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Antiques And Their Historical Background
To many people the historical associations of an antique are as fascinating as the object itself.
Antique Sales
All sales, whether in private houses or in auction rooms, tend to generate epidemics of their own peculiar disease - Sale Fever. There is hardly a collector who has not, at some stage of his career, been afflicted with an expensive attack of the disease.
Antique Dealers
Dealers, in spite of what has been said above, do not normally pay more than the true value of a piece.
Antiques: House Sales
None the less, there is a thrill in personal triumphs in the sale-room. Most collectors will probably find it best to combine sale-room activity with a discriminating patronage of reliable dealers.
Damage To Antiques
Many lovely pieces are offered at sales which are damaged, and these often present a very thorny problem for the modest collector.
Porcelain And Pottery - Europe, China And Japan
Porcelain is perhaps the most entrancing of all the branches of the Antique Tree. It appeals alike to the collector with a limited pocket and limited space in his home and to the millionaire who can spread his collection lavishly over a score of rooms.
Paintings In Museums And Private Houses
Every collector of antiques will want to include some pictures in his collection even though paintings can be the most expensive of all items.
Long Case And Bracket Clocks
The term 'grandfather clock' dies hard, but no-one seems very sure about its origin. It appears to be not much more than a century old, but it has almost certainly more than another century in front of it.
Antiques Glossary
The following is a short list of terms which the reader may not know, but which he is likely to encounter sooner or later in his collecting career.
Antiques In A Small House Or Flat
There is one final problem to be considered, and it is admittedly a difficult one. Is there any way in which the collector can triumph over the space-restrictions of a small house or flat?
Antique Furniture And The Small Home
It is really impossible for anyone living in a small house to be a serious collector of antique furniture.
Old English Furniture
At the opposite extreme to French elegance is the lumpydumpiness of a great deal of 'Olde English' furniture.
Some collectors consider silver as a kind of Emperor of the Antique World, serenely shining in confident supremacy over such things as clocks, porcelain, pictures and even furniture.
Glass, like silver, forms a highly specialised branch of antique collecting, with an enormous literature of its own, and, again like silver, it has its ardent devotees and also its detractors.
The Victorian Background
For the antique collector, Victoriana and Edwardiana may be considered as one, for the Edwardian Age was, in any case, merely the splendid sunset of the long Victorian day.
Victorian Bric-A-Brac - Lustres
Domestic bric-a-brac is the obvious goal for the beginner in Victoriana. It is normally quite cheap, only reaching high prices with certain 'fashionable' objects, such as paperweights and Wolverhampton papiermache trays.
Victorian Clocks
Victorian clocks are very easy to get, and for $15 to $18 there are often some splendid bargains going.
Victorian Furniture, Miscellaneous Trifles
ne of the special charms of Victoriana is its infinite variety. It was an expansive age and the entire range of domestic objects, ornamental and useful, was being extended.
English Porcelain
England has a fine ceramic record. In furniture we must yield the palm to France; nothing produced in our country can quite equal the wonderful work of the ebenistes of Versailles under Louis XV.
English Pottery
English pottery, taken as a whole, has not the distinguished record of its porcelain. But it has at least one world-famous name in its annals, that of Wedgwood, and the celebrated factory founded by the first Wedgwood is still in full production.
How To Be Healthy: Past and Prolouge
It is now generally recognized that it is not possible to attain a state of physical fitness or to stay free from disease and infirmity unless one eats the proper foods.
How To Be Healthy: Protein - Body Builder
In order for the human body to be healthy and strong and to have the stamina necessary for long life, it must have a liberal supply of basic foods and-just as important -it must be able to use them efficiently.
How To Be Healthy: Wholesome Carbohydrates
When I began my own search for better health and physical reconditioning, I very soon became suspicious of the effects of adulterated, refined, and processed foods.
How To Be Healthy: Vitamins - Nature's Spark Plugs
Vitamins are an integral part of an enzyme that aids digestion, and they act as catalysts, which help to control metabolic processes.
How To Be Healthy: Minerals - Power to Spare
As with vitamins, the body needs ever so little of each of the minerals, but minerals in their proper balance can make the difference between illness and glowing health.
How To Be Healthy: Some Extraordinary Foods
There are seven unique foods that deserve special examination, study, and use, because of their great value in supplying concentrated nourishment of the best quality to the body.
How To Be Healthy: Adulterated Foods and Tobacco Are Dangerous
Today a great many people are enduring misery from certain serious dietary deficiencies, which cannot be eliminated until nature's way is restored and the present methods of refining foods are abandoned.
How To Be Healthy: Clean - Inside and Out
The late Dr. Alexis S. Carrel, renowned biologist and the world's greatest authority on cell hygiene, gave profound study to this subject.
How To Be Healthy: You Can Have Attractive Skin
The skin, like all other parts of the body, is formed of protein. Naturally, therefore, a diet ample in protein is essential to keep the skin healthfully in bloom.
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