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Of A Happy Life And Wherein It Consists
There is not anything in this world, perhaps, that is more talked of, and less understood, than the business of a happy life. It is every man's wish and design.
Man The Maker Of Happiness
Man is the maker of happiness and misery. Further, he is the creator and perpetuator of his own happiness and misery.
Happiness Through The Pursuit And Use Of Money
In their dreams of the ideal commonwealth all reformers and statesmen have held that happiness involves not only freedom, intelligence, but abundance also.
The Art Of Having Time
I have no time, that is not only the most familiar and convenient excuse for not doing one's duty; it is also, one must confess, the excuse which has in it the greatest appear ance of truth.
The Miracle Of Tact
Tact is an extremely delicate quality, difficult to define, hard to cultivate, but absolutely indispensable to one who wishes to get on in the world rapidly and smoothly.
The problem of friendship is the problem of life itself. He who has learned to love - and only he - has learned to live.
What is so pleasant as these jets of affection which make a young world for me again? What so delicious as a just and firm encounter of two, in a thought, in a feeling?
The Book of Proverbs might almost be called a treatise on friendship, so full is it of advice about the sort of person a young man should consort with, and the sort of person he should avoid.
The Simple Life
That which does not make a man worse than he was, also does not make his life worse, nor does it harm him either from without or from within.
The Essence Of Simplicity
Before considering the question of a practical return to the simplicity of which we dream, it will be necessary to define simplicity in its very essence.
Right Living As A Fine Art
A wise youth will think twice before embarking upon a career involving large wealth.
The feudal system gave opportunity for the rise and development of chivalry in mediaeval Europe.
Tale Of The Magicians
In the Berlin Museum there is a manuscript, known as the Westcar papyrus, containing tales of magicians.
St. Benedict's Vision
It happened that there came to visit the venerable Benedict, as his custom was, Servandus, the deacon and abbot of the monastery that Liberius the patrician had built in South Lombardy.
Art Galleries Of Northern Italy
Art developed late in Venice. For some time the Venetians were content to import their art from Constantinople and Mount Athos.
The Borders Of Spain
Among our travelling companions was a Spanish professor who knew some words of English and a good deal of French. When he found that he had an audience composed chiefly of English and French speaking people with him in the railway carriage.
Gerona And Its Cathedral
Gerona is a quaint old city, picturesquely placed on the banks of the rapid river Ona, and on the steep sides of the hills that bound it.
We arrived at Barcelona early in the morning and found quarters at the Cuatros Naciones, which is the best hotel in the town.
Spain - Tarragona
We left Barcelona in the evening train for the short ride to Tarragona. It was full moonlight and the road ran for a part of the way along the sea.
Travels In Catalonia
Not long after leaving Tarragona we came to the lively manufacturing town of Reus. It is said that a great deal of the champagne which is used in the United States is made from New Jersey cider.
Spain Travel - Lerida To Zaragoza
Lerida is an interesting old city, consisting of one long street, running parallel to the river Segre, of which stream tradition records that the daughter of Herodias danced upon the ice till she broke through.
Spain Travel - Zaragoza
It was pleasant to find, when morning broke and we walked about Zaragoza, that the town did not look so bad as it smelt, and that there was a fine promenade, and houses with gardens in the suburbs.
Entering Madrid
The situation of Madrid, twenty-five hundred feet above the sea, is in the midst of a stern and desolate landscape.
Madrid - The Palace And Armory
The first place of interest in Madrid after the Prado is the royal palace. It is one of the finest in Europe, and stands upon the site of the Alcazares.
A Bullfight In Madrid
There was a great bull-fight, the first Sunday afternoon that we spent in Madrid. Of course we did not go to such a performance on Sunday.
Spanish Art
One who travels in Spain expecting to see such displays of art as are to be found in Italy and the Low Countries is sure to be disappointed.
Spain Travel - Toledo
A Few hours ride from Madrid, by the Delicias line, through an unattractive country, brings one to the ancient city of Toledo.
The Escorial
A cold and gloomy day, which settled into a downpour of rain from black and flying clouds, found us on the way to the Escorial.
Spain Travel - From Madrid To Cordova
The journey from Madrid to Cordova is usually taken in the night, because the express trains run only at that time.
The Mosque Of Cordova
It matters not whether the traveller come from Madrid or Granada, from Valencia or Seville, the Cathedral or Mosque of Cordova will be a surprise to him.
Spain Travel - Cordova To Seville
Before leaving Cordova, we made some excursions in the neighborhood. Though the only vehicles which could be had were of the most primitive kind, and the roads were rough and dusty, yet the beauty of the views in the translucent air of Spain.
Moorish Mementos In Seville
Besides the Giralda, Alcazar, and Torre d'Oro, Seville is full of minor memorials of the Moors.
Morning In The Alhambra
Our coming to the Alhambra had been telephoned from the railway station, and rooms were ready for us. We dined and went to bed.
General Principles Of Good Manners
Good manners stand next to a good heart in adapting men and women to the community in which they live.
The Art Of Conversation
An enlightened understanding and a store of interesting knowledge are essential to him who would shine in conversation.
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