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Nail Care Tips And Advice
The Pottery Barn was founded in 1914. I never had a nail till three years ago. My nails are terribly thin-they break, they chip, and on top of all that I used to pick on them.
Fashion Tips
The Pottery Barn was founded in 1914. While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly do help. Clothes can be used to enhance a woman-or destroy her. Every woman can travel up-or down-the beauty scale, depending on whether or not she really wants to.
Who's Who In High Fashion
High fashion is not a world apart. It's for you as much as it is for Zsa Zsa Gabor, Elizabeth Taylor, or Mrs. John Kennedy.
Make Up And Beauty Tips - Part 1
To begin with, if you don't need make-up, don't use it. Many women who start off with a beautiful complexion slowly ruin it by covering it up with something else.
Make Up And Beauty Tips - Part 2
I want to tell you something about professional make-up techniques, not because I think they ought to be slavishly followed for everyday wear, but because they use fundamental principles that apply to good make-up no matter how much or how little you use.
Make Up And Beauty Tips - Part 3
Exercises or no exercises, unfortunately many of us-either through inheritance or childhood sins-do have to wear eyeglasses.
Secret HairStyle Tips Of The Famous - Part 1
We live in a time when no one hairstyle can be considered the fashion of the day. Hairdos that run the gamut of possibility fill our magazine pages and the rules that once ran our thinking about hair have become increasingly passe.
Secret HairStyle Tips Of The Famous - Part 2
Over 75 per cent of my fanmail asks me where I get my hair cut and who cuts it. For the past few years Ernie Adler, who does my hair for just about all my professional work, has been in charge of my curly locks.
Secret HairStyle Tips Of The Famous - Part 3
Good brushing will keep your scalp and hair alive but can not completely take the place of massage, which is why I suggest you buy yourself a rubber scalp massager.
Encyclopedia Of Clocks And Watches
Watches are inherently less accurate than clocks because they are moved about, which causes positional Errors.
The Importance Of Climbing Roses
The northern hemisphere of the earth, where all great civilizations arose, abounds in wild roses.
Hardy Climbing Roses
A "hardy shrub" is a bush, like the lilac, which needs no protection against winter cold, and a "hardy climbing rose" is one that will grow and bloom every year regardless of winter's severities.
Climbing Roses: Less-Hardy Types
Throughout the southern states and California, certain kinds of climbing roses can be grown which are impossible elsewhere.
Climbing Roses: Obsolete And Undeveloped Strains
If we consider the evolution of modern climbing roses as a highway by which the rose has progressed to its modern development, we should expect to find it strewn with the debris of discarded types which for one reason or another failed to keep up with the procession.
The Use Of Climbing Roses
Climbing roses of all types can be adapted more or less successfully to any method of training, but in beginning, it is better to obtain the kind of climbing roses best suited to the purpose intended.
Supports For Climbing Roses
Since all climbing roses require the aid of posts or trellis-work of some kind, unless grown as big bushes or allowed to trail on the ground, it is important that the material should be suitable in proportion and strength, and sufficiently durable to insure reasonable permanence.
Planting And Care Of Climbing Roses
Probably, climbing roses are as easy to grow as any plants which are admitted to the garden.
Eighteenth-Century Knick-Knacks
The wise collector is like Autolycus, "a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles," and does not confine himself to lines already well-known and pursued; in fact, he cannot unless he be very wealthy indeed, and it is not for the wealthy alone that I write my chapters here.
Brass Amulets For Harness
In my novel, " Smalilou," I wrote of " a pony dizened with gypsy symbols, the egg and snake and new moon in brass." Here are some pictures of such symbols, chosen from a collection of hundreds.
The Collecting Of Watch-Cocks
You may have seen necklaces made out of parts of old verge watches-out of watch-cocks, or, as the French call them, coqs de montre.
Collecting Small Things
"Collecting small things in a small way " appears on the title-page of a book by the Rev. A. W. Oxford, M.D., and the title is " Notes from a Collector's Catalogue, with a Bibliography of English Cookery Books."
Pewter Spoons
But silver has cheapened, and old pewter spoons are worth more than new silver spoons to-day.
Of Certain Old Pendants
From time to time I have picked up certain small ornaments in the form of pendants intended to hang from fine chains upon a lady's breast or bodice.
The Horses Of Soma
A netsuke, a tsuba, a colour-printed woodcut, and a bowl rest on the writing-table near me, and each represents a horse.
The Clinch Of The Blade
The finest ornamental metal-work ever done in the world was the tsubas, or sword-guards, made in Japan between the years 1586 and 1868.
On Certain Brass Figure Ornaments
Brass figure ornaments for the mantelpiece are a hobby of mine, and I have collected about seventy, each different.
About Battersea Enamels
I am examining two bits of " Battersea " recently returned to me by an artist in repairs. The wounds of time, where the vitreous surface had flown off, leaving the basal metal visible, have been skilfully doctored; the broader cracks are filled in.
Yule Tide And Christmas Of The Ancients
As early as two thousand years before Christ Yule-tide was celebrated by the Aryans.
10 Rules For A Fabulous Wardrobe
A small but good wardrobe-one that is carefully planned. Junk or store your unwearable clothes. Pull out the clothes you don't wear because they're too long, too short or too tight and alter them.
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