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Choosing A Dog
Your own dog is the most important dog in all the world to you. It doesn't matter whether he's a mongrel you found in an alley or an expensive purebred given to you for Christmas.
Bringing Your Puppy Home
This is the big moment! It is a good idea to take a small carton with you to the kennels, in which to bring your precious puppy home.
Feeding Your Dog
People have all sorts of ideas about what to feed a dog. if you try to follow all the advice you hear, you will be bewildered and poor Beans will be eating everything from soup to nutsl There are some good general rules, however, on which almost everyone is agreed.
Housebreaking Your Dog
Next in importance to bed and food is to teach Beans to be clean in the house. So let's discuss the ways and means of this right now, before he ruins your best rug!
Excercise For Your Dog
Next to the right food, the right kind and amount of exercise is probably the most important contribution to the health of your dog.
Training Your Dog To Be A Good Citizen
To be a good dog citizen, Beans should behave the way you like your friends' dogs to behave when you visit them.
Traveling With Your Dog
Don't think you have to stay home all the time because you own a dog. It's true that he shouldn't go traveling until he's at least six months old.
Dog Grooming
"What is this thing called grooming?" Well, when you wash your face, brush your teeth, and comb your hair, you are grooming yourself.
Hot And Cold Weather For Your Dog
Large, rugged country dogs, who live outdoors in all kinds of weather, usually need little special care in either the summer or the winter.
Medical Tips For Dogs
Of course you want your dog to be well and happy. To be sure that you know he is, you should: (1) learn to recognize the signs of dog sickness; (2) take him to a veterinarian when you are in any doubt about your dog's health.
Dog Talk
"Dog talk" contains words which people who know dogs often use when referring to them. Since some of these terms appear in this book, it may be interesting for you to know their exact meaning.
How The Dog Became Man's Best Friend
Some scientists believe that the earliest wild dog originated in North America fifteen to thirty-five million years ago, long before any men lived there.
Kinds Of Dogs Today
All about the different kinds of dogs and why they are a different. An informative look at dogs.
Sporting Dogs
The Sporting Group contains in it some of the oldest breeds of dogs who have been helping men hunt for many centuries.
The Hound Group Of Dogs
The word "hound" comes from the German word "hund," which means dog. The Hound Group is made up of dogs who hunt wild animals, instead of birds, as the dogs in the Sporting Group do.
Working Dogs
The breeds in this group were bred and trained to be just what the name says-workers. There are some of the best known and best loved of man's dog companions in this group.
Terrier Group
All of the breeds in the Terrier Group are small enough D be kept in a city apartment. Nowadays, most of these dogs are raised as pets although, like the working and porting dogs, they, too, were originally trained to help man.
Toy Dogs
Although the breeds in the Toy Group are as small as their name suggests, it is a mistake to think of them as being delicate or difficult to raise.
Non-Sporting Dogs
To call the breeds in this group "Non-Sporting" is not quite accurate. The name was given to them, however, because by and large they have lived with men as companions for such a long time that they are now known mainly as -pets.
Dogs That Are Different
Just as there are people who are rare in the world of human beings, there are dogs that stand out in the dog world because of something unusual about them.
Party Planning And Entertaining
I suppose I should know a little about the art of entertaining. I've been at it long enough. On and off for forty years I've been giving parties, some 2000 in all - big parties, little parties, fantastic parties, spectacular parties.
Analyzing Some Parties
You can throw away that book of etiquette if you wish me to be your guide to the secrets of successful entertaining.
The Art of the Hostess
Anatomize the character of a successful hostess and the knife will lay bare the fact that she owes her position to one of three things: either she is liked, or she is feared, or she is important.
The Perfect Hostess and Others
Let me introduce you to the man who killed Rasputin," Lady Emerald Cunard once announced to her guests at lunch.
Men AS Hosts
Women, of course, are responsible for the popularity of this ungenerous theory. Nothing pleases us more than to feel ourselves in exclusive charge of a preserve in which men feel not only ill at ease, but inept as well.
The Pleasure of Your Company
"Bring anyone you like," Laura Corrigan used to say to casual friends when she first began launching herself as a hostess in London.
The Perfect Guest - and Others
But how many people ever bother to take a good long critical look at themselves as guests? How many merely assume that all a host asks of them is the loan of their presence for an evening?
These Can Kill a Party
One of the blessings I count is that I am not unusually gifted with second sight: I can think of no drearier existence than one in which I wakened every morning of my life facing a day that held no surprises.
The Art of Preparing a Party
A good party doesn't just happen. True, you may give one on the spur of the moment that turns out well.
The Art of Good Eating
Brillat-Savarin once remarked that a woman who couldn't make soup should not be allowed to marry - a sensible proposition, but one to which I would add that unless it is very good soup she shouldn't be allowed to entertain either.
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