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The Best Old "Blue And White"
Experts who write learned books on "Oriental" seem either unwilling or unable to explain their lore lucidly. I have a shelf which simply groans with books on porcelain, that yet tell the beginner next to nothing of what he wants to know and ought to know, and do little to help him to possess a seeing eye.
Salt-Glaze And Salt-Glaze
There is a "glorious uncertainty" about cricket, and so there is about collecting ; the puzzles and chances afforded by the study of old English pottery, for instance, are numberless, and salt-glaze ware is responsible for more than a few.
Blue-Dash Chargers
Mystery hangs about the blue-dash chargers. Many collectors of pottery have never seen one, few collectors have ever possessed one, I dare say most readers begin in ignorance of what blue-dash chargers actually are.
Undercut Wedgwood
Undercut is a word of several applications, and that is why, for a long time, I did not understand what " undercutting " in " Old Wedgwood " might exactly mean.
Black But Comely
"No, thank you, I don't like black Wedgwood--too funereal!" collectors say, and dealers put back the ebon vase, bust, tea-cup and saucer, or medallion on the shelves. There it rests a long time, till one of the few who know comes along.
The Falcke "Old Wedgwood"
I have been studying the recent additions to the collection of Old Wedgwood jasper at the British Museum. These came as a rich legacy from Mr.Falcke, a successful and learned dealer.
Who Is Santa Claus?
If you go to England you will find many people there who have never heard of Santa Claus. Only the other day a leading London paper confessed that it could not understand why a magazine for children should be called St. Nicholas.
The Christmas Tree Legend
We have seen that most of the ceremonies that have attended or still attend the season of Christmas may be traced back to a period long before the birth of Christ.
The Christmas Tree In History
Scandinavia was not the only place that had its sacred tree. Egypt, for instance, had one in the palm, which puts forth a shoot every month. A spray of this tree with twelve shoots on it was used in ancient Egypt at the time of the winter solstice as a symbol of the twelve month or completed year.
Saint Nicholas In America
Just as the Christmas tree was brought over to this country by early German immigrants so Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, came here in the train of the Dutch settlers of New York.
Father Christmas And His Family
The English, as I have said, have no Saint Nicholas, no Santa Klaus, no Chris-kinkle to act as a distributor of gifts on Christmas eve.
The Story Of The Three Kings
In the Latin countries, that is to say, in Italy and the southernmost edge of France, Switzerland and Austria, our good old friend Santa Klaus rarely acts as the bearer of gifts at the Christmas season.
Place De L'Opera Or The Hub Of The Universe
If you ever come to Paris, the place you will most likely become acquainted with first will be the Place de l'Opera.
Place Vendome And Its History
As I mentioned to you yesterday, the Place Vendome is only a very short distance from the Place de l'Opera, so that, if you happened to have located in the Opera section, you will probably walk into it on your very first day.
Napoleon's Arch Of Triumph And The Etoile
One of the American Express Company's conducted city tours that you can take in Paris is known as the tour of Modern Paris.
The Eiffel Tower And The Champ-de-Mars
To most visitors to the Capital of France, the Eiffel Tower has been the symbol of Paris ever since the engineer Eiffel placed it against the skyline of Paris.
The Hotel de Ville And The Place de Greve
At one time the square on which this City Hall is located was known as the Place de Greve, which means "the strand."
The Conciergergie And The Route Of The Tumbrils
Among the conducted city tours which the tourist who visits Paris for the first time will probably take is the tour called "Unusual Paris."
Many years ago, a seasoned traveler once wrote that if you are ever going to visit Sainte-Chapelle with someone whom you might suspect of not being particularly susceptible to beauty, it would be much better if you went there alone, since to go there with someone who might not enjoy it would only spoil your fun.
The Church Of Saint Sulpice And Thereabouts
One of the places that I would want to include on any visit to Paris, if I had any time at all, would be the Church of Saint Sulpice.
Venice - First Impressions
I remember feeling vaguely apprehensive as the train which was transporting us to Venice for our first visit steamed out of Padua.
The Story Of Venice
The lagoon of Venice extends northward for some forty miles from Chioggia, and is protected on the east from stormy seas by the long, low-lying banks, known as lidi, which run parallel to the shore.
The Painters Of Venice
The very word 'Venice' on a printed page evokes a vision of colour, of blue sea and bluer sky, the play of sunshine on marble, and the gold of mosaics.
St Mark's Church
In all Christendom there is no more lovable church than St Mark's.
The Doges' Palace
Before describing the Doges' Palace it will be as well to explain briefly the nature of the Venetian constitution.
Using Color In Your Home
Color is magic! With one color scheme, your room can be gay and exciting; planned with other colors, the same room can be restful and relaxing.
Choosing Your Fabric
It is difficult to make many hard and fast rules of suitability where decorating is concerned, for many of the best decorators break such rules all the time to achieve unusual or dramatic effects.
Period Design Motifs In Fabrics And Wallpapers
In formal rooms of this period, the textiles used were silk damasks, brocades, velvets, and brocatelles. Embroideries and fine leathers were also used extensively.
Decorating With Furniture
The first step in planning your furniture is to decide upon a style that will be in keeping with the period of decoration you have chosen.
Periods Of Decoration
The traditional periods of decoration covered in this chapter are the ones most popular and best suited to our American way of life.
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