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The Mosque of Cordova
The Mosque of Cordova, which was converted into a cathedral when the Moors were expelled but which has, notwithstanding, always remained a Mosque.
The Cathedral Of Throndtjem
On July 25 we left Kristiania for Throndtjem - the whole journey of three hundred and sixty miles being very comfortable, and only costing thirty francs.
The Leaning Tower Of Pisa
The moon was shining when we approached Pisa, and for a long time we could see, behind the wall, the Leaning Tower.
The Alhambra
You enter the Alhambra through a corridor situated in an angle of the Palace of Charles V., and, after several windings, you arrive in a large court, designated indifferently under the names of Patio de los Arraynes.
The Temple Of Karnak
Dismounting for a few minutes, we went into the Temple; glanced round the open courtyard with its colonnade of pillars; peeped hurriedly into some ruinous sidechambers; and then rode on.
Santa Maria Del Fiore
The document by which the council of the municipality of Florence decided the erection of her Cathedral, in 1294, is an historic monument in which is reflected the generous spirit of the Florentines.
Giotto's Campanile
Of all the beautiful things with which Giotto adorned his city, not one speaks so powerfully as the lovely Campanile which stands by the great Cathedral.
The House Of Jacques Coeur In Bourges
Certainly Jacques Coeur, that citizen of humble birth, who, by his merit reached the highest dignity of state at an epoch when aristocracy reigned supreme.
Wat Phra Kao
The first glimpse of Siam which the traveller obtains at Paknam is a fair sample of what is to be seen pretty well throughout the country.
The Cathedral Of Toledo
The exterior of the Cathedral of Toledo is far less ornate than that of the Cathedral of Burgos.
The Chateau De Chambord
Chambord is the Versailles of the feudal monarchy; it was to the Chateau de Blois, that central residence of the Valois, what Versailles was to the Tuileries; it was the country-seat of Royalty.
The Temples Of Nikko
In the heart of the large island of Niphon and in a mountainous and wooded region, fifty leagues from Yokohama, is hidden that marvel of marvels-the necropolis of the Japanese Emperors.
The Palace Of Holyrood
Just after the middle of August, 1561, as we learn from contemporary records, there was a haar of unusual intensity and continuance over Edinburgh and all the vicinity.
Saint Gudule
The windows of Saint-Gudule are of a kind almost unknown in France, real paintings, real pictures on glass of a marvellous style, with figures like Titian and architecture like Paul Veronese.
The Escurial
Before my departure for Andalusia, I went to see the famous Convent of the Escurial, the leviathan of architecture, the eighth wonder of the world.
The Temple Of Madura
There does not seem to be any essential difference either in plan or form between the Saiva and Vaishnava temples in the south of India.
Nineteenth Century Artists: The Barbizon School
Called sometimes the Barbizon school from the fact that they settled for the most part in the edge of the Forest of Fontainebleau, near a village called Barbizon. Among them were Corot, Rousseau, Dupre, Diaz, and Millet.
Art Of The Illumination
Similarly, in early times the desire to please the eye as well as enlighten the mind led to the development of illumination and miniature painting.
Resume Of Italian History
After the fall of Rome, in 476, Italy was left largely to the mercy of the invader. In 489 the Ostrogoths, under their able king Theodoric, pressed into the peninsula and set up their kingdom.
English Art And Artists
Hogarth was the first English artist of consequence. He broke entirely away from the tradition that one who would be successful must adhere to the general style of Van Dyck.
Every Man His Own Mechanic
Mend your broken chairs and crippled furniture; put fresh panes of glass into your broken windows; do your own repairs as far as it is practicable, indoors and out of doors.
Broken Window - How To Mend It
The first thing to be done is to clear the rebate or groove in the sash-frame for the reception of the new pane. The next step is to measure accurately the length and breadth of the aperture, including the rebate, and procure a piece of glass.
Knowledge Must Be Paid For
It is good policy, then, for every man who seeks to do a little as a handicraftsman, to lay out a few dollars in obtaining the services of any moderately skilled artisan.
Kinds Of Woods Used In Carpentry
Of all the different kinds of wood, deal, or pine, is that with which the amateur will be most frequently employed, and of which it is most necessary that he should know the prices and sizes.
Tools Used In Carpentry
An able author and artisan, describes the tools used in carpentry in groups as follows, namely, Striking tools, saws, cutting tools, planes, boring tools, pincers, guides, and auxiliary appliances.
The Glue Pot
The GLUE-POT should be in every house, whether the tenant turns his attention to household carpentry or not.
Directions For Sharpening Tools
Of course all cutting tools must be provided with a keen edge, and this is obtained by grinding them to a proper bevel on the grindstone and afterwards rubbing them on the oil-stone.
The Carpenter's Bench
One of the most indispensable essentials to the performance of operations in carpentry and joinery is the carpenter's bench.
How To Hold And Handle Tools
Having provided oneself with the necessary tools and work bench, or such a selection from the whole as may best meet his requirements, the next thing to be done is to learn how to use them.
Division Of The Building Trade
The building trade is an aggregation of various trades and their separate departments, which have become affiliated, as it were, and grouped together for the better attainment of the end desired.
BRICKLAYING is in itself an apparently simple process, inasmuch as it consists merely in laying or disposing regular and similar rectangular pieces of baked clay one upon another.
Soldering And Brazing
For zinc-working, plumbing, gasfitting, and all kinds of work in sheet metal, a knowledge of the processes termed soldering and brazing is necessary.
Indoor And Outdoor Painting
It has long been found necessary to protect wood and iron from the ill effects of moisture by a hard exterior coating impervious to wet; and hitherto the best preservatives have been found to be paint and varnish.
Varnishes And Recipers For Making Varnishes
A few coats of varnish much improve painted or stained work by imparting to it a smooth and glossy surface.
Polishing And Recipes For Polish
Polishing very greatly improves the appearance of articles made of any fancy wood or stained work.
Wall Paper Hanging
Next to painting, the most important decorative work that can be done within the house is wallpaper hanging, and a knowledge of the mode of doing this will often prove of great advantage to the amateur artisan.
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