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Interior Decoration - Walls And Ceilings
Fortunate indeed is he who has the privilege of building his home after individual plans suited to his own uses and tastes.
Finishing And Care Of Wood Floors
In the more inexpensively constructed homes of to-day the light oak, maple, or pine floor is often used, varnished or waxed until its mirrorlike surface compels attention.
Oriental Rugs For Your Home
Oriental rugs have a power of fascination and a peculiar mystical quality which stirs the imagination and emotions, more, perhaps, than any other item of household furnishing.
Birds - The Carrion Crow
The Carrion Crow resembles the raven in appearance, but is about one third smaller in size. It lives in pairs and is said to be a model of conjugal fidelity and parental care.
Birds - The Jackdaw
The Jackdaw, measures about fourteen inches, and is thus the smallest of the birds of its kind.
Birds - The Cough
The Chough frequents the western sea coasts of England, the north, south; and west of Ireland and the Isle of Man, and the borders of the snow line or Alpine ranges on the continent of Europe.
Birds - The Bird Of Paradise
The Bird of Paradise is one of the most beautiful of living birds.
Birds - The Tanagers
Tanagers are found in America and the West Indian Islands. Wilson, the American ornithologist, describing the scarlet Tanager, says: "Among all other birds that inhabit our woods, there is none that strikes the eye of the stranger or even a native with so much brilliancy as this."
Birds - The Swallow
Though only a summer friend the swallow is among the most popular of birds in England.
Birds - The House Martin
The House Martin is characterized by a white spot above his tail which adds to the prettiness of his appearance in flight.
Birds - The Chaffinch, Goldenfinch, And Greenfinch
Finches are beautiful and interesting birds. The Chaffinch is famous for the vivacity of its song and the beauty of its nest.
Wood Used In Furniture Design
The essential points which should be considered in the purchasing of furniture for the home are comfort, lightness, and strength.
The Story Of Victorian Furniture - Part 1
Victorian furniture is unquestionably plentiful. Every state from Maine to California, Alaska, and even Hawaii has its quota of odd pieces as well as parlor and bedroom sets.
The Story Of Victorian Furniture - Part 2
Then there was Biedermeier's furniture, which had appeared first in Germany about 1825 and had been imported and also copied in America in the 1830's.
The Story Of Victorian Furniture - Part 3
Bedsteads continued to have wide sideboards and very high headboards. A bed was a bed, and fairly undistinguished. Probably to make them higher, headboards often had two or more rows of wood paneling separated by boards with incised decoration.
The Story Of Clocks And Watches - Part 1
The sun, moon, and starts were the chief means by which man judged the passing of time before clocks and watches were invented.
The Story Of Clocks And Watches - Part 2
Many clockmakers who had served their apprenticeship in Philadelphia moved on to other parts of the country. Lancaster and various towns south and west of Philadelphia also produced some fine clockmakers.
The Story Of Clocks And Watches - Part 3
The first two really different cases were the steeple and the beehive, both of which appeared in the 1840's and remained popular for more than twenty years.
The Story Of Clocks And Watches - Part 4
The tall-case clock that can be authenticated as having been made by one of the Willards, David Rittenhouse or Edward Duffield of Philadelphia, or Martin Shreiner of Lancaster is the one whose sale price starts in the hundreds of dollars and may go into the thousands.
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