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Adventures In Travel Photography
I am not a professional photographer. I like to travel, and I like to photograph my travels with both still and movie camera.
How To Save Your Money On Travel Pictures
The first advice is to buy all your film supplies in your home town before your trip. In your town you know the stores that will have fresh film at the lowest possible price.
Care Of Your Photo Equipment During Your Travel
The care of your photo equipment during your travel will vary with the climate. It will be different in the winter in Alaska, and in the summer in the Amazon or Sudan, but some principles will always stay.
Composition Of Travel Pictures
The composition of a photograph means to put your picture elements in some sort of a pleasing arrangement. But human taste differs, and what is pleasant for you may be unpleasant for someone else.
How To Photograph People During Your Travel
People like to see other people. Your most important travel pictures will be those of people from another country with the background of their own country.
Travel Pictures In Bad Weather
Warm sunny days and white fluffy clouds usually enhance travel photographs. But in our travels we can seldom expect to have only sunny days. Once on a trip to Europe, during twenty-one days of vacation, only two were sunny and the rest were cloudy and rainy.
Close-Up Pictures In Your Travels
Most travel pictures are of wide open areas and large views of the country. Such scenery looks good to our eyes but later, when projected on a 4X5 feet screen, you will be disappointed.
What To Do With Your Exosed Travel Films
The primary concern for your film, both exposed and unexposed, is to protect it from heat, humidity, moisture, dust and x-ray equipment. X-ray flourescopic equipment is now used at many airports throughout the world to inspect carry-on luggage.
Sound Accompaniment In Travel Pictures
Music, even though it may not be perfect will will greatly improve your film or color slide travel picture presentation. You will surely narrate your show, but you may also use travel music for the background of your narration.
Bach And The 20th Century
JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH died on July 28, 1750. The two centuries which have become history since that day are without parallel in the history of mankind. In terms of cataclysmic change they were longer than any other centuries in the memory of man.
Bach The Preacher
WE DO NOT HEAR THE SERMONS OF LUTHER. We read them as we read the sermons of other great preachers who have long since joined the Church triumphant. We do, however, hear Bach's sermons. The works of other great musicians speak to us, but the works of Bach preach to us.
Bach The Teacher
BACH'S ENTIRE WORK FOR THE CHURCH cannot be judged strictly from the point of view of the twentieth century with its purely aesthetical approach.
Bach The Tone Poet
TO MOST MUSIC LOVERS Of our day the work of Johann Sebastian Bach is associated with a composer who, in organ and other keyboard music, in sonatas for the violin and cello, in concertos both for solo instruments and for ensembles, in fact in all media of musical creation save the opera developed great craftsmanship and a phenomenal musical logic which one can respect with cool admiration.
Bach And The Organ
WHEN, IN 1723, IT BECAME NECESSARY to select a new Cantor at St. Thomas in Leipzig, the choice fell to Johann Sebastian Bach simply because three other candidates had withdrawn their applications.
Bach And Hausmusik
WHEN PEOPLE THINK OF THE MUSIC Of Johann Sebastian Bach, they too often think of it as music for the church, school, and concert-hall only.
Bach Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
IN ARNSTADT, the organist of the new church, Bach, was interrogated as to "where he has lately been for so long and from whom he obtained leave to go."
Bach And Volksmusik
THE UNIVERSALITY OF BACH'S CREATIVE WORK cannot be better confirmed than by the fact that there is hardly a composer of his time who demonstrated such a definite sense of humor in his secular works as our great master.
Cats: On Grooming a Cat
A WOMAN BROUGHT A PERSIAN cat into an animal hospital. The cat's hair was long, thick, and fine, the result of generations of breeding in which the fancier's object had been to produce, among other points, just this perfection of coat.
Cats: Skin Disorders
There is a good deal of confusion in the lay mind about the skin diseases to which cats are subject, and this is not strange, for there are several of them, some parasitic, some non-parasitic, some contagious, some non-contagious, and often the eruptions look pretty much the same to the inexperienced eye.
Cats: The Sacred Cats of Egypt
Modern people could hardly credit the prominence of the Cat Symbol in the religion of the ancient Egyptians were it not for the evidence that remains.
Cats: The Mystery of the Manx Cat
The "Mystery of the ships and the magic of the sea" envelop the beginning of Manx cats, or rather the beginning of our knowl edge of them.
Cats: Feline Characters in New York City
Minnie, the cat who knew Caruso, owed her rise in life partly to luck and partly to character.
Fundamental Magic Tricks
There are several things you should bear in mind when doing tricks. The surprise of not knowing what is about to happen is one of the things that make people like magic, so never repeat the same trick for the same audience.
Tricks With Cards
Tricks with playing cards are the most popular magic tricks today. Many can be done without long hours of practice.
Tricks With Coins
Coin tricks are always interesting because everyone likes money. For these tricks you should use half-dollar size coins, unless you are specifically told to use another size.
Mind Reading Magic Tricks
Tricks in which someone apparently reads the mind of another, or foretells events yet to come have always been popular.
Rope, String and Ribbon Tricks
This is a Houdini-type trick in which you escape. You will need a handkerchief and a piece of clothesline about 6 feet long.
Impromtu Tricks
These tricks look impromptu. They are called "close-up" tricks, because they are good for small groups.
After Dinner Tricks
The tricks in this chapter are designed for you to do after dinner, right at the table.
Odd Magic Tricks
n this chapter you will find tricks in which all kinds of objects are used. Most of them can be found around the house.
Advanced Magic Tricks
By now you may feel ready to advance to some of the more difficult tricks.
Do-It-Yourself Magic
Many of you will find that you not only enjoy doing tricks, but have other interests as well, such as building things in your home shop.
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