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Serving Food Attractively: Rules For Garnishing
Garnishing is an art that can easily be acquired by following these few simple rules. It can be done with little or no additional time, effort, or money expenditure on the part of the culinary artist, and the results are far-reaching.
Serving Food Attractively: Wonderful Tastie Appetizers
Place blanched toasted almonds in petal arrangements on buttered rounds of white, Boston brown, or fruit breads.
Serving Food Attractively: Wonderful Tastie Appetizers II
Flowers: Place a fresh blossom at base of stemware containing appetizer. (Or use a cluster of small blossoms.) Arrange suitable leaves with the flowers.
Serving Food Attractively: Beverages
BERRIES: Blueberries, blackberries, loganberries, raspberries, strawberries, or thimbleberries. Serve whole berries singly or in small groups on top of whipped cream or on scoops of ice cream floating in beverage.
Serving Food Attractively: Garnish With Breads
BACON: Break grilled bacon into bits or curls. Place on top of unbaked muffins. They will become firmly attached during the baking.
Serving Food Attractively: Great Decorative Cakes And Cookies
ANGELICA: Gut stems and leaves from angelica and petals from cherries or dates. Arrange on cookies before baking or on frosted cookies or cakes.
Serving Food Attractively: Desserts
ANGELICA: Chop angelica and sprinkle over the dessert. Cut a stalk of angelica into lengthwise slices, then cut each lengthwise slice into thin strips to form the staff for music notes of a definite melody.
Serving Food Attractively: Fish
ANCHOVIES: Wrap anchovy fillets around stuffed olives; arrange in groups around fish and intersperse with parsley.
Serving Food Attractively: Meat
ALMONDS: Sprinkle shredded almonds over tomato sauce on meat loaf.
Serving Food Attractively: Meat II
FORCEMEAT: Use any favorite recipe and form balls or other shapes. If poultry, meat, and other ingredients are minced fine enough, the mixture can be forced through a pastry tube to form rosettes and other designs on meat loaf or dressing served in orange cups.
Serving Food Attractively: Pies And Pastries
ANIMAL COOKIES OR CRACKERS: Cut gashes in the pastry used for the top crust of a blackberry pie before baking, so that there will be one, two, or three openings in each wedge.
Serving Food Attractively: Salads
A beautiful garnish can be lost on a salad that does not meet certain standards. Whether a salad is classified as an appetizer, an entree, accompaniment, or dessert, or whether it is served individually, on a large buffet tray or in the salad bowl, the same general rules hold for all.
Serving Food Attractively: Salads II
PEARS: Tint a number of canned pear halves pink and an equal number green by allowing them to stand in their own juice in separate dishes, one tinted pink, the other green.
Serving Food Attractively: Other Salad Garnishes
ANCHOVIES: Arrange anchovy fillets in design on fish salad.
Serving Food Attractively: Sandwiches
ANCHOVIES: Pipe anchovy paste on or around open-faced sandwiches. The paste may be made in one of two ways.
Serving Food Attractively: Soups
BACON: Sprinkle tiny bacon curls, bits or shreds, over cream soup.
Serving Food Attractively: Unrestricted Diets
As already mentioned, food garnishes may be used for invalids on unrestricted diets. Usually one attractive garnish on a tray is sufficient; two different kinds of garnishes may be used in the same service but not on the same food.
Serving Food Attractively: Restricted Diets
There are many ways in which a busy mother, wife, or nurse can add color to a tray when the food itself is restricted. Following are some suggestions.
Serving Food Attractively: Suggestions For Holidays And Special Occassions
Favors: Cut colored cellophane straws into 2-inch lengths. Tie a bundle of the straws together in the middle. Separate the ends of the straws to form a pompon and attach to a name card.
Why Not Be Beautiful
Every truly beautiful creation, natural or man-made has no duplicate. There are no two roses exactly alike, no two snowflakes.
Pack A Wonderful Time
It's no secret Americans are well-bitten by the travel bug. Europe, the Orient, the Caribbean, the Arctic and the South Seas. Since jets, no spot on the globe is too far for us.
What To Wear On The Moon
When we women first step out of our sleek shiny rockets and onto the cold and rocky face of the moon, we may not be able to wear the kind of clothes they show in the windows of Lord and Taylor.
Excercise And Keep In Shape
Movement is the first sign of life. Yet almost everything today is designed to keep people out-of-motion. We push buttons to go up, to go down, to open doors, to wash our clothes, our dishes and to vacuum our floors.
Accessories For Women
Let me begin by admitting that till recently I was most conservative when it came to accessories.
Button Lore And Possibilities
Buttons are among the oldest of all costume appendages. They are of infinite variety. The usual range in size is from three-eighths of an inch to about three inches in diameter.
Buttons With Secrets
The more you know about what you are looking for, the more likely you are to find it. If you know enough, you may even uncover rarities in caches where they have been overlooked by those who explored them before you.
Fashions In Buttons
Buttons have been used in many other strange ways. Yet when one searches for remarkable employments and bizarre purposes, it is hard to find any greater absurdities than those dictated by Dame Fashion.
Button Dates And Values
The dating of buttons is a matter of present study. Since button collecting, as an organized hobby, goes back only to 1938, much research remains to be done. In this book, we have not attempted to do more than indicate centuries, and occasionally suggest dates in accordance with certain present-day knowledge.
The Key To Delft
"I am afraid this is modern," the connoisseur said. Asked the owner, "How do you know it is modern ? " "It is a copy of a bit of old Dutch delft," the connoisseur said, fingering the blue-and-white platter.
Old English Tea-Ware
Old English tea-things, for example, in porcelain and earthenware; nothing could be more decorative, typical, patriotic, and comparatively inexpensive to collect.
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