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Clovelly - England
Searching England for a place where time has stood still, I found it at Clovelly. Here lingers in the low, thatched cottages, and upon the ancient street, much of that quality of life that dominated England centuries ago.
Mont St. Michel - France
The French Mont St. Michel is an isolated cone of rock, three hundred feet in height, that rises from the sea a half-mile or so from shore.
Carcassonne - France
As the distance from the coast increases, the foothills break down into the valley, and suddenly on one low crest appears the vision of Carcassonne.
San Gimignano - Italy
It was the lure of these questions that took me to San Gimignano - that and the mere love of the picturesque that I knew abounded there among the old buildings.
Bussaco - Portugal
In Bussaco you may live in a king's house, and wander through a sacred grove where a Pope once said women should never go.
Cintra - Portugal
I came to Cintra in the light of the full September moon. The low buildings were chalk-white among the green-black palms and dense masses of foliage crowding up the mountain side.
Toledo - Spain
Along an immense landscape done in sepias and swept bare as by some great wind, under a sky bare as the world, with every cloud washed away, you come upon the rock of Toledo.
Ronda - Spain
Such is Ronda, odd, picturesque and beautiful, a town different from all others, and one whose lure will surely draw me back once my feet are again on Spanish soil.
Bruges - Belgium
But Bruges is an easy city to get acquainted with. Its personality is not complex, awakening many and different emotions. It expresses itself simply and frankly.
Middelburg - Holland
Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland, the southwesternmost province of Holland, and lies only four miles from Flushing in the same green level country and by the same ribbon-like canals characteristic of the Netherlands.
Ragusa, that western outpost in the eastern world, is so unlike a city of Europe, it has so little of Central Europe in its atmosphere.
Salzburg - Austria
Salzburg lies in a rather narrow valley, stretched along both sides of a river. The view down this valley is a glorious one, ending in the dim and ragged profile of a snow-streaked mountain.
Gruyeres - Switzerland
The village gives its name to the valley, famous everywhere for its cheese, and this valley lies in the canton of Fribourg, and about a third of the way between Montreux on Lake Geneva and Interlaken.
Rothenburg - Germany
Many writers and nearly all artists agree that the most picturesque towns in Europe are Mont St. Michel and Carcassonne in France, San Gimignano in Italy and Rothenburg in Bavaria.
Hildesheim - Germany
Hildesheim is so full of joy to the eye and imagination in audacity of color and quaintness of timbered houses that it is one of the most enchanting records of a past so unlike our own age that the very sight of its quaint beauty is a feast.
Diet - Misery Has Company
Being born, so to speak, into a profession where it was necessary to know something about foods and reducing, was a further stimulation to study fat.
Diet And Reduce: "Debble Fat" Has Allies
The cards are stacked against us fatties. If ever the path of a pilgrim was made discouragingly hard, surely it is the straight and narrow road to slimness.
Diet And Reduce: "Debble Fat Takes A Setback"
Thirty years ago it was all right to be fat. Today, it is not. Although many lipophilics allow themselves to get fat today, the percentage was higher in the 1900's.
Diet And Reduce: The Liverwurst Ladies
One day, in the early spring of 1935, I had lunch at the soda fountain counter of a department store near my office.
Diet And Reduce: It's In The Glands
She relaxed her vigilance. The insidious ounces of fat accumulated, slowly and subtly, a little bit here and a little bit there, only an extra two-pieces-of-buttered-toast's worth a day.
Diet And Reduce: It Runs In The Family
That last chapter was rather unkind to the ladies. It was unfair, because men are far more apt to make excuses for fat than their sisters.
Diet And Reduce: Events That Cast Shadows
Today I am introduced on the radio as a nutritionist and an authority on reducing. Why? It has deep roots, that claim, for in reality it goes back to my father's youth.
Diet And Reduce: A Great Mystery Is Solved
I really gave thought to the strange paradox that a person eating two and one-half to three pounds of food per day on our L. C. diet lost more weight.
Diet And Reduce: A Reducing Regime Is Evolved
You know now that the secret of reducing is to eat the right kinds of foods. You know that proper reducing is not a question of starvation-of cutting your meals in half.
Diet And Reduce: Our Diet Makes It Debut
The greatest value of nutrition lies in the prevention of disease, in the building of super-health, and in the prolongation of years of life.
Diet And Reduce: Pilgrims Progress In Reducing
Until perhaps the year 1800, in most parts of the world cereals were the mainstay of the human diet. Throughout Europe, rye bread was the chief food. Meat was a rarity.
Diet And Reduce: Debble Fat Is Defeated
Now we are ready to go into the diet itself, which is, of course, the piece de resistance of our whole reducing plan.
Diet And Reduce: How To Follow The Diet
In the first place, get yourself into the proper frame of mind. The diet is not arduous or hard.
Diet And Reduce: Help! Help!
We have now given you the reducing diet, the very same one which 26,000 radio listeners followed in April 1936.
Breakfast, Luncheon, And Tea Etiquette
The hour at which breakfast shall be served is governed entirely by the habits and tastes of the family.
Etiquette For Banquets And Dinners
The formal dinner is one of the most important occasions in social life, the test to which the degree of acquaintance of any one with the customs of good society is often put.
Everyday Law
Law should be, and is intended to constitute, a rule of right governing the actions of man in his dealings with his fellowbeings.
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