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Acne Or Blackheads
Acne is the commonest form of facial eruption, it appearing as small black points on the nose, cheeks, and chin.
Redness Of The Nose
If this affliction is due to the dryness of the nasal passage or the delicacy of the capillary vessels, the inflamed condition may easily be removed.
Cleansing Of The Hair
The frequent use of a fine comb is fatal to hair, especially when it is falling out. However, it is necessary to cleanse the hair and the downy scalp.
Diseases Of The Hair
When the hair falls out without apparent cause, it is diseased. This is the case when the ends split. Sorrow causes the hair to fall out.
Baldness is not so serious a matter to a man as to a woman, for he has the comfort of knowing that he has many companions in his misery.
Remedies For Losing Hair
The juice of a lemon applied to the scalp is said to be a remedy for the falling out of dark hair.
Cleansing Of Combs And Brushes
Nothing is better for cleansing brushes than ammonia; it does not soften the bristles, as soap and soda do.
Care Of The Eyes
Never rub the eyes, for this practice causes inflammation of the lids, and however beautiful the expression, if the eyes are red or without lashes, they lose their charm.
Care Of The Teeth
Cleanliness is one of the surest means for overcom ing the causes which lead to the destruction of the teeth.
Care Of The Hands
In doing housework or gardening, old gloves which have lost their freshness and grown large by use may be worn. They will protect the hands from the effects of the air, and keep them clean.
Washing Hands During The Day
Never have soiled hands, but do not wash oftener than necessary. Lemon juice will remove many stains. If a little salt is added to this juice it is still more efficacious.
Sunburned Hands
At the close of summer, hands which have been kissed too often by the sun are a source of annoyance.
Chapped Hands
For children, and even for many grown persons, winter is the time for chapped hands. It requires but little care to avoid the suffering which results from chapped skin.
Chilblains are still more to be feared than chapping. A feeble temperament and bad nourishment are often the causes of this affection.
Care Of The Nails
The nails should be cut in a curve which follows the shape of the end of the finger. Their surface should also be polished.
Good Taste In Dressing
A woman who dresses badly loses half her opportunities, that is, if the defects in her toilet are the result of her indifference on the subject.
Concerning Aesthetics
One must be a pretty and agreeable woman as well as a good wife and mother to keep the husband and father fond of his home.
The Art Of Appearing Always Young
A melancholy face, a sullen or evil look, is like coming in contact with winter; whereas a serene face, a gracious air, a kind and good expression, are like a spring day, and a smile on the lips like its sunshine.
Grace Of Movement
Those who know how to walk and carry themselves possess equilibrium. Perhaps this gift of nature has never been lost by acquiring bad habits, or they have recouquered it by means of study.
Grace Of Form
To retain your graceful form, then, learn how to carry yourself. If women would be more careful about this while young, they would have finer figures and more slender hips when older.
The Art Of Letter Writing
A correspondence between two persons is simply a conversation reduced to writing. We should write to an absent person as we would speak to the same party if present.
The Louvre - Paris
The panorama of the Louvre, the Tuileries and the distant Arc de Triomphe is one which has been described by innumerable guide books in hackneyed phrase, yet it never fails to delight the eye and interest the mind.
The ABC Of Collecting Old Pottery
The history and nature of pottery form a subject the materials of which are exceedingly varied, widely scattered, and not easily brought together.
Henri Deux Ware
During the sixteenth century, in France, the potter's art was patronised by Francois L, who secured the services of Girolamo della Robbia for the decoration of his Chateau of Madrid at Paris.
Palissy Ware
Palissy tore up the floors, broke up the chairs and tables, and burnt every bit of fuel he could find, before there came forth from his furnace the white enamel-the long-sought secret-which brought him fame and fortune.
Pottery - Rouen
The fabrique of Rouen had a considerable influence over the ceramic productions of France.
Pottery - Nevers
For some years Nevers produced imitations of Urbino decoration upon its ware, till 1602, when the brothers Conrade settled there, and established a factory, in 1608, at the Rue St. Genest.
Pottery - Moustiers
Towards the end of the seventeenth century, and during the whole of the eighteenth, important manufactures of decorated faience were in full swing at Moustiers, a small country town amongst the mountains.
Pottery - Marseilles
The first faience of Marseilles, like that of Moustiers, was decorated in under-glaze blue au grand feu, but the outlines were traced in violet of manganese, which formed a setting for the design and served also to accentuate it without the use of polychromes.
Paris And Its Environs
Ancient and mediaeval pottery was made at Paris - the first, when France was Gallia, and Paris, Lutetia; the second, from the time of Girolamo della Robbia, who in 1530 carried out the decorations in faience of the Chateau of Madrid in the Bois de Boulogne.
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