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Leave Taking
Leaving home is one of the sad experiences of this life with which all are more or less familiar. The uncertainty that enshrouds earthly experiences in prospect helps much to make it what it is.
Out Of The Western Door
Americans are likely to feel that the Pacific Coast line is the very jumping-off place of creation. But it is not, we still go on. Turning backward at this point, the traveler sees behind him the glory of modern civilization and all those associations that familiarity has made dear to him.
The Hawaiian Islands
The Hawaiian, or Sandwich, Islands are as an oasis in the vast desert of waters with which they are for many hundreds of miles surrounded. The islands are eight in number. In approaching that of Oahu, upon which Honolulu is situated, we pass Molokai on the left, where is located the leper settlement.
The Island World
In this chapter we enter what may appropriately be called the Island World. The geographical name for this world is Oceania.
At the farthest extremity of the Polynesian family lies the famous Pitcairn Island. It is an irregular pyramid of volcanic rock two miles in diameter, with shores almost inaccessible, except in one place.
New Zealand
Passing through the midst of Oceania in the direction in which we enter it, we come to the islands of New Zealand. The distance from San Francisco to Auckland is 5375 miles.
Scenery Of New Zealand
The scenery of New Zealand is classed, and rightfully, too, amongst the most beautiful in the world. Its deeply indented coast abounds with rocky precipices and beetling crags.
To people in the United States, Australia has ever been the land that is far off. As a matter of fact, it is as far away as any country on earth can be, on account of its being nearer antipodal to us than any other land.
Natural And Social Peculiarities
Having got our land-legs again, we see people walking as erect on this side of the world as on what we are wont to regard the upper side. They are dressed in the advanced modes of modern fashions.
Sydney In Particular
But in the more natural features of Sydney and its surroundings, we find its principal attractions. The glory of the city is its harbor, which the Sydneyites are not backward in calling the finest in the world.
Melbourne - The Southern Metropolis
Melbourne, the rival city of Sydney, is situated near the southern extremity of the continent, in the colony of Victoria.
Sights And Scenes In Australia
For those who desire a pleasant day's outing in Melbourne there are several trips which hold out pleasurable inducements. One is an excursion by one of the many pleasure-boats of Port Philip to Queenscliff or Sorrento.
Australia - A Brief History
The settlement of Australia dates practically from the discovery of gold in the year 1851. In both Victoria and in New South Wales the precious metal was found in the same year.
Australia's Other Colonies
Australia's third city of importance is Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, five hundred miles northwest from Melbourne.
Australia - A General View
The aboriginals of Australia, like those of Tasmania,, and indeed of every other country of modern discovery, are vanishing. They are for the most part gathered on reservations under government protection and care.
Leaving Australia
We bade good-by to the kindest of friends in Melbourne, leaving by express-train for Adelaide, to which port the ship had already proceeded.
The first land we saw was the south end of the island of Ceylon. The sun having been invisible for some days, the officers were unable to get satisfactory reckonings.
Here we are to obtain our best view of Buddhism, for though this religion had its birth in India, it has been very nearly expelled from the land of its nativity, the vestiges of a few relics only remaining.
Sights In Colombo And Madras
Leaving Colombo at half past five on Friday evening, we neared the harbor of Madras late on the afternoon of Sunday. The shores are so low that at a distance of ten miles or more the city appears to be sitting upon the water.
India - From Madras To The Himalayas
We left Madras at noon on Monday, and as the pilot who took us out of the harbor was leaving the bridge, he was overheard to remark that there was a heavy cyclone on the other side of the bay, next to Burmah.
India - Among The Mountains
Darjeeling lies three hundred and eighty-seven miles north from Calcutta, and is situated on a spur of the Senchul Mountains which jut out from the main range.
Glancing Over India
The main river system of India depends upon the Himalayas for its supply. There are three magnificent rivers formed from this unfailing source. They are the Indus in the west, and the Ganges and the Brahmapootra in the north and east.
India - Journey Resumed
The Sunday bazaar in Darjeeling is one of the sights of India. On that day the tea-pickers from the surrounding plantations are at liberty. Tea-gardens cover the hills in every direction.
India - In And About Calcutta
In Calcutta there is enough to be seen to employ one's time for many days. The bazaars and markets are places of interest. In the city there are fewer temples of great renown than in others which we shall visit.
India - Up The Ganges Valley
Our hundred and fifteen miles up the river from Calcutta is the city of Benares with a population of two hundred thousand. It is the Mecca of Hinduism.
India - Farther Inland
Returning to the main line of the East India railway at Cawnpore, another night's ride brings us to Agra, over eight hundred miles up the Ganges Valley from Calcutta.
India - Delhi To Bombay
To Delhi the traveler is nine hundred and fifty-four miles from Calcutta and eight hundred and ninety miles from Bombay, the great western metropolis.
Adieu India
Regret? - Yes, because in the brief time during which we have associated with the people of India, we have come to love them as belonging to the great human brother hood and family of God.
India To Egypt
Five days sailing from Bombay across the Arabian Sea in a course little south of west brought us to Aden at the southwestern extremity of Arabia, a distance of one thousand six hundred and sixty-four miles.
Egypt is divided into the upper and lower sections. The western confines the undefined and undisputed South of the country lies the Soudan. Twelve or fifteen ago the southern border was located provisionally at Halfa, eight hundred miles from the Mediterranean.
Alexandria To Jerusalem
From Egypt our journey takes us to that land toward which every Christian heart turns with interest, the land of Palestine. Among the most ancient travels of which the Sacred Record gives account, a trip from Egypt thither is recorded.
Round About Jerusalem
Ascending from Jaffa to Jerusalem, we rise two thousand six hundred feet, and going on to the Dead Sea we descend three thousand nine hundred.
Jerusalem And Bethlehem
The Greek Church possesses many points of advantage over other churches in and about Jerusalem, and behind her it is easy to discern the power and influence of the Russian government.
Returning to Alexandria, it was found that the steamer Cathay was to sail for Naples that day, and so transferring to that steamer, we were soon headed for the toe of Italy.
The journey to Rome was made by rail in four and a half hours, in a comfortable railway carriage built on the English plan. This city was reached in the evening, and our visit began with a very pleasant night's rest at the Continental Hotel near the station.
Homeward And Backward
Upon reaching Switzerland, old-time friends were ready with hearty greetings, which gave me the first realization that the homeward stretch had now been begun.
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