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Encyclopedia Of Metals
ANDIRONS: Also called FIREDOGS (q.v.). Until late in the 17th century all fireplace fittings, including andirons, were made of iron. Prior to the beginning of the 15th century when cast iron was first introduced, fire dogs were made of wrought iron.
Encyclopedia Of Textiles
ALPACA: A warm fine woolen cloth, made from the hair of the alpaca goat. The fiber is small but strong, elastic, lustrous and silky. The alpaca goat is common to Chile and Peru.
Encyclopedia Of Glass
AGATA GLASS: Made at Cambridge, Massachusetts, resembling peachblow, with a spattered mottling on a glossy finish.
Encyclopedia Of Pottery & Porcelain
ABORIGINAL POTTERY: There were, roughly, three groups of pre-Columbian pottery produced in this country; that of the Atlantic Slope, Indian, that of the Mississippi Valley, the Mound Builders, and that of the house building tribes of the far West.
Encyclopedia Of Biographies
ABBEY, RICHARD (1720-1801): Liverpool potter, who, while working for Sadler and Green, designed the various "Arms" jugs which became famous.
Collecting Antique Glass
The origin of glass is lost in antiquity. Pliny, indeed, ascribes its discovery to certain Phoenician mariners who, being shipwrecked upon a sandy shore, used a block of the natron which formed their cargo to support a pot which they were putting over an improvised fire.
Magic Tricks - Checker Tricks
Checkers are common objects that are suited to many impromptu tricks; yet somehow they have been neglected in the past. There are, however, quite a few good checker tricks in existence, and some of them are explained in this chapter.
Magic Tricks - Coin Tricks
This is a very clever little coin trick. A handkerchief is shown absolutely empty. It is rolled into a ball and given to a person to hold. A dime immediately appears in the center of the handkerchief.
Magic Tricks - Conjuring With Cigarettes
Cigarette tricks have come into great popularity recently, and the magician who uses them will find that they are very effective.
Magic Tricks - Cork Tricks
This is a clever little trick that is quite perplexing. The object is to drop a large cork so that it will stand upright. Different people try it, but whenever the cork strikes on end, it bounces at an angle and falls over.
Magic Tricks - Hand Tricks
The magician exhibits a small cardboard box. He removes the lid, and shows a finger inside, the finger being packed in cotton.
Magic Tricks - Handkerchief Tricks
Handkerchief tricks may be performed with silk handkerchiefs or linen handkerchiefs. Where knots are required, silk handkerchiefs should generally be used, as they, slide more easily than those of thicker cloth.
Magic Tricks - Match Tricks
A match is lighted, and another match is placed head to head with it. The instant the second match is ignited, the magician blows out both matches.
Magic Tricks - Misc. Tricks
Three beads are threaded on a wire ring, the ends of which are twisted so firmly that it would be impossible to remove the beads very quickly.
Magic Tricks - Number Tricks
This chapter is a short one, dealing with some interesting experiments in numbers. All that is needed is a pencil and paper. The figures will do the rest.
Magic Tricks - Optical Tricks
Optical illusions are always entertaining. Many of them are actually tricks, while others are certainly deceiving.
Magic Tricks - Paper Tricks
The "Floating Paper Ball" is a very pretty little experiment, when performed under proper conditions.
Magic Tricks - Spirit Tricks
Under the classification of "Spirit Tricks" come those tricks which closely resemble socalled psychic phenomena.
Magic Tricks - Table Tricks
There are certain tricks which are especially suited to performance at the dinner table; partly because the objects used are always there; and partly because the tricks can best be presented before a seated group.
Magic Tricks - Thimble Tricks
The magician demonstrates that a thimble will float-like a little boat-when he places it in a dish of water. A little push, however, and the thimble fills with water and sinks.
Magic Tricks - Tumbler Tricks
There are many interesting tricks in which drinking glasses are used, and some of them have been chosen for this chapter.
Silver In The New Nation
After the Revolution the new country was on its own politically and also artistically to a far greater degree than before. During the war there was no trade with England and the Colonists were unaware of new trends across the ocean.
Silver And The "Golden Age" Of The Colonies
But prosperity in the Colonies brought with it a desire for better homes and then for better appointments. The people began to live well and in somber New England the wealthy eighteenthcentury folk were chided by the clergy for their luxurious tastes.
Antique Silver Gift Boxes
Most of the little boxes that you see in collections of silver were designed for gifts rather than for actual use, like certain objects sold today.
Antique Silver Porringers
Very likely you know someone who has inherited a porringer, or perhaps you own one yourself. They were such personal pieces of silver that they were usually handed down from one generation to another instead of being sold.
A Glossary Of Enamels
India's most precious enamels were produced at Jaipur, in the Rajputana section of North India, from the 15th century.
Toy Trains And Tracks
Life is funny-you know that! Robert Burns really told the truth when he said, "The best laid schemes o' mice an, men..." My, how we do plan and how we scheme to do this or do that.
Jewelry Briefs
In Homer the wooers tried to gain favor of Penelope with golden breast-pins, agraffes, ear-rings, and chains. Hephaistos is mentioned as the artificer of beautiful rings and hair-pins.
Sea Shells For Decoration
The Japanese, perhaps the most beauty-sensitive of all peoples, customarily set aside in a room, a corner or clear space, to display some work of art or object of natural beauty.
Ireland Coat Of Arms
IRELAND! Appropriate for March? Some of you will say "Yes," and some will say "No," and you will all be right.
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