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Worcester Again
My old schoolfellow's car had carried me over our native shire, which everywhere waves with the most beautiful of English trees, the elm. And on a vernal September afternoon I came into the " faithful city " again, Worcester, the stately pilgrim-place of my boyish years.
Unmarked "Old Worcester" China
To be able to recognise unmarked " Old Worcester " china is essential, if one is to pick up " Old Worcester " china cheaply nowadays.
Old Cupids
Here are two groups of rare old boys, chosen out of a collection of forty. To talk of old Cupids seems a contradiction in terms, for Cupid, surely, is always a boy, eternally young.
The Dresden China Style
"Dresden will probably long retain the designation of the cradle of Rococo Art," the guidebook informs the visitor to Dresden.
Errors About Old Porcelain
Though the study of porcelain is quite a science, it can never become an exact science in the sense that mathematics and botany and anatomy are exact sciences; the early records are too scanty for that.
On An Earthenware Plate
Its diameter is 6 1/4in., its rim is fluted into twenty rhomboidal divisions, ten of which are (alternately) adorned with figures of women, bat-printed in blue.
A "Longton Hall" Catalogue
In the last chapter I showed how Longton Hall china has grown in value, and also expressed the view that much Longton Hall china exists in collections under the name of " Chelsea, Worcester, or Bow."
Detecting "Longton Hall"
Littler began to make porcelain about the year 1745. Bow and Chelsea were at work then, Derby a little later, and Worcester in 1751.
Bristol China Characteristics
How know a piece of Bristol-made old porcelain ? It is " true " porcelain, it is " hard " ; and it was made between the years 1769 and 1782.
That Bit Of Old Porcelain
It was a bit of heavy, bluish-white, black-specked china which stood in a corner of the window of the little curiosity shop.
Gilty Ware
Too, little is written about metallic lustre-ware, a kind of pottery typically English, and hardly attempted abroad; the only foreign make of the kind I know consists of putty-coloured paste, ornamented with platinum-lustred designs in relief, and is French, I understand, though you seldom see it even in France.
Garden Design
A brief chapter on garden design is necessary in a book about homes. The home does not stop at the walls of the house; it includes the entire plot on which the house stands.
House Styles
In a book on home furnishing it is well to consider houses, because the style, size, and construction materials of a house help to determine the type of furnishing to be used therein.
Apartment Living And Decoration
Many city families are giving up their homes and living in apartments in order to simplify the technique of homemaking.
Crafts You Can Do In Your Home
The machine age is bringing more and more leisure which is not entirely a blessing, for since the machine can make everything it leaves people little to do with their additional spare time.
Lighting For Your Home
Artificial light has been an important influence in the growth of civilization. The development of lighting is an interesting study because of the constant changes in it.
Home Decoration And Accessories
The appearance of a home depends very much upon the accessories. In selecting them there is an important opportunity for creative expression, because it is possible to make very original choices in small decorative objects.
Framing Of Pictures
A frame is necessary for any picture because it stops the movement in the lines of the picture. The frame also provides the transition between the picture and the wall on which it is hung.
Pictures For Your Home
Pictures reveal the stage of aesthetic development of their owners more clearly than any other articles of furnishing.
Flower Arrangement Basics
The Japanese have contributed more than any other people to the study of flower arrangement, and by them it is regarded as a polite accomplishment of both men and women.
Textiles For Your Home
It is probable that the earliest form of weaving was the interlacing of reeds for shelter, which was followed by basket weaving.
Fly Fishing: Fly Fishing Tackle
Before even picking up a rod, the potential fly caster should understand the basic difference between fly casting and other forms of casting.
Practical Casts
It was on a beautiful day 30 years ago that I first realized what a lousy fly caster I was. I had fished trout streams in New York and Maryland and Pennsylvania since I was a kid.
Fly Fishing: Wet Fly Fishing For Trout
Wet flies were originally tied to represent certain dry flies which had been swept beneath the surface and were washing along underwater.
Landing Bass On The Fly
While it is hard to choose between the two, I believe that it requires just a shade more finesse to fish for smallmouth than it does for largemouth.
Fly Fishing: Chumming And Fly Fishing In Salt Water
When you fly fish the salt there are many fish that ordinarily would not come within reach but which can be coaxed up to hit a fly, by the use of chum.
Fly Fishing: Trout That Go To Sea
Another Pacific coast trout that goes to sea is the cutthroat. the "native" of the West.
Fly Fishing: Clothing
Clothing for fishing should be selected from two viewpoints-comfort to the angler, and invisibility to the fish.
Refectory Tables
With its hospitable length and air of solidity, the refectory table, gradually transmitted westward from the beginnings of the Christian era, is not only a modern American dining room accessory, but it serves a useful and decorative purpose in living room and library.
Spinet Desks
A few spinets were produced at an early date in the American Colonies, but most of the oldest ones we find today were brought over from Europe.
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