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Antique Prints: Italian Line Engravers
As one of the chief reasons for the composition of the present volume is that the collector, whether a beginner or more advanced, may have ready access to a little book which supplements to some extent, but does not attempt to supersede, any one amongst the labours of earlier students.
Antique Prints: The Task Of The Collector
A little Guide to Print Collecting such as the present one, even if written on very personal lines, not in the least concealing the writer's own prepossessions, and giving therefore, quite possibly, what may seem disproportionate notice of certain masters, cannot, of course, hope to entirely suffice for the special student of any particular man.
Antique Prints: Old World Etchers Claude, Van Dyke, Ostade, Hollar
As I think that, speaking generally, the wisest collector is the collector who devotes himself to original work, we will begin the study of some various departments of the collector's pursuit by a group of chapters on work that is wholly original.
Antique Prints: Rembrandt
That great old connoisseur of Rouen, Eugene Dutuit, in his two portly tomes, the (Euvre Complet de Rembrandt (produced in 1883), catalogues for the convenience of the collector three hundred and sixty-three pieces, though, from his long and careful Introduction, it is evident that he is not altogether uninfluenced by modern views, and is willing to discard some few out of that great array of prints.
Antique Prints: French Revival Of Etching
Between the period of the work of Rembrandt and the middle of the Eighteenth Century very little fine work was done in Etching. The practitioners of the art, such as they were, seemed to lose sight of its greater principles. What they lacked in learning and in mastery, they made up for-so they probably thought -by elaboration and prettiness.
Antique Prints: Whistler And Haden
In England, the Revival of Etching, so far as one can fix its origin at all, seems due, in chief, to the great practical work of two etchers of individual vision and exceptional power-Whistler and Seymour Haden.
Antique Prints: Later English Etchers
Though no very definite commercial values may yet have been established, in the auction-rooms, for their work, many living English etchers of a generation later than that of Whistler and of Seymour Haden have been for some time now appealing to the collector; and their prints-sold chiefly perhaps at the "Painter-Etcher's," at Mr Dunthorne's, and at Mr R. Gutekunst's-are worthy to be carefully considered.
Antique Prints: Durer The "Little Master"
Among the least reprehensible, and also among the least widely diffused, of the recent fads of the collector, there is to be reckoned a certain increase in the consideration accorded to the work of Martin Schongauer.
Antique Prints: French Eighteenth Century Engravers
The eighteenth Century in France witnessed the rise, the development, and the decay or fall of a great School of Art of which the English public remains, even to this day, all but completely ignorant.
Antique Prints: Turner Prints
Turner prints constitute a class apart. The prints which others made after Turner's drawings and pictures, the prints he executed to some extent or wholly himself, the engravings in line and the engravings in mezzotint, are all of them wont to be collected not so much as part of the representation of a particular method of work, but rather as the representation of an individual genius and of a whole school of the most highly skilled craftsmen.
Mexico Travel: A Growing Travel Field
Every year, Americans are going to Mexico in ever increasing numbers. They are just beginning to realize that right next door there is a country with a distinctive culture, a rare physical beauty, a mild and exhilarating climate, and a friendly people.
Mexico Travel: Shrine Of The Virgin Of Guadalupe
It is, of course, inconceivable that you should go to Mexico without visiting the shrine of the virgin of Guadalupe.
Mexico Travel: The Excursion to Jepozotlan
In making this excursion from Mexico City, one usually starts by way of Popotla, which is famous chiefly as the site of the tree of the dreadful night.
Mexico Travel: Driving In Mexico
The pan-american highway is paved all the way to Mexico City from every town in the United States which has a paved highway leading out of it.
Mexico Travel: Tlaxcala, Texcoc, Jalapa, Tehuacan
Tlaxcala can be reached by automobile by turning off the Puebla highway at kilometer 90.
Mexico Travel: Taxco to Acapulco
The main road to Acapulco for automobiles no longer leads directly through Taxco, but passes the town on a by-pass, although the busses still go straight through the center of the town.
Mexico Travel: Taxco and Cuernavaca
There are busses running to both Cuernavaca and Taxco. To Cuernavaca there is a railroad as well, but none to Taxco.
Skin Care Tips And Advice - Part 1
So you'd like to have a good complexion? The kind of skin babies love to touch? Who wouldn't! If you're honest and adult you'll know, without my saying it-nihil sine magno labore.
Skin Care Tips And Advice - Part 2
It stands to reason, doesn't it, that if you fill up your kitchen cabinets with all kinds of starchy foods and feature them at mealtime (and between) you're not going to be hungry enough to eat the leafy fresh green and red vegetables and fruits, the lean meats and fish, the eggs and cheeses, that you really need.
Skin Care Tips And Advice - Part 3
Although oily skin needs more washing than lubricating, it requires some added moisturizing-if only for protection from the elements and for smoothing.
Skin Care Tips And Advice - Part 4
Any massage attempted round the eyes must be undertaken with the greatest of care. Use a touch so light you almost cannot feel it.
Skin Care Tips And Advice - Part 5
Of the several home-methods for getting rid of excess hair, the wax treatment is probably best.
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