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Notre Dame De Senlis
Truly rural is a term which may well be applied to the situation of Senlis, the ancient Civitas Sylvanectensium of the Romans.
St. Etienne De Meaux
To the eastward of Paris, one first finds the true country atmosphere at Meaux, famous for its bishops, its grist-mills, and its generally charming environment.
St. Pierre De Troyes
St. Pierre de Troyes is of the first category. Here is Gothic in all its variations. Its environment, too, is characteristic of the many varying moods through which its constituency has passed.
St. Etienne De Sens
most French antiquaries who have written upon the subject of the celebrated Cathedral of St. Etienne of Sens have enlarged upon its glorious antiquity.
Notre Dame D'Evreux
The Cathedral at Evreux is another of those edifices which gives one its best impression when first seen upon entering the city.
Notre Dame D'Alencon
It is with respect to that quality that the west facade of Notre Dame d'Alencon appeals; more than as an otherwise grand or even highly interesting structure.
St. Pierre De Lisieux
The general exterior view of the cathedral is hardly satisfactory from any point. On three sides it is almost entirely hemmed in by surrounding structures, and the frontage, on the great open Place Thiers, is the first and the last opportunity of an unobstructed view.
Notre Dame De Seez
As a town of celebrated history, Seez is of far more relative rank than its cathedral, which, in spite of its many beauties and charm of detail, has suffered perhaps more than any other in France.
Notre Dame De Bayeux
The magnificently impressive Cathedral of Notre Dame is perhaps less intimately associated with Bayeux in the average mind than is the wonderful story-telling tapestry which is domiciled in the same city.
Notre Dame De St. Lo
This picturesquely situated city of the Cotentin, St. Lo, is so named from the Bishop St. Laud, who lived in the neighbourhood in the sixth century.
Notre Dame De Coutances
Like many another town of western Normandy, like Falise, Domfront, St. Lo, Granville, Avranches, and Mont St. Michel itself, Coutances rises high above the surrounding plain and stands dominant in the landscape for miles on either hand.
St. Pierre D'Avranches
There is little to recount concerning the See of Avranches. Its bishopric and its cathedral were alike destroyed during the parlous times of the bickerings and ravages of Royalists and Republicans of the Revolutionary period.
St. Samson, Dol-De-Bretagne
The one-time Cathedral of St. Samson, at Dol, is, says an unsually expressive Frenchman, a grand, noble, and severe church, now widowed of its bishops.
St. Malo And St. Servan
With its outlying and contiguous towns of St. Servan, Dinan, and Parame, St. Malo is a paradise for the mere lover of pleasure resorts.
This old cathedral city, at the junction of two small streamlets, a short distance from the sea, lies perhaps a dozen miles away from the nearest railway.
St. Brieuc
Unlike many of the smaller towns which contain cathedral churches, St. Brieuc is a present day bishopric; hence the Cathedral takes on, perhaps, more significance.
St. Pol De Leon
As for the former cathedral over which the Kreisker throws its shadow, it is one of those majestic twin-towered structures not usually associated with what, when compared with the larger French towns, must perforce rank as a mere village.
Vannes was the ancient capital of the Celtic tribe of the Veneti, its inhabitants being put to rout by Caesar in 57 B.C.
Etiquette Of Beauty
During all civilized ages the art of beauty has been sedulously studied and practiced by the fair sex, women in all periods since the days of barbarism having sought to preserve and increase the charms bestowed by nature.
How To Grow Old Gracefully
Out-of-door exercise is an absolute necessity, but must not be carried to excess. A daily walk is excellent, and it is scarcely necessary to say that whole days of lawn tennis, croquet, etc., are not favorable to the complexion.
Care Of The Body
Wear warm, light garments, to secure an even temperature. In winter it is even more important to protect the spine than the chest.
The Bath Room
The furnishing of the bath-room depends largely upon the means and taste of its owner. It is no difficult matter to furnish a simple bath-room.
The Dressing Room
A woman's dressing-room should be as tasteful and comfortable as her social position and fortune permit.
The Complexion
It is generally thought that the color and texture of the skin may be improved by external means.
Facial Ablutions
It is well known that the pores of the skin should be kept open in order to perform thoroughly their functions, and that wash ing is an excellent means to relieve them of the secretions or accumulations which obstruct and close them.
To Remove Sunburn
Bathe your face at night with a cold infusion of fresh cucumbers sliced in milk. A decoction of tansy in buttermilk is still more efficacious. Buttermilk alone is excellent.
Freckles are the despair of blondes, and even of brunettes with fair skins. Some physicians attribute them to too much iron in the blood.
The growth of hair which so often appears on the chin at middle age, and the down which imparts a masculine appearance to the rosy lips of some young girls of twenty.
Face Washes And Cosmetics
Greasy skins are benefited by washing in the juice of fresh cucumbers. Equally good is the water in which spinach flowers have been boiled. The juice of strawberries is still better.
The Use Of Rice Powder
It is sometimes necessary to powder the face, but powder should be applied lightly and artistically in order to impart to the skin the velvety softness of the peach.
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