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Collecting Pictures And Paintings
Who will search out the history of picture collecting in such a way as has been thoroughly done concerning the collecting of old books?
Pictures Incognito
Incognito. Not signatures, therefore, alone and in themselves, but the study of known pictures and famous artists' styles, are what may enable a vigilant collector to rescue from neglect a picture that has gone incognito and little thought of for years.
Collecting Miniatures
Miniatures are delightful things to collect. Of those which lie in wait for a collector many are beautiful and some are old.
For Antique Collectors When In London
After all, London is the place for collectors. Quantity and quality also-variety and width of range too are best consulted here.
The Next Collecting Style
There are still in Paris two or three of those old fashioned curio-dealers who love the antique things which they buy and sell.
Sham Oriental
I use the word Oriental widely here, not referring to Oriental porcelain alone. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as sham Oriental porcelain; the old English and French and German imitations of Oriental were copies, but not counterfeits.
Painter/Artist: Alesso Baldovinetti (1425-99)
Oldest of the generation of painters whose art made up the complex of later fifteenth-century style in Florence.
Hans Grien-Baldung (c.1480-1545)
German painter and draughtsman, and a designer of woodcuts and stained glass. He was a friend of Durer's and very probably studied under him in Nuremberg in the early years of the sixteenth century.
Giacomo Balla
Italian Futurist painter and teacher of Boccioni and Severini in Rome around 1904. He was a signer of the Futurist Manifesto of 1910 and a faithful adherent to its program through the 1920's.
Barbizon School
A name given to the initiators of landscape painting in France in the nineteenth century. These painters were thrown together by common aims and poverty.
Max Beckmann (1884-1950)
Distinguished German Expressionist painter and graphic artist. He first studied painting at the Weimar School of Art and was influenced by the monumentality of Hans von Marees.
Gentile Bellini (1429-1507)
Of the two sons of the Venetian painter Jacopo Bellini (see), Gentile (the older) is the less interesting.
Giovanni Bellini (c.1430-1516)
Considered the greatest Venetian painter of the fifteenth century. His life was long, his output prodigious.
Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (1467-1516)
Milanese painter, one of the group of imitators of Leonardo da Vinci that sprang up when that master worked in Milan.
Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947)
An outstanding French painter of the Nabis (see) group and particularly of its Intimist branch; began as a law student, then went to the Beaux-Arts.
Jacopo Bellini (c.1400-c.1470)
The head of an artist family that dominated Venetian painting in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Though less known than his famous sons Gentile (see) and Giovanni (see), he doubtless transmitted certain interests and elements of style to them and to his son-in-law Andrea Mantegna.
George Wesley Bellows (1882-1925)
American painter, disciple of Henri and younger member of the Ashcan School.
Thomas Hart Benton
American genre painter and muralist, leader of the regionalist American Scene painters.
A long lineage of Flemish painters. The eldest and most important was Pieter Brueghel the Elder (c.1525/30-69).
Byzantine Painting
The term Byzantine is employed rather loosely to describe various historical phenomena.
Georges Braque
Outstanding French modern painter.
Bosch, Jerome (Hieronymus van Aeken)
Flemish painter born in Hertogenbosch (Bois-le-duc) of a family of painters originally from Aachen (Aeken, Aix-laChapelle).
Bouts, Dirk (Thierry, Dierik) (c.1415-75)
Flemish painter born in Haarlem, whose style combines features of both van Eyck and van der Weyden.
Adriaen Brouwer (1605/6-38)
Flemish seventeenth-century genre painter, he had a profound effect upon both Flemish and Dutch genre painting.
Sandro Botticelli (1444/5-1510)
One of the most important and individual figures of the late fifteenth-century Florentine school.
Sebastien Bourdon (1616-71)
French painter and engraver. Although essentially academic and conservative, Bourdon was a harbinger of the romantic breakdown of the classical tradition which was to come.
Ford Madox Brown (1821-93)
British painter and member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (see)-together with William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossettiwhich was a Victorian reaction against High Renaissance techniques and what they called the Grand Style.
Paul Cezanne (1839-1906)
Outstanding pioneer modern French painter whose influence has been evident on a great many successive French and other European schools of painting.
Vittore Carpaccio (c.1455-1526)
Italian painter of the Venetian school; of a slightly later generation than the brothers Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, who dominated Venetian painting during most of Carpaccio's lifetime.
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