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The Beauty Of Old Silver
Why is old silver beautiful? First of all, it was handmade and has individuality. Second, it has a patina that old metals and woods acquire with years of hand rubbing and exposure to light and air.
Silver Marks And Makers
The marks of early American silversmiths are interesting but it takes study to know them. Many silversmiths used marks that look alike to the untrained eye, but each had some little characteristic that differentiates it the shape of the letters or of one letter, a dot, or the type of enclosure around name or initials.
Plated And Sterling Silver
In the eighteenth century in England a process was developed at Sheffield for plating silver by fusing copper and pure silver at great heat.
The Silver Of Paul Revere
Why is the name of Paul Revere so popular when equally skilled silversmiths are only known to museums and collectors?
Silver Of The Colonies
The history of American silver parallels in a most interesting way the social development of the country.
Antique Silver Spoons, Knives And Forks
It was the custom to give a child a fine christening spoon, and this was usually marked with the name and date of birth. Such spoons are important for the definite records they provide.
Antique Silver Tankards
Silver tankards were made in this country from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. The earliest type had a broad flat base, straight tapering sides, and a flat lid with a thumbpiece to raise it.
Antique Silver Teapots And Tea Sets
By the beginning of the eighteenth century silver articles were-in more general use. There was more money to spend and more silversmiths to work, and also new needs for household pieces.
Old Silver For Modern Collectors
Every year more and more pieces are being lent or given to museums and occasionally a fine private collection is sold at auction. There is still a considerable amount of good silver that may eventually come on the market and from this, new collections will be started.
Private Silver Collectors And Family Pieces
Having read about silver, seen it in museums and perhaps in a few private collections, the average person invariably asks, "How can I hope to collect any antique silver today?"
Rebirth Of Silver Design
Design started on its downward path in the nineteenth century soon after the machine became important and design grew steadily worse throughout the century.
Reproductions In Silver
Today most silver is made by machine but much of it copies the good designs of the past. There are even a few craftsmen who fashion it by hand, but labor costs are so high that then the final price is too great for general distribution.
Silver Sold By Dealers And Auction Galleries
If a dealer has been in business for many years and if he has the confidence of well-known collectors and museums, you can trust him.
Books To Read On Silver
Books about old silver have been written in this country since the 1880s. True, more were written about English than American silver, but those early books which may be seen today in libraries were the pioneer texts.
Museums To Visit To Find Great Silver
Today's museum is no longer a stuffy institution but a place where exhibits are well arranged and well lighted and where trained staffs gladly help the public to understand the exhibits and to solve problems of personal interest.
Antique Silver Terms
Bright-Cut. A type of engraving on metal in which the design is lightly cut so as to produce a reflecting surface. This popular decoration was used by silversmiths in the late eighteenth century, especially on spoons.
Vines And Wines - California Wines
California wines are produced from vines, imported from Europe or from neighboring regions, and belonging to the famed Vitis vinifera species of grapes, from which all Old World wines have been made since civilization began.
The Dunlaps Of New Hampshire - Cabinet Makers
Not so long ago, as time goes, collectors of American furniture became aware of the fact that several pieces of unusual and highly decorative furniture had been discovered in New Hampshire.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 6
"I didn' miss it till I stopped dancin' an' started fer home," said Miss Linnet Spry, at an early hour today when her mother met her at the edge o' town with another skirt.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 7
Again, as has been said, Marjorie's role changed. The moral paragon of nineteenth century tradition had gone clown the chutes of time.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 7
The vested interests, however, the Professor remarks, are very much more to be reckoned with than the school of thought represented by Dr. Ellis's fanciful picture seems to suppose.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 7
Fashions represent a state of mind. At any rate, that is as good a way of putting it as any. Marjorie had jumped up to a great "freedom." "Damn conventions!" But when the conventions had all been broken, what was the big idea in continuing to flout them?
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 8
As Dickens somewhere recounts with infinite zest, we have all had the mortifying experience in a dream of making a public appearance clad with woeful inadequacy in our nightdress.
A Collection Of Ivory Carvings
This collection was acquired. by a man who spent 25 delightful and interesting years in China. As there is no more charming introduction to the soul of China than her art, it is quite natural to want to collect the objects into which are woven the perfection of beauty, much that is frankly humorous, whimsical, and profound.
Small Bronze Sculptures For Decoration
Small bronzes preserve something of the power and strength of life-size works and yet by their size are suited to the decoration of a home.
Recent Work By Diego Rivera
If a writer on modern art were asked to name the ten outstanding modern artists of the present time it is practically certain that whoever the other nine might be, one of them would be the Mexican painter, Diego Rivera.
Lovely, Cherishable Lustre Ware
Lustre ware is so desirable that you find little of it in the shops nowadays. Pieces of this delightful old English pottery do come on the market, of course, but they are gone in a few days.
The Charm Of Georgian Silver Candlesticks
The glow of candlelight is never more effectively enhanced than by the sheen of silver columns, embossed, chased, engraved with all the variety of ornament that the skillful hands of the eighteenth century silversmith could give them.
Portraits Of Children
Some pictures walk into our hearts before we know we have opened the door to let them in. Whenever that happens the picture usually has come to stay. It has caught our affections.
Commemorative Coins And Medals
The last of our series of Commemorative half dollars, namely the Booker T. Washington's and Washington Carver's were so unsuccessful, due to the large quantities coined, and the number of years the series lasted, that the government took a firm step to terminate the series.
Kate Greenaway's Dolls
Much has been written about Kate Greenaway, her lovely creations, and the bonnet dolls of the late 19th century, evidently inspired by her delightful bonnet "children."
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