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Correggio, The Faun Of The Renaissance
Antonio Allegri da Correggio was born in 1494. His life passed very quietly in northern Italy.
The greatest painters of the Renaissance were Angelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Correggio, and lastly, Titian. Each had contributed his special perfections-accurate lines, mastery of light and shade.
Florence - History Of A City
Florence is an inland city, surrounded by hills, lying in the valley of the Arno. Tuscany, the province in which it lies, was the old home of the Etruscans, and was earlier known as Etruria.
Venice - History Of A City
We must not infer that as Venice merged from a Republic into an oligarchy the gradual change was necessarily harmful to the people at large.
The Art Of Conversation
The present ebb in the conversational tide has drawn out much timely criticism which has its attraction for the opening years of the new century.
The Principles Of Conversation
There can be no doubt that of all the accomplishments prized in modern society that of being agreeable in conversation is the very first.
If You Can Talk Well
There is no other one thing which enables us to make so good an impression, especially upon those who do not know us thoroughly, as the ability to converse well.
Culture By Conversation
True conversation is always reciprocally beneficial. No matter how much you give, you are sure to receive something; no matter how much you receive, you are sure to give something.
Rules For Conversation
Above all things, and upon all occasions, avoid speaking of yourself, if it be possible. Such is the natural pride and vanity of our hearts that it perpetually breaks out.
Seneca's Reflections On Conversation
The speech of a philosopher should be, like his life, composed, without pressing or stumbling; which is fitter for a mountebank than a man of sobriety and business.
Happiness Through Conversation
It is said that men now find happiness and rest in reading rather than in conversation. The orator is and always will be a power; we are told he will never again be the power.
Conversation And Courtesy
Nowhere is there room for the display of good manners so much as in conversation. It is a part of good manners not to talk too much.
Schools And Education
Again, the constantly discussed subject of the over crowded curriculum by educational bodies, as well as among the laity, ends too often with the query, what after all should be the foundation of an education suitable to the children of a democracy?
Child Development
The aim and object of parental care, in the domestic and family circle, is to awaken and develop, to quicken all the powers and natural gifts of the child.
The Child's Education
No education would be worth a jot that resulted in a loss of manliness and lightness of heart. So long as there is joy in the child's face, ardor and enthusiasm in all his games, so long as happiness accompanies most of his impressions, there is nothing to fear.
Education And Life
That education which prepares for direct self-preservation; that which prepares for indirect self preservation; that which prepares for parenthood; that which prepares for citizenship; that which prepares for the miscellaneous refinements of life.
Education And The Common School
Without undervaluing any other human agency, it may be safely affirmed that the common school, improved and energized as it can easily be, may become the most effective and benignant of all the forces of civilization.
Physical Education
For this thorough diffusion of sanitary intelligence, the common school is the only agency. It is, however, an adequate agency. Let human physiology be introduced as an in dispensable branch of study into our public schools.
Citizenship And The Schools
In the discussion of public school education of whatever grade, from the primary school to the university and professional schools, it is especially fitting to consider it some what carefully from the social and political standpoints.
Education In Democratic Society
What the function of education shall be in a democracy will depend on what is meant by democratic education.
Ethics In The Schools
Within a few years a strong demand has arisen for ethical teaching in the schools.
Efficiency Of Our Schools
Of the effectiveness of the public schools in the several states, the universities of each state respectively may judge. From Harvard, Yale and Princeton to California and Stan ford the judgment is a groan.
Creative Education
The decorative conception of education seems to be the acquisition of some knowledge or accomplishment which is singular.
Drama And Education
Has the drama any relations to education? I have looked carefully through the prospectus of your studies for the corning season, and with the exception of a class for elocution, I do not find any evidence of the existence of such relations.
Italy - Life During The Renaissance
Benvenuto Cellini, in his autobiography, presents a graphic picture of the times; and what we know of life in other European countries at that epoch justifies us in taking that picture as fairly typical.
Florence is like a lily in the midst of a garden gay with wild flowers; a broken lily that we have tied up and watered and nursed into a semblance of life, an image of ancient beauty.
Venice - Italy
Venice herself is poetry, and creates a poetry out of the dullest." It was a poet who spoke, and his clay was instinct with the breath of genius.
Venice - The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal is in Venice what the Strand is in London, the Rue Saint Honore in Paris, and the Calle d'Alcala in Madrid-the principal artery of the city's circulation.
Manners When Travelling
Travelling is either useful or not, according to the motive with which it is undertaken. Some there are whose sole object is to get over a number of countries just to have to say they were in them.
How To Dress
Your dress is now become an object worthy of some attention; for I confess I cannot help forming some opinion of a man's sense and character from his dress.
Achieve Happiness
'What is the highest good?' asked the early Greek philosophers. 'Happiness,' was the inevitable answer. It was the second question that created disagreement.
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