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Having Fish As A Pet
The Chinese and Japanese, and some neighboring peoples of the East, were the first keepers, and breeders, of decorative fish.
Choosing Fish For Your Home Aquarium
There has never been a list made of all the types of fish you could raise in a home aquarium, and it's probably rather a boon that no statistician-aquarist has developed such a list as a means of interesting the general public in pet fish.
Caring For An Aquarium
It is a more or less constant source of amazement to beginners to discover that fish do not need a fresh drink of water every day. The simple statement that water should never be changed except because of pollution, seems rather hard for many beginners to believe.
Feeding Your Fish
Any good fish breeder will tell you that the prime mistake most beginners make is in feeding the fish too much food. This is the original sin for you to avoid.
Doctoring Sick Fish
While the problem of a sick fish is not too happy a prospect, it may be of some comfort to know that you probably have most of the remedies for the usual fish ailments right in your home.
Breeding Fish In Your Aquarium
Breeding is one thing that aquarium fish do remarkably well if the conditions are just right, so it would probably be a good idea to tell you something about it.
Having A Bird As A Pet
Bird pets have lived with man throughout all known history. It was a bird that first brought word to Noah and his family that they could debark safely from the Ark after the flood.
Caring For Your Canary
Once you get the bird home, there are several rules for you to follow. You should know how to keep the bird in good appearance; how to feed it; how to house it; and something about song-training.
Canary Ailments
Because of domestication, the canary is subject to several ailments that would probably never trouble wild birds.
Canary Breeeding
Before entering vigorously into bird breeding, spend some time talking with a successful breeder.
The Character Of The Cat
Cat pets are true individuals in a household. It is a droll fact that throughout a lifetime of companionship a cat reserves the right to think and to act independently, and will be devoted only so long as its owner acts in a manner that creates mutual respect.
Choosing A Kitten
Choosing a kitten for a pet is a question that often settles itself when some cat family youngster comes to your door, unbidden, and meows to be let inside.
Care And Grooming Of Cats
If kitty preens as it purrs, it will be a more pleasing and a healthier cat. So, encourage vanity in your pet.
Keeping Your Cat Well
The larger part of cat illnesses can be avoided by proper care and diet. In a sense, there is no need for your cat to be ill unless an accident occurs, or the cat gets a chill, or visits the wrong playmates.
About Porcelain Marks
"If you need some mark to distinguish the truth before you accept it, why not also require a second mark to verify that the first mark is genuine? And so on, to infinity."
Currier & Ives
Currier & Ives prints of contemporary events and scenes in the second half of the Nineteenth Century have long had historic, aesthetic and commercial value.
Currier & Ives - The Art Of Lithography
Lithography, or stone drawing, was invented in the latter part of the Eighteenth Century by Alois Senefelder, a Bavarian, and the principle on which it was based was the natural antagonism of grease and water.
Currier & Ives - Collectng The Prints
Hunbdreds of Currier & Ives prints are still gathering dust in innumerable attics throughout the country, and in some instances the owners are entirely unaware of their value.
Currier & Ives - The Artists
The criticism has been offered that Currier prints are not art and are crudely drawn. In my opinion there is no justification for this attitude. Currier never claimed that his prints were works of art.
Currier & Ives - The Prints
From Currier's start until the latter part of the 1840s the bulk of his work consisted of the small folio or "stock" prints, and all of his order lists quoted only these small prints.
The Rooms Of A Home - Part 1
The entrance hall is important because it gives the first and the last impression of the home to the person who is arriving or leaving.
The Rooms Of A Home - Part 2
Bedrooms may be more personal than any other rooms as to type of furnishing and as to color. The furniture in many bedrooms consists of sets with several pieces alike.
The Twentieth-Century Style
The style that we call modern, contemporary, international, engineers', or functional might best be known as the twentiethcentury style because probably the historians will call it that.
Provincial, Peasant, And Cottage Furnishings
Although the term traditional furniture ordinarily refers only to the type of furniture that was used in the past in the palaces of the wealthy, the furniture of the poorer classes of the same periods should also be classed as traditional or period.
Furnishing Plans For A Home
A woman who is planning to furnish a new home or to reorganize her old furnishings should first of all decide upon the decorative idea to be used in her home.
The Art Objectives Of Interior Decoration
The supreme achievement for which we strive in home furnishing, just as in every other art pursuit, is beauty.
The Components Of Art
The components that must be considered by everyone who is dealing with interior decoration, or with any of the other space arts, are line, form, color, and texture.
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