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Chippendale To Franklin
There is a magic name in the world of furniture-so magic that even the furniture just made in the style for which he was famous is worth a fortune. His name is Thomas Chippendale.
Diamonds All Around You
A Farmer's children kept finding pretty pebbles in the yard - pebbles which they thought were pretty playthings. Their mother gave one of them to a neighbor, who sold the pebble for several pounds-and the word was out.
Fire Marks From The Days Of Yesteryear
Have you ever looked at the side of an old building-and seen a plate or plaque nailed securely to the wall?
Women's Follies Through The Ages
Each year more and more treasure seekers scour long stretches of our beaches trying to locate the gray smelly substance that is ambergris.
Eat, Drink, And Be Merry: Silver, China, Spoons
Craftsmen of all the ages have catered to man's necessities, and because of this the treasure hunter can search his attics, his cellars, and the second-hand stores for treasures unimaginable.
Rare Stamps
If there is a businessman who doubts the advisability of collecting stamps, it might be well to quote him a price brought in the recent auction of one of the great stamp collections.
Topaz, Amber, Pearls, Gold, Emeralds And Jade
A Texas rancher found a blue topaz weighing approximately seven hundred caratsl This was many years ago at a spot near Mason, Texas.
All Kinds Of Buried Treasure
Buried treasure, usually associated with treasure hunts, is everywhere. And not just pirate treasure.
Sunken Treasure
The amount of treasure that has been lost under the sea has been estimated at many millions of dollars. If you have dreams of sunken galleons and ships loaded with gold, then watch for old maps, old charts.
Are you an Arian? Then know that yours is the privilege of beginning many new undertakings, including the task of understanding yourself, and of accomplishing this latter problem easily and quickly.
Cancer is Nature's most sacred sign, inasmuch as it is closely associated with motherhood and with the home. The fourth sign of the Zodiac is astrologically akin to the very foundation of life, which supreme value, reflecting upon Cancerians, makes them the very salt of the Earth, the basis of life, instinct with intense love of home and family.
The third sign, ruled by Mercury, presents us with as cheerful a zodiacal type as exists among the twelve. Gemini persons are always admired and liked, for they are quick, witty, and interesting.
Leo, the sign ruling the heart and emotional nature of mankind, sounds the keynote of love and affection. Fifth-sign people are impulsive and effusive.
Believe it or not, Taurians have quite a "bump of conceit," phrenologically speaking. If we examined the Taurian head, we would find that, although it is well-rounded, it shows that prominence indicative of self-esteem.
The keynote of the sixth sign is sincerity. Virgos are the most upright and honest of people, straightforward and genuine.
Librans are peaceloving types whose ideal is to express inner beauty through their life-activities and to discover the beautiful in all phases of life. Librans are unhappy when surrounded by ugliness, unless they can spiritually rise above it.
High in the natural horoscope of life lies the wonderful ninth zodiacal sign of Sagittarius. Lifted through exalted position into close proximity to the midheaven of the natural chart, the sign of the Celestial Archer is the realm to which astrologers refer as that of the Higher Mind.
This sign, the most mysterious and difficult to understand of the twelve, presents a challenge to astrologers, who delight in discussing Scorpio.
People of Aquarius are different. They are individualistic, positive, creative, often advanced beyond their time. Their ruling planet and lucky star, Uranus, is outstanding in our solar affairs for his original way of conducting himself in our system of planets.
When we enter the sign of Capricorn, we touch a quality that is indicative of strength, both spiritual and physical.
When we strike the chord of the sign of Pisces, we join the company of a class of people who represent the zodiac's grand finale in the sequence of the twelve types.
Leonardo, Raphael, And Michelangelo
If Giotto by his excellence and manifold achievements merits the name of genius, what title can we give to Leonardo da Vinci? In him are united all the intellectual and cultural attainments of the Florentines.
Renaissance In Venice
We have devoted so much attention to the painting of Florence because the roots of all painting to greater or lesser degree may be traced to that illustrious city.
The French Tradition
Since it was France that drew the eyes of the world to its painters in the last century, let us see where the origins of its national art lay. After the decline of Venetian art Rome had become the center of Italian painting, not because there flourished in the capital city great masters to whom anxious students made their pilgrimage, but because it was rich in collections of masterpieces.
El Greco And Rubens
If Titian is the truest representative of Venetian ideals in painting, he is also the arch-enemy, not of Modernists, who stand in awe of his achievements, but of Modernism, which finds his principles a reflection of a stupid, materialistic society living on life's surface.
The Impressionists
At the time the illustrious Manet was shocking and defying the critics and the bourgeois with his daring pictures, Europe was thrilling to the discoveries of science. France, as the newspapers might have expressed it, was becoming "science conscious."
The Fauves And Cubists
The paths hewn by the Post-Impressionists through the jungle of pretty-colored art were broadened by their zestful pupils and successors. About 1905 a group of these young followers, thrown together mainly by their studies in the atelier of Gustave Moreau and by their cafe meetings, thrashed out the new ideas and set themselves the tasks of carrying them to their ultimate destination.
The Post-Impressionists
The post-impressionists were not organized. They met casually in cafes and there exchanged theories. They were divided into little cliques, each with its champion, and each planning to overthrow Impressionism in its own different way.
The Renaissance In Florence
While Fra Angelico, living in monastic confinement alone with his dreams, painted the Christian soul, the urge for a more physically wholesome and active existence was already being reflected in the pictures of other artists.
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