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Chinese Rugs
Chinese Rugs are entirely different from those of other countries. Their color effects and designs are different from other Orientals.
Oriental Rug Design
The origin of designs is still quite a mystery. I do not believe anyone knows with certainty the meaning of most of the designs found in Oriental rugs and I include the weavers.
Oriental Rug Materials
Sheep's wool is the principal material of all Oriental Rugs. The nap in over 95% of all Oriental rugs is of sheep's wool. The other 5% (perhaps less than 5%) is camel's wool, silk and goat's wool.
Oriental Rug Dyes
The three types of dyes that have been used are the vegetable dyes or colors, aniline colors and the so called chrome colors ( synthetic or the alizorin dyes). Vegetable dyes were used exclusively until the latter part of the 19th century.
Semi-Antique Rugs
Many beginners are astonished when I tell them that most new Oriental rugs have very bright, raw colors and that soft colors can be had only in a rug that has been used in the Oriental's home or in a rug that has been artificially softened with chemicals.
The Lost Art Works Of Faberge
Even an Easter egg can be worth a fortune-if it was designed by Faberge, Court jeweler to the Czar of Russia.
Barometers, Globes, Figureheads
People who normally lead a humdrum existence seem to go wild when confronted with any memento of the days when men went down to the sea in ships and sailed to lands that were still wild and unknown.
The Story Of The Holy Grail
It is the year 1910, near the world-famous city of Antioch in Syria. Workmen labor at the digging of a well, and, as the work proceeds, the piles of dirt taken out of the ground grow higher and higher.
Carriages, Coaches, And Cars
Pedestrians watched breathlessly as the strange-looking vehicle came hurtling down the road like a juggernaut of fantastic speed.
Treasures from the Time of Abraham Lincoln
There is a missing letter which is worth $100,000 if you can find it.
Autographs And Historical Letters
A crippled artist found an old piece of paper-and sold it for $51,000. Not because it was just any piece of paper, but because scrawled across it was the most famous signature in the world, the signature of Button Gwinnett.
Royal Baubles - Fabulous Precious Stones
In the seventeenth century, the official buyer of gems for the King of France traveled to the court of Aurangzeb in India, where he saw three of the greatest diamonds the world has ever known.
Paperweights And Buttons
The seller listed it as a "yellow overlay weight." The place of the sale was London. The price the buyer paid far this "weight" was over seven thousand dollars.
Musical Instruments And Lost Scores
Every treasure hunter in the world knows the story of the "Strads," the missing Stradivarius violins which mean a fortune to anyone who can find one.
The Loot Of Many Wars
Sometimes when the chaos of war is over, loot, fabulous in value, fantastic in historic worth, is scattered all over the globe.
The Works of Cellini and Michelangelo
When, several years ago, a salt cellar made by Benvenuto Cellini was shown on an American television program, it was regarded as so valuable that even while it was in front of the cameras, in the direct view of millions of people, it was still guarded with armed men on either side of it.
Paintings By The Masters
The room is hushed and quiet. There is only the heavy breathing of the men who are bending over an object which takes all their attention.
Guns, Glasses, Knives And Armor
When a man becomes a collector of the old and the rare, he usually becomes more of a fanatic about it than any woman with her antique furniture or her antique glass.
The Smallest And The Largest Art Treasures
The lost art treasures of the world take many forms: huge giants of the sculptor's world, fine and delicate glass of the Venetian period, fine woods of antique furniture, magnificent tapestries.
A Lost Painting By Frederic Remington
There is a lost painting depicting a cavalry charge, about which there is so much mystery that it is a wonder that it can even be written about as a missing treasure. Yet we have a photograph of it.
Religious Treasures
When the tomb of the great King Charlemagne was opened in the twelfth century, he was found sitting upright, completely attired in his imperial regalia like a ghost sovereign holding sway over an empire of dust and decay.
Old, Rare Newspapers
No newspaper was allowed to operate without a license-or to say much of anything against the public officials. Yet early one morning their appeared on the streets of the city the first edition of a newspaper which dared, in spite of all opposition, to speak the truth!
Childhood Treasures
In the search for lost treasures of all kinds, not even such a mundane item as the "potty chair" should be overlooked. Potty chairs of the early 1700's actually belong in the museums-and not in your attic or basement.
Nickels, Half-Dollars And Dollars
Every day you see at least one buffalo nickel-and use it to buy a nickel's worth of gum or pencils or candy.
Tapestries, Screens, Mirrors and Rugs
In the Year 1728 in the cathedral of Bayeux a treasure find was made which will be remembered for all time by the lovers of fine and beautiful things.
Rare And Valuable Books
Collectors and buyers of rare books often become so avid in their desire for books that there is even a special name for their "hobby": bibliomania, a name taken from the Greek, meaning book-madness.
Works Of Durer, Schongauer, Mantegna, Sartain, And Others
The convent library contained many books and manuscripts of all sizes and shapes, and anyone who looked through the large collection could halfway expect to find a rare book or lost manuscript-but this time they found neither a rare book nor an expensive manuscript but rather something which had been pasted to the inside of one of the manuscripts.
Carvings, Cigar-Store Indians, Hitching posts, Barbers' Poles
When today's advertising man has a new idea, his confreres eye him skeptically and say, "All right, let's roll it up in a ball of wax and toss it around a little:' When yesterday's store owner, who was also his own advertising man, had a new idea, his words on the subject were perhaps not as colorful but he would think it over a little and then hire a carver to make a figure that would be representative of his business.
Glass: Venetian to Stiegel
The world's most valuable example of the glass blower's art is the Portland Vase-a vase which the British Museum refused to sell even when offered fifty thousand dollars for it.
From Clocks To Stoves
Not too long ago an old-fashioned so-called grandfather's clock, made in the latter part of the eighteenth century, was valued at over one thousand dollars.
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