chair.
Upholstery Springing
The hand-sprung job, particularly today, is a fair guide to good-quality upholstery. One could almost describe it as the bespoke part of the trade.
Upholstery - Types Of Stiched Edges And Fronts
The outside edges of upholstered furniture are usually made into a roll to give firmness and a smooth edge.
Making An Easy Chair With Cushion Seat
Although frames do not come within the scope of the upholsterer an illustration shows an average type of easy-chair of an orthodox style.
Making An Easy Chair - The Arms
Stretch three or four short webs across the arm opening vertically, and on the inside. These need not be stretched very tightly as they take little strain and are mainly to give a foundation to the arm stuffing.
Making An Easy Chair - The Back
As this is going to be a sprung back the webbing will be put on the outside of the rails. There will be four webs vertically and four across from side to side.
Making An Easy Chair - The Seat
Turn over the chair and rest the arms upon the trestles ready for webbing the seat. Space out on the front rail the number of webs required, probably five or six, and anchor at this front rail using five tacks over the folded webbing.
Making An Easy Chair - Second Stuffing - Calico Covers
The calico covering has more than one advantage. In the first place it makes for a much cleaner job and has also the added advantage of keeping the stuffing in place if and when the covers have to be changed.
Upholstery - Pin Cushion Seats And Stools
Many chairs, like bedroom chairs, occasional and office chairs, are lightly upholstered on the seat and always have a surround of wood.
Upholstery - Dining Chairs And Loose Seats
One of the most popular types of dining-chair is that of the loose seat variety.
Upholstery - Cable Springing And Latex Cushions
Cable or tension springing has become very popular in the last few years, particularly for the smaller type of chair and indeed for the well-designed easy-chair.
Upholstery For Bedding
The box mattress is made very much the same way as a divan base. This is the mattress that fits over the old-type bed irons.
Upholstery - Occasional Chair
This type of chair is very comfortable and is used extensively in the home as a dining-chair, or in the office or showroom.
Upholstery - A Bedroom Chair
Here is another very simple type of chair that can be used in almost any room in the house. It is mainly seen, however, in the bedroom or bed-sitter and is the right dimensions for use as a nursing-chair.
Upholstery Easy Chair
One of the most popular types of easy-chair amongst men has always been the long, deep-sprung easy-chair.
Upholstery - Adaptable Settee Unit
A new type of seating arrangement has developed in the home since the advent of television.
Upholstery Repairs
There is always some ripping-out to be done and if it is a complete re-upholstering job then the whole of the frame is laid bare.
Upholstery Terminology
As in any other craft or trade there are a number of words or phrases that are either outside normal language or perhaps known words that convey a completely different meaning.
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