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Oil Paint For Walls
Oil paint is a very satisfactory wall finish, as it can be made any desired color. It can be applied to plaster, wood, fabric, metal, and other surfaces that are not waxed.
Using Wall Paper To Cover Walls
Wall paper has some important advantages. It can supply pattern and texture, both of which are necessary at times. Wall paper is very useful in covering imperfect surfaces.
Using Textiles On Walls
Canvas is often used on walls because of its texture and also because it makes a firm surface on a damaged wall.
Floors In Your Home
Most floors in homes are made of hard or soft wood, but many new kinds of composition flooring are appearing on the market. Oak is the usual choice for wooden floors.
Metal Antiques - Indispensable Metals
The brazier, the blacksmith, the tinsmith, and the pewterer performed inestimable services not only during Colonial days but until well along in the nineteenth century. The metal craftsman, settled or footloose, ranked only behind the farmer and the merchant in his importance to everyday living.
Personal Belongings And Antiques
From the first venturesome colonists to the last great waves of migrants in the late nineteenth century, a bundle of personal possessions was all that many persons were able to bring with them to America.
What Walls Are Made of
Plaster is the commonest wall finish. It may be left in natural color, it may have color mixed throughout, or it may be painted or calcimined. Mixing the color with the plaster is desirable because then it can not accidentally be rubbed off.
Scale In House Furnishings
Scale imposes general requirements of four different sorts upon house furnishings. Each article must be in scale with the room containing it.
The Intelligence Of Cats
Indeed the cat seems to be a much more intelligent animal than is often supposed. That it has very distinct feelings of pleasure or pain, and keen special senses, will probably be disputed by no one.
The Language Of Cats
The cat has a language far in excess of any other domestic animal, in variation of tone. This is particularly noticeable when she has kittens.
The Game
Polo is a most difficult game to learn. There are three cardinal things, each of which must be so learned as to be nearly habitual before the player can hope for excellence.
The Polo Club
The polo club has to conform to local conditions, and it is impossible to lay down any rule as to general characteristics, as in some places the club is a country club in which polo is an incident, interesting only to a comparatively small portion of its members.
Field, Ponies And Equipment
English Saddle is the best for polo. I do not believe in either the Whitman or the Mexican saddle, or in fact in any saddle where the feet are kept under me.
Rules For Polo - Part 1
The rules that govern polo are simple and, except for some very few but important aspects, not difficult to understand and master. All players should master the rules when they first learn to play and should read them carefully once a year in order to keep them fresh in the memory.
Rules For Polo - Part 2
If a single player on the right of way meets two or more players coming down the right of way in the opposite direction trying to ride one another off, the single player must give way, even though one or more of the others is forced across the line so that the ball is on his left side.
Polo Horsemanship - Part 1
The management of the horse is a most important element in polo. A good horseman does not necessarily make a good player, but a man who is not a good horseman is very seriously handicapped in his effort to become a good polo player.
Polo Horsemanship - Part 2
The best players get in the line of the play, which is the line the ball is traveling, and, always watching where the corresponding opponent is, hold themselves ready to pick up the play with a rush when the time comes.
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