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Wedding History - Weddings From The 1870's
The things that stand out in our wedding pictures of the 70's are the bustle and the trend (away from gold) to all-white wedding jewelry.
Wedding History - Weddings From The 1880's
In this decade the family picture album became quite general throughout the land. Even our relatives who were farming the western prairies took time out for a wedding photograph.
Wedding History - Weddings From The 1910's
This was the decade when the "new woman" of suffragette equal rights was coming to the fore; but with such a tradition-hallowed ceremony as marriage, all most brides thought about was the latest in wedding finery.
Antique Glass And Glass Treasures - Part 1
Whimsical items helped to keep many glasshouses in all parts of the country in operation during the nineteenth century.
Antique Glass And Glass Treasures - Part 2
Glass stoppers were blown, blownmolded, and pressed as well as cut. It was not unusual for a pressed glass decanter or cologne or perfume bottle to have a cut glass stopper.
Antique Glass And Glass Treasures - Part 3
Other popular paperweights displayed cameo portraits of famous persons, coins, less realistic flowers, and combinations of latticinio and millefiori.
Birds - The Common Starling
The Common Starling is a bird of passage, arriving in England about the beginning of March and leaving some time in October.
Birds - The Weaver Bird
The Weaver birds which are included in this division, are a very interesting species.
Birds - The Lark
The skylark is common all over Europe and is an especial favourite in the British Isles. It builds its nest on the ground among growing corn or high grass, and shows especial care for its young.
Birds - The Wagtails And Pipits
The Wagtails, of which family the Pied Wagtail is the most familiar, derives its name from its habit of wagging its tail.
Birds - The King Bird
The King Bird or Tyrant Fly-catcher of North America is small, but of a fearless disposition, attacking hawks, crows, and other larger birds, and generally having the best of the battle.
Birds - The Chatters
The Chatterers, or Cotingidoe include among them, the Cock of the Rock, one of the most beautiful of South-American birds.
Birds - The Lyre
The Lyre Bird, which according to the classifiBird cation we are following, with the scrub bird, forms the fifth group of the perching birds, belongs to Australia.
Birds - The Woodpecker
The green Woodpecker is the variety best known in England, where it inhabits the woods and feeds upon the insects it finds in the bark of trees.
Birds - The Cuckoo
The Cuckoo is always welcomed in England as the harbinger of Spring. Its cry is one of the most easily distinguished of bird songs, and is the nearest approach to a definite musical interval produced by any bird.
Birds - The Trogons
The Trogons are among the most gorgeous of living birds; the brilliance of their plumage defy ing verbal description.
Birds - The Kingfishers
The Kingfishers are a wide-spread family, being found all over the world. There are numerous varieties, of which the Common Kingfisher and the Laughing Kingfisher are all that we can notice.
Birds - The Hornbill
The Hornbill is famous for the size and shape of its bill, which is very large. There are several varieties, African and Indian.
Birds - The Goat-Suckers
The goat-sucker is so called from the belief long entertained that it was in the habit of sucking the teat of the goat. There are several varieties and they are remarkable for the strangeness of their cries.
Birds - The Whip-poor-will
The Whip-poor-will, which is peculiar to America, is celebrated for its singular melody, which is heard in spring to issue at night from the woods and glens of all parts of the country.
Birds - The Humming Bird
There are hundreds of kinds of Humming Birds, nearly all of them natives of America, where they frequent the gardens, and sip the honey from the honeysuckle and other plants, like the hive and humble bee.
Birds - Parrots
The parrots never fail to interest, on account of their beauty of form and colour, and their aptitude for imitating common sounds.
Birds - The Grey Parrot
The Grey Parrot though less attractive in colour than other species, is perhaps the most popular of the parrot family on account of its superior accomplishments as an imitator of familiar sounds.
Birds - Pigeons
There are many varieties of pigeons, some being peculiar to certain districts, and others covering a much more extended geographical area.
Birds - The Peacock
The Peacock has been famous in the East from before the days of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
The Life Of A Fern
To admire a fern for its beauty is one thing; to understand its life is another. To this end one must be on the alert, for the spring awakening of the ferns is highly interesting.
Where Hardy Ferns Can Be Grown
The growing desire in the human mind for something straight from the heart of Nature has brought the wild garden to our doors. Hence the fern border, with its refreshing, lingering loveliness, rivals the gaily painted garden with its transient beauty.
Ferns In The Mixed Border
There is to my mind no happier combination in the mixed fern border than that of the ostrich and maidenhair ferns.
Rockwork For Ferns
Although many of native ferns are eminently cosmopolitan, the successful cultivation of a goodly number depends largely upon simulation of natural environment.
Hardy Ferns For Indoor Culture
The deciduous nature of many of our native ferns prohibits general culture indoors.
Ferns In The Living Room During Winter
The dry heat of our homes in winter is not at all favourable for the growth of native ferns, which by right should rest at least four or five months of the year.
Homemaker As Interior Decorator
Many home builders of more than moderate means secure the services of an expert interior decorator who works with the master and mistress of the house.
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