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Early German Pottery
The early pottery of Germany and Central Europe dates from the Stone Age down to the Roman invasion, when the types change and the evidences of more perfect mechanical appliances become apparent.
Dating Antique Glass
Glass of a late vintage is often thought to be much earlier than it really is. It is not uncommon to hear someone say a certain piece is well over a hundred years old, because it belonged to their grandmother.
About The Feather Pattern
Mrs. Clarence 0. Andrews, of Michigan, has very thoughtfully sent us a letter which contains much of the information concerning the Feather pattern which she has gained during ten years of collecting the ware.
Decorative Pottery Of Cincinnati
>In regard to the "Indianaite," he says: "I saw no porcelain clays at the Centennial from other portions of the world which were equal to it in color or purity. This fact must speak for the future success of porcelain manufacture in the West... European potters were much astonished at the excellence of American wares.
Regarding United States Gold Coins
The first issues were the eagle and half eagle of 1795. At that time fineness was 916 2/3 and weight 270 grains per eagle.
Some Interesting Cents
1908S - This cent has become very popular of late. It is comparatively scarce. Auction dealers now -ask $2.50 to $5 according to condition. One dealer asked $3.50 for one, fine condition.
Notable Wineries By District And Region
The first, as worked out by the viticultural scientists of the University of California, is of primary interest to the growers. The method is based on the adaptability of the different grape varieties to the climatic conditions of the various wine-growing localities of the state.
Chase Stokinet Dolls - Antique Dolls
One of the nice things about doll collectors is their enthusiasm and their spirit of fellowship and cooperation.
Emerald And Ruby - Antique Jewelry
At gift giving time the lover, to show his devotion to the lady of his choice will often choose a jewel for her delight. It is probable he will wish to present her with a ruby while she secretly may prefer an emerald. Either one is listed among the so designated "four precious stones."
Tankards - Antique Silver
It was said in the early days of America that the great social vice was that of tippling, and we might claim that this vice has not abated in our own day.
Antique Oriental Rugs
It is age which produces that exquisite softness, mellowness and purity of tone which gives to the antique its immeasurable superiority over the modern from the point of view of artistic beauty.
Antique English Furniture Styles
Oak was in use for furniture during the reigns of the Tudors, and for most of the seventeenth century as well.
Antique Embroidery
Although the art of embroidery was practised very many centuries ago, the collector is unlikely to be able to acquire much that was made prior to about 1650.
Antique Lace
Lace was once studied eagerly and extensively, but today only comparatively few collectors take notice of it.
Antique Tapestry
Tapestry was used as a wall covering and, unlike needlework, was woven on a loom.
English Furniture Wood
About fifty years ago, when the subject of English furniture first began to be studied and to be written about, it was divided conveniently into four distinct types.
Jade And Other Stones
Stones from comparatively hard jade to the aptly named soapstone have always presented a challenge to the craftsman.
Clocks, Watches, Musical Boxes
In the first instance clocks were made to be placed prominently in outdoor positions to tell the time to the people at large.
Dictionary Of English Furniture And Accessories
The barometer was invented and came into use during the seventeenth century and until the introduction of the modern 'Aneroid' type it consisted of a tube of mercury standing in a cup of the same metal.
Antique European Furniture
Furniture made on the mainland of Europe varied from country to country, but both craftsmen and ideas were interchanged from time to time.
American Furniture
Very little American furniture is to be seen outside the United States, and the majority of English and Continental museums, large and small, show none whatsoever.
Telling Old From New Furniture
The general look of a piece of furniture tells the expert whether it is old or not, but this is a matter of experience.
Chanel Jewelry
GABRIELLE "COCO" CHANEL'S personal wardrobe and a casket of her costume jewelry were recently sold in the sedate sale rooms of Christie's in King Street, St. James, London, preceded by a champagne reception and glittering fashion show in front of a distinguished audience numbering 1,500 people from many parts of the world.
Astrology For Everyday
Are you an Arian? Then know that yours is the privilege of beginning many new undertakings, including the task of understanding yourself, and of accomplishing this latter problem easily and quickly.
Antique Collectors' Dictionary
Abbey, Richard: Liverpool potter, apprenticed to Sadler & Green; founded the Herculaneum (q.v.) factory c. 1793.
Oriental Pottery And Porcelain
Oriental pottery and procelain was made principally in China, Korea and Japan. The wares made in these countries, and in those bordering on the first two, resemble each other superficially, and both beginner and expert suffer confusion.
English Porcelain And Pottery - [Part 1]   [Part 2]  [Part 3]
English porcelain is, with the exception of Plymouth, all of soft-paste, and it is important for the collector to learn to recognize this feature. Like so many difficult things, it cannot be done at once; some are able to recognize it quickly and almost by intuition, but for most it is a matter of patience and experience.
Porcelain And Pottery - [Part 1]   [Part 2]  [Part 3]
Continental porcelain differs essentially from English in that it was in nearly every instance, either at first or eventually, hardpaste. Even those factories that began with pseudo-glass softpaste turned in the end to true hard porcelain.
Enamels are types of glass, clear or opaque, used for painting on porcelain and also for decorating metals.
Persian Rugs
When most people think of an Oriental Rug, they visualize only the Persian Rug and think of it as having only the Persian design. Persia is now called Iran. The people in Iran have always called themselves Iranians and not Persians, but it is only recent years that we say Iran and not Persia.
Turkish Rugs
Rug weaving in Turkey has already become a lost art. This country, which has produced millions of hand woven rugs in many of the towns which we know from our Bible, has done little weaving since 1935.
Etiquette For Anniversary And Other Occasions
Among the festivities which society provides for its enjoyment, that of the anniversary wedding has of late years come greatly into vogue.
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