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Complementary Colors
Complementary colors are those which, when combined in some definite way, cancel each other completely according to some corresponding test.
Color Theory
This theory was presented before 1850 in publications by M. E. Chevreul, but it is based on a knowledge of color that dates back to antiquity.
The Emotional Effect Of Color
Color, because of its emotional effect upon us, is largely responsible for the atmosphere of a home. It is capable of soothing or irritating, cheering or depressing, charming or boring, welcoming or repelling.
Antiques Made From Wood - Part 1
ONCE UPON A TIME, every man and boy whittled at his own fireside and around the stove at the general store. Their whittling amounted to more than shaving a stick with a good pocketknife.
Antiques Made From Wood - Part 2
New England sugar buckets have sides of splint, bottom and cover of solid wood. Two or more bands of splint encircle the bucket, depending on its depth.
Antiques Made From Wood - Part 3
Equally salable are some of the wooden boxes in which things were shipped to, or displayed in, stores. The packaging to which Victorians were accustomed may not have had the sanitary aspects of current plastic bags and wrappings, but the workmanship of their ordinary wooden boxes is astounding and their display boxes were often further enhanced with colored lithographs.
Aegean Painting
Aegean painting. Liveliest of ancient traditions of painting was that of the Aegean cultures: Crete, Mycenaean Greece and the islands of the Cyclades.
African Painting
Sometimes referred to as Bushman painting because its best-known examples were done by the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert region south of the African Congo.
Francesco Albani
Italian painter, one of the leading followers of the Carracci. Born in Bologna, he studied there under the Fleming, Denys Calvaert, but c. 1595 joined the Carracci Academy, where he studied mostly with Agostino.
Fra Angelico
Fra Angelico, as he is called, was the major Florentine exnonent of the Gothic tradition which lasted beyond 1400 and formed a distinct current in Florentine art of the fifteenth century.
Messina da Antonello
Although Antonello was born in Sicily and spent a good part of his active life there, his importance to fifteenth-century painting touches on north Italian art, particularly Venetian, and even displays important connections with the Flemish school.
Art Nouveau
A type of expression characterizing the work of many European artists during the 1890's and early 1900's. In its most typical form it makes use of flowing curvilinear lines and free, loose ornament based on such organic or growing things as flowers, branches and trees.
Ashcan School
American Realist school of city genre painters of the early twentieth century; active mostly in New York.
John James Audubon (1785-1851)
Said to have been born in Santo Domingo, Audubon's early life was shrouded in mystery, even giving rise to the legend that he was the lost Dauphin.
Painter/Artist: Jean Arp
Alsatian-born Surrealist painter, sculptor and theorist, influential in France, Germany, Switzerland and now the United States.
Painter/Artist: Apelles
Outstanding Greek painter of the fourth century, he was born about 370 B.c. in Kolophon.
Painter/Artist: Veneziano Antonio
Italian painter active in Siena, Florence and Pisa.
Painter/Artist: Washington Allston (1779-1843)
The first important American Romantic painter of the nineteenth century; born in South Carolina and attended Harvard, where he did some painting as well as writing.
Accademia di Belle Arti
The Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most important general repositories of Venetian painting of the Renaissance.
Painter/Artist: Cuno Amiet
Swiss painter briefly associated - with the Brucke group in Dresden, one of the two major German Expressionist movements.
Painter/Artist: Nicolo dell' Abbate (1512-1571)
Italian painter of the Maniera (see) who worked at Fontainebleau with Primaticcio. Born in Modena, he studied with his father and the sculptor Begarelli.
Painter/Artist: Jankle Adler
Polish-born Expressionist associated with the modern German school in which he was active in Diisseldorf until 1933 and the advent of the Nazis.
Painter/Artist: Wayman Adams
Contemporary American painter. Born in Muncie, Ind., he studied at the John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis and later with Chase and Henri.
Painter/Artist: Ivan Le Lorraine Albright
Contemporary American painter. Born in Chicago, he studied first at the Art Institute and later at various other institutions in the United States and France.
Painter/Artist: Heinrich Aldegrever
German engraver, goldsmith and painter of portraits and altarpieces. He probably began as a goldsmith and perhaps as a sculptor.
Elers Ware
Elers-ware is a delectable and appreciative kind of thing to collect.
Painter/Artist: Cosimo di PIERO
Florentine painter, born 1462, son of Lorenzo, a goldsmith. In 1480, he became a pupil of Cosimo Rosselli, whose name he assumed, according to a quite prevalent practice.
Painter/Artist: Pablo Picasso
Contemporary Spanish-French painter, graver and sculptor. The son of Basque parents, Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain, 23rd October 1881.
Painters And Artists
Master painters and artists from the past.
Antiques Ablaze
I was in France when news arrived that the Brussels Exhibition, and particularly the British Section, was flaming, and I searched the French newspapers for details in vain.
Collector's Pieces
'Quite a collector's piece, you see, sir,' a dealer will often say to you, and what he means by a "collector's piece" is usually the ordinary handsome, costly specimen, sought after by moneyed buyers.
Mugs And Porcelain
What the old potters called coffee-cans are mug shaped but small, and cannot be reckoned in this category. Does anybody possess a Derby cider-mug?
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