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Health And Beauty - Skin Care And Complexion - Part 1
Sixty out of every one hundred American girls have poor skins. When I say poor skins, I am trying to soften what seems to be a very harsh statement.
Health And Beauty - Skin Care And Complexion - Part 2
I suppose I have seen and treated as many bad cases of skin disease as any one other person in this country during the past fifteen years.
Health And Beauty - Skin Care And Complexion - Part 3
Blackheads are a form of acne indicated by little black specks on the skin, chiefly about the nose, forehead, and chin.
Health And Beauty - Skin Care And Complexion - Part 4
Dimples and eczema are the most repulsive of skin ailments. An eruption of any kind on the face is fatal to beauty.
Health And Beauty - Skin Care And Complexion - Part 5
The general public will perhaps be astonished to learn that, according to many renowned dermatologists, it is the exceptional woman who knows, until she has been taught, how to wash her face.
Health And Beauty - Skin Care And Complexion - Part 6
Techically, a wrinkle is a looseness of the skin, caused by the failure or attenuation of the under structure.
Health And Beauty - Skin Care And Complexion - Part 7
In spite of all that has been said for and against wrinkle removers, I do not hesitate to declare that massage after the Swedish system is the only reliable and lasting method of so strengthening the facial muscles that they will support and hold the fatty tissues firmly as in healthy youth.
Health And Beauty - Skin Care And Complexion - Part 8
I am not going to tell you of anything new in the "how-to-be-beautiful" line, but I am going to describe a process which, like everything else, apparently originated with the Greeks thousands of years before this continent was dreamed of.
Choosing A Pet Dog
Of all the animals man has domesticated, the dog has won the highest place in affection and the most secure position in the home. It is the animal that most easily becomes a member of the family, understanding our moods, entering into our play periods, always willing to serve and always loyal.
Feeding Your Dog
It is always amazing to me that so many owners of new puppies are baffled about the proper diet for a puppy.
Puppy Care And Training
I have raised and trained enough puppies to know that housebreaking takes time, but I believe new owners will have less trouble if they make more effort in the beginning to let the pup know exactly what is wanted of him.
Keeping Your Dog Well
Your dog's surest way to health is by preventing disease. Sane feeding, clean quarters, enough exercise, and adequate care of his coat and skin are essential to keeping him fit.
Having And Caring For A Pet
My memories are grouped not by the cities I've lived in, but by the lives of the dogs I've owned.
Old Time Perfume Recipes And Ideas
This progressive and aggressive age, it is a singular fact that the art of the perfumer has not fundamentally changed.
Old Cosmetic Recipes And Ideas
I am always a bit amused when anathemas are hurled at the present use of cosmetics, particularly when a hopelessly-soured and pitilessly-unattractive female or a blatant, tobacco-smoking, spirituouslyodorous male addresses me on the subject.
How To Sleep
Sleeping is one of the most important functions of life, it is necessary to know how to prepare for it, and how, if possible, to maintain a healthful and comfortable position during the hours of repose.
Beauty And Health For The Business Woman
The business woman's good looks are, as important and essential to her success as beauty and wealth to a society woman.
Mother And Child
My child has a right to be born well and strong mentally and physically.
Mother And Child
A Baby should be weaned at the end of the first year unless it is very ill from tooth cutting or the time occurs during very hot weather.
How To Read Character From The Features
Know it is the custom of many unthinking persons to jest at the assumption, so called, of the physiognomist. I have a thousand and one times been laughed to scorn when I have declared that a certain man or woman was not to be trusted because he or she had deceitful eyes and a retreating chin.
Caring For Your Hands
The artistic hand with its delicate, tapering fingers is like the poet "born not made," and every woman may not hope for this ideal "second face" as the hand has been cleverly called.
Caring For Your Hands
I take thy hand, this hand, As soft as dove's down, and as white as it. Winters Tale. It is not difficult to have soft, pretty hands.
The Foot And Foot Care
Smallness alone was, in my girlhood, the test of beauty in feet, as I recollect it. I remember perfectly my mother's look of surprise and stern disapproval when I had to suc cumb to a number three shoe.
The Foot And Foot Care
The high French heel is accountable not only for the distortion of the first joint of the great toe, but for innumerable feminine internal complaints - besides which, it is utterly impossible for any woman alive to walk or dance gracefully in high French heels.
The Foot Massage
To give, tired feet, restful, delightful massage the operator need not be an expert masseuse.
Country Furniture - Part 1
It hardly seems possible that there were as many cobbler's benches in use between 1700 and 1900 as are serving as coffee tables nowadays.
Country Furniture - Part 2
The tavern table had plain or turned legs braced by stretchers. Tops were rectangular, round, or occasionally oval, and ranged from about 30 inches in length or diameter to 4 or 5 feet.
Country Furniture - Part 3
Most popular of all styles was the Boston rocker, its vogue extending from about 1825 to 1890.
Country Furniture - Part 4
A low, two-seat settee may seem at first glance to have been made for children. It wasn't. Instead, it was a portable seat to be carried out and placed in the bed of a wagon for a comfortable ride to town.
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