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The Taj Mahal
It is well known that the Taj is a mausoleum built by the Mogul Shah-Jehan to the Begum Mumtaz-Mahal.
Cathedral Of Notre Dame - Paris
Most certainly, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is still a sublime and majestic edifice.
The Kremlin
The Kremlin, always regarded as the Acropolis, the Holy Place, the Palladium, and the very heart of Russia.
The Cathedral Of York
Let us go immediately to the Cathedral-the deepening tones of whose tenor bell seem to hurry us on to the spot.
The Mosque Of Omar
Moreover, we will direct our steps this morning towards the holy spot of the Arabs, towards the Mosque of Omar, accounted marvellous and honoured throughout the world.
Cathedral Of Burgos
Notwithstanding that Burgos was for so long a time the first city of Castile, it is not very Gothic in appearance.
Th Pyramids Of Egypt
If you fire a good pistol from the top of the great Pyramid into the air, the ball falls halfway down its side.
Saint Peter's Cathedral - Rome
Immediately on going out next day we hurried off to St. Peter's. It looked immense in the distance but distinctly and decidedly small, by comparison, on a near approach.
The Cathedral Of Strasburg
The enormous Cathedral, which is the highest building that the hand of man has made since the great Pyramid, was clearly defined against a background of dark mountains whose forms were magnificent and whose valleys were flooded with sunshine.
The Shwedagon Pagoda
THE 'Shway Dagohn' at Rangoon, or Golden Pagoda, is one of the most ancient and venerated shrines which exists, and it certainly should hold a high place among the beautiful and artistic monuments of the world.
Cathedral Of Siena
This church is the most purely Gothic of all Italian cathedrals designed by national architects.
The Town Hall Of Louvain
Louvain is in a certain sense the mother city of Brussels. Standing on its own little navigable river, the Dyle, it was, till the end of the Fourteenth Century, the capital of the Counts and of the Duchy of Brabant.
The Cathedral Of Seville
The Cathedral of Seville is isolated in the centre of a large square, yet its grandeur may be measured by a single glance.
Windsor Castle
Since the days of Edward of Windsor the Castle hill has kept the triple character-upper ward, middle ward, and lower ward - baily of the King, baily of the keep, and baily of St. George-the residence of our sovereign, the symbol of our power, the altar of our saint.
The Cathedral Of Cologne
Such is the legend of the Cathedral of Cologne. I have told it here so that the admiration of the Middle Ages for this plan.
The Palace Of Versailles
The first palace of Versailles was a hunting-lodge built by Louis XIII. at the angle of the present Rue de la Pompe and Avenue de Saint-Cloud.
The Cathedral Of Lincoln
Upon a comparative estimation with the Cathedral of York, Lincoln may be called a volume of more extensive instruction; and the antiquary clings to its pages with a more varied delight.
London Art Galleries
The National Gallery is another important art repository. Comparable in many respects to the Louvre, it does not contain the priceless canvases which are the portion of Italian collections, but it is valuable for its completeness and for the historical sequence it exemplifies.
Books And Antiquities In The British Museum
When in the eighteenth century the English nation found itself in possession of several important private collections of books and carefully accumulated manuscripts.
Art Galleries Of Florence
He who would study the art of the Italian Renaissance finds Florence the city of his desire.
Early Italian Painters
Cimabue, whose dates are uncertain, but are approximately 1240-1302, has long been called the Father of Italian painting.
Fra Angelico
He who is known as Angelico was not so named by his parents. They called him Guido. Later when he entered the Dominican order he was given the name Giovanni, or John. His Dominican brothers grew to call him Fra Angelico because he painted angels so beautifully.
Fra Filippo Lippi
Fra Filippo Lippi was also a monk, but beyond this we shall find few similarities between him and Fra Angelico.
Flemish Art
The early fourteenth century saw the foundation of the first school of Flemish painting having its center at Bruges, then an opulent city.
Victor Hugo (1802-1885)
Victor Hugo (1802-1885) was the son of one of Napoleon's generals. He lived at a time when men were not yet agreed about the nature of the times in which they lived.
Unvisited Places Of Old Europe
And that was really the beginning of it; the incitement, the stimulus, the cause. For there comes a thrill, in the very heart of the old and traveled Europe, in learning that you are the very first of your own people to find out something new.
Finding The Strangest Corner Of Europe
Plymouth itself no longer has anything of the past to show the visitor. It is a clean, comfortable, pleasing little city, neat and new-far newer than the Plymouth of America!
In The Scilly Islands
In the Scillys it is the unexpected that one must always come to expect. Beginning with the contradictoriness of being land far out beyond Land's End and continuing with the contrast of palm trees and savage reefs.
Getting To Guernsey
It seemed particularly desirable to go to Guernsey, even more than to Alderney or Jersey or Sark, those others of the islands that are still more French than English.
Travel - Guernsey
Guernsey is only a few miles from the English coast; it is in daily communication with English ports; practically all of its intercourse, alike business and social, is with England.
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