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St. Francis Of Assisi
St. Francis was born in the latter part of the twelfth century in the little town of Assisi, Italy.
Development Of French Art
During the early centuries of the Christian era, art was not unknown in France. Tapestries of various kinds, mural decorations and panels were made and illuminations giving evidence of considerable skill were executed.
The Ocean Voyage
Ship life at its best, and with a calm sea, is wonderfully restful-nothing to do, and a total indisposition to doing anything.
Travel - Glasgow
Glasgow has a population of about half a million, and dates from a Culdee cell built by St. Mungo about the year 560.
Travel - Edinburgh
Edinburgh has a population of over 200,000 and is one of the most interesting and picturesque cities in Europe.
The Cathedral Of Milan
The Cathedral absorbs the attention of every traveller who visits Milan. It dominates the town, standing in the centre as its chief attraction and marvel.
The Mosque Of Hassan
The mosque of Sultan Hassan, confessedly the most beautiful in Cairo, is also perhaps the most beautiful in the Moslem world.
The Cathedral Of Treves
The ancient capital of the Treveri has the privilege of being known by two modern names, native and foreign, each of which preserves a letter of the ancient name which is lost in its rival.
The Vatican
The Sixteenth Century was the golden age for the Vatican. Then the splendid court of Leo X. was the centre of artistic and literary life, and the witty and pleasure-loving Pope made these gardens the scene of his banquets and concerts.
The Cathedral Of Amiens
It is the admitted privilege of a custode who loves his cathedral to depreciate, in its comparison, all the other cathedrals of his country that resemble, and all the edifices on the globe that differ from it.
The Mosque Of Santa Sofia
On every side the mosque overwhelms and masks the church, of which the head only is free, though over that also the four imperial minarets keep watch and ward.
Westminster Abbey
The growth of an historical edifice like Westminster Abbey needs a more complex figure to do justice to its formation.
The Parthenon
Seen from a distance, the Acropolis presents nearly the same appearance as it offered to Spartan guardsmen when they paced the ramparts of Deceleia.
The Castle Of Heidelberg
There is every style in the Castle of Heidelberg. It is one of those buildings where are accumulated and mingled beauties which elsewhere are scattered.
The Ducal Palace
The charm which Venice still possesses, and which for the last fifty years has rendered it the favourite haunt of all the painters of picturesque subject.
Wedding Etiquette
Preceding the marriage comes the courtship, an event which, since the world began, has been one of vital interest to man and woman, but which is so varied in its incidents and characteristics that no set rules of etiquette can be made to apply to it.
The Art Of How To Dress
The fashion of attire is a question of the passing day; its esthetics is a question of the ages. Persons of taste will avoid the ridiculous, whatever may be the demands of fashion.
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