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The Toy Poodle
The Toy Poodle is a miniature replica of the French Poodle, and, like them, one of the most intelligent, affectionate, and interesting of canine pets.
The Maltese
These diminutive specimens of the canine race, as their name indicates, are descended from native dogs of the Island of Malta or Melita, in the Mediterranean Sea.
The Pug
The Pug is a very old breed, and shares with the Greyhound the honors of long descent. It is probable that the Pug originated in China.
Samoyede And Eskimo Dogs
In a general way these sledge dogs of the North may be divided into two classes-the Samoyede and the Eskimo.
The Owtchar, Or Russian Sheepdog
The Owtchar is the largest of all European shepherds, many specimens standing thirty inches or more at the shoulder.
Norwegian Elk Hound
This breed of dogs has been developed in Scandinavian countries, and although referred to as hounds, properly speaking are all-purpose dogs used for elk and bear hunting, as well as for black cock shooting.
Doberman Pinscher
This breed resembles the Manchester terrier, and undoubtedly originated through the crossing of dogs of that breed with some one of the continental varieties.
The Boxer
This breed is widely distributed in Germany, where it shares in popularity with the Dachshund. In appearance the Boxer resembles the Boston of our show benches.
The Papillon
This breed is sometimes referred to as the squirrel spaniel. It is not, however, any more of a spaniel than is the Pekingese.
The Chihuahua
The Chihuahuas are but little known outside of this country, as they are natives of Chihuahua, one of the largest States of Mexico, bordering on the State of Texas.
Diseases Of Dogs - Diagnosis
The books devoted to the diseases of dogs are usually so technical that the amateur who refers to them for guidance finds only a confusing array of diseases, symptoms, and complications.
Dog Care, Diet, Nursing
Absolute cleanliness, an unfailing supply of fresh air, a suitable temperature, plenty of fresh water, general comfort, and last, but not least, companionship, are needed by a sick dog.
Dog Distemper
This most dreaded of all diseases of the dog generally develops in the first year of life at a period approaching maturity, or is associated with the cutting of the permanent teeth.
Dogs And Intestinal Parasites
The principal species are round worms and tape worms. The first-named commonly infest puppies, and consequently are most dreaded by breeders.
Dog Skin Diseases
In dogs this affection, the commonest of direct skin diseases, is the result of contact with a dog or other animal similarly affected, or is contracted by occupying the yard, kennel, or shipping crate of an animal so affected.
Dogs Stomach And Bowels
Dogs have powerful organs of digestion, but the heavy task they put upon them in the way of gorging upon all kinds of food.
Dogs Eye, Ear, And Throat
Water dogs are most frequently affected, not only by water gaining entrance to the ear, but by the shocks to the system following the exposure they undergo.
Nervous Diseases Of The Dog
The nervous system of the dog is very highly developed, and consequently subject to a variety of disorders.
Care And Management Of Your Dog
The health and happiness of a dog depend upon its surroundings and the attention given its sleeping quarters, food, grooming, washing, and habits of life.
Breeding Of Dogs
The breeding of dogs and other domesticated animals is an art and not a science.
Training Your Dog
The education of the dog which is intended as a house pet or companion is fully as important as that of the breeds previously mentioned, for a carefully trained dog is a far more agreeable and useful companion.
Art Of The Vatican
Nicholas V. founded the Vatican library, but to a great extent the art today in this palace is due to the ceaseless efforts of Sixtus IV.
The Prado Museum - Madrid
The Prado in Madrid contains the greatest collection of paintings in Spain. It is frequently called a congress of masterpieces.
The Art Of The Louvre
The Louvre was once a French palace; its history is lost in uncertainty, yet modern investigation has cleared up many facts in connection with the contributions and changes made in the building itself by succeeding kings.
German Art Galleries
We are particularly concerned with German art as it is revealed by the German art galleries, and three of Durer's Crucifixion, a portrait of Bernard van Orley and the Dresden altar-may be seen.
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo Buonarroti, greatest of all sculptors, was born of Florentine parents in 1475.
Raphael was born in 1483, near Florence. His father was an artist, and when a young lad, Raphael worked in his father's studio, grinding colors and cleaning brushes.
Botticelli was born in Florence in 1447. He studied with Filippo Lippi, but he was endowed with a fine feeling and sensitive nature that his teacher never possessed.
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci studied with the best artists of the age, but he soon surpassed them all. He was chosen by the Duke of Milan to dwell at his court, paint pictures, make bronze statues, draw up fortifications, and fill many functions.
St. Mark's Church - Venice
The vast tower of St. Mark seems to lift itself visibly forth from the level field of chequered stones; and, on each side, the countless arches prolong themselves into ranged symmetry.
The Tower Of London
Half a mile below London Bridge, on ground which was once a bluff, commanding the Thames from St. Saviour's Creek to St. Olave's Wharf, stands the Tower; a mass of ramparts, walls, and gates, the most ancient and most poetic pile in Europe.
The Cathedral Of Antwerp
I was awakened this morning with the chime which the Antwerp Cathedral clack plays at half hours.
Principles Of Politeness
Politeness is one of those social virtues which we never estimate rightly but from the inconvenience of its loss.
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