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So You've Got Some Old Coins
So you've got some old coins! Well now, that's just fine. So what are you going to do with those old coins?
The Value Of A Coin
About those old coins you have-how did you happen to get them? Did you find them in the attic-in that old Saratoga trunk that once belonged to your great-grandfather?
A Guide To Coin Condition
The little old lady came into the coin shop. Carefully she opened her handbag and extracted a large well-worn copper cent. Then she announced...
Coin Values
In the last 15 years or so, the prices of many coins have risen-some slightly, some spectacularly-and some prices have gone down.
The Value That Rubs Off
Value can go up-and value also can rub off. Let's visit a hypothetical coin shop and do a little eavesdropping.
What Makes A Coin Collector?
Answer to the question “What makes a coin collector?” is by no means simple. Almost without exception, the real collector became interested in coins quite by accident.
What Coins To Collect
If you should decide to become a coin collector, the first question that may puzzle you is: “What should I collect?” Fortunately, there is no single answer.
The Are Such Things As Phonies
As in all areas of antiques (and coins can be classified as antiques whether they're 100-year-old American examples or those of Ancient Rome), there are dishonest individuals out to make a few fast bucks from the unwary and the uninitiated.
Proof Coins
Present-day dealing in recent Proof sets may well be called the Dutch bulb era of numismatics. The rise and fall of fictitious values closely parallels the flower hysteria of a few centuries back.
Designs On Coins
Some 2,500 years ago, when metallic money was just beginning its long life as a medium of exchange, the metal in the coin itself represented full value.
New Role For Old Distillery
When David Rittenhouse was appointed by George Washington to be the first director of the United States Mint on April 14, 1792, it was considered an honor, a responsibility and a challenge.
What To Look For In Your Change
"What coins are you looking for? What are the good dates? I'll be glad to look over my change every day. Just tell me what you want and I'll save them for you."
Unusual Coins Of The U.S.
Long before the days of the sales tax, that well-worked source of revenue in so many states, there were some unusual American coin denominations that would have come in quite handy in paying exact sales tax percentages.
Commemorative Coins
As the name indicates, Commemorative coins were issued by the United States Mint by specific order of Congress at various times to celebrate some special occasion or event of importance.
Collecting And Investing In Coins
In the world of numismatics today, there are three main classes: the coin collector, the investor and the speculator.
Sonoma-Mendocino - Notable Wineries By District And Region
It seems only suitable to begin the presentation of the wineries of California with Buena Vista, once the home of Haraszthy, the "father of modern California viticulture."
Napa-Solano - Notable Wineries By District And Region
This famous district is formed by the two counties bearing those names. Napa yields some of the finest of all California wines, especially table wines, while Solano, adjoining its exalted neighbor to the east, produces table wines of greater-than-average merit.
Livermore-Contra - Notable Wineries By District And Region
This district, as famous in its own way as that of Napa-Solano, consists of a number of separate wine-producing areas located in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
San Francisco - Notable Wineries By District And Region
A number of wineries are located in San Francisco and the city is therefore treated as a separate district.
Santa Clara-Santa Cruz - Notable Wineries By District And Region
The neighboring counties of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, with the Santa Cruz Mountains forming the border between the two, are usually grouped together as one winegrowing district.
Lodi-Sacramento - Notable Wineries By District And Region
The region takes in the territory of both the Sacramento and the San Joaquin river valleys. It is the home of the great California dessert or sweet wine production, for which the climate and soil are especially well suited.
Escalon-Modesto - Notable Wineries By District And Region
This district covers the winegrowing areas and wineries of the southern part of San Joaquin County, from Stockton south and southeast to Manteca and Escalon; it takes in Stanislaus County from Salida on down to Modesto and also includes the Livingston area in northern Merced County.
Fresno-San Joaquin Valley - Notable Wineries By District And Region
This great district coincides with the lower San Joaquin Valley. It is famous especially for yielding wines of the sweeter dessert types, some of which have achieved great excellence. Table wines and bulk-fermented sparkling wines are also produced.
Los Angeles - Notable Wineries By District And Region
THIS,THE THIRD Of the great wine-producing regions of California, covers the southern part of the state, from Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties down south to the Mexican border.
Other California Wineries - Notable Wineries By District And Region
This Guide has not aimed at being an encyclopedia or a directory of California wineries. Nor has it ambitioned to appraise every winery discussed and every wine produced.
California Brandy
The spirit Called and labeled "California Brandy" is always pure grape brandy, distilled from wine. Brandies distilled from fruit other than grapes are required by law to be labeled with the designation of the particular fruit from which they are derived, such as "Apple Brandy."
Table Wines - California Wines
In this guide the table wines of California are classified according to color, red, white, or rose, and according to whether they are generic or varietal.
White Table Wines - California Wines
The three most important groups are formed by the wines of the sauterne, white burgundy, and rhine wine types. Three lesser groups are constituted by the minor white table wines, by those of the white muscat types and by the white specialty wines.
Rose Table Wines - California Wines
California Rose or pink table wines are, in general, light, fruity, tart, crisp, and bright reddish pink in color. They have known a great surge of popularity in recent years.
Sparkling Wines - California Wines
The highest-quality California sparkling wines are produced according to the French champagne method, whereby the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottles in which the wines are sold.
Aperitif And Dessert Wines - California Wines
The wines of this group constitute about three fourths of California's wine production. They are sometimes called "Sweet" wines and although most of them have a high sugar content, there are dry types among them as well and all the variations in between.
Fruit Wines - California Wines
Fruit wines are produced by fermentation from fruit other than grapes. Most fruit wines average about 12 per cent alcohol by volume, but a few types are also marketed at 20 per cent alcohol, the latter being produced by the addition of fruit brandy or spirits from the same kind of fruit from which the wine was made.
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