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Antique Jars And Jugs
Did you ever stop to think of the amount of historical interest surrounding a stoneware jug or an earthen jar? Once upon a time-when I was a little girl.-my mother owned a gray jug which she admired for its graceful, curving lines.
Why Wedgwood?
The first is because the lovely pieces were imported to America and are now highly valued by the discriminating collector who admires all beauty in art; the second reason is that the story of Josiah Wedgwood of Etruria, the greatest of English potters, is that of a man who, by the force of his personality and his vivid interest in his chosen craft, overcame weakness and physical handicaps, and produced the pottery that in material, color, and design, as well as craftsmanship is the pride of his native country. His story is well worth being told over and over again.
Stories Of Old Chests
Under the eaves, up in my grandmother's attic, were three old chests. They were wedged in between a barrel of butternuts, the hooded cradle in which were rocked the children of the family, and another barrel, crammed with the musty leaves of illustrated journals.
Concerning Old Clocks
Of all the outfittings in the home there is surely none more dear to the household than the family clock. The modern time-piece has ticked its way down from those far-away days when the only method of telling time was by the sun, or, at a later date, by means of the hourglass and sundial.
An Alphabet Of American Antiques
It was difficult to select A! I might have chosen Adam Brothers, Robert and James, the great English designers, who really made no furniture, 'but who exerted a great influence upon the styles of furniture in England and America.
The presentation by Mr. Edward S. Harkness to Yale University of the four tapestries once owned by Elihu Yale is of particular interest to the American antiquarian.
Dolls Of The Past
In the year 1839 a little Massachusetts maid received on her birthday a note and a present from her mother.
New England Cooking
"You never ate sweet punkin and milk? I declare to goodness, if that don't beat all! We think it's a pretty tasty dish in our family."
The Passing Of The Country Store
The loafers, seated on the long benches before a New Hampshire country store, stopped their whittling and desultory gossip and indolently sat up.
Tails Of Trail And Turnpike
The history of America is interwoven with the development of her highways.
Preserving Antiquities
She raised her lorgnette to cold gray eyes and glanced about at the collection of pewter porringers, teapots, plates, quaint tin lanterns, Sandwich glass lamps, banjo clocks, pictures of early New England sailing-vessels, brass candle-sticks, samplers, Currier and Ives prints, the stenciled Hitchcock chairs, the fan-back Windsors, the prized butterfly table, the chest-on-chest-all the other objects, rich with the romance of the days when America was young.
The Splendor Of Russian Enamels
The French traveler, Theophile Gautier, visiting Russia in the nineteenth century made it a point to see Russia in the winter time.
American Furniture Styles
The study of American furniture and decoration is probably much more interesting and is certainly considerably more complex than the study of the furniture and decoration of any of the European nations.
Religious And Folkart In The Southwest
With the invasion of the Spanish Conquistadores at the end of the sixteenth century, the territory which now embraces the southwestern United States received its introduction to Christianity.
Wedgwood Pottery And The Eighteenth-Century World
"If there is any new fashion or invention of Mr. Wedgwood ... that is approv'd, Shod prefer it." So wrote Anne Hulton of Brookline, Massachusetts, to a merchant's wife in Liverpool, England, in 1772 with her order for a crate of Wedgwood's wares.
Wedgwood's First Fruits
Wedgwood regarded all his productions as fruits of long experiment and labor and called the first good examples of each body, technique, or decorative treatment "first fruits."
Wedgwood Pottery Productions
Perhaps tea and coffeepots, milk jugs, and punch pots provide the best record of the universality of Wedgwood's art, for they were made from the earliest days of his career to the latest and occur in all his materials and styles of decoration.
More Wedgwood Pottery Productions
Pieces of Wedgwood mounted in various ways for use and ornament are correctly termed "Applied Wedgwood."
Josiah Wedgwood - The Artist
Sir Joshua Reynolds might have been referring to Josiah Wedgwood when he said: "It is indisputably evident that a great part of any man's life must be employed in collecting materials for the exercise of genius. Invention, strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited on the memory.
Glossary Of Terms Related To Wedgwood
A ware resembling agate made either by wedging different colored clays together, the colors extending through the body, or by painting the surface of the piece with mixed colors, brown tones generally predominating.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 1
In 1876 one of the oldest department stores now going opened its doors for business. Also on that same brave date, in New York City the pioneer underwear house was established.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 2
"After all," Emerson once observed, "the greatest meliorator of the world is selfish, huckstering trade." Among the seven admirable books from the hand of Mr. Earnest Elmo Calkins, the accomplished dean of the American advertising business, is one entitled Business the Civilizer.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 3
Various forces were gathering to shape the underthings with which advertising was to deal and, again, to reshape Marjorie herself.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 4
The Professor takes a couple of turns back and forth. Outside of Feminism, the theatre, gymnasiums, and a decorous turn toward outdoor sports, he resumes, an early hint of the world of Modern Marjorie begins to be discernible in the later nineties.
Lingerie And The History Of Undergarments - Part 5
As early as 1898 merchants in London had advertised pajamas (or, as the Englishman writes it, pyjamas) as a new fashion. In an early form, the Professor remarks, the pajama had its inception, as we have noted, in the ancient East.
Encyclopedia Of Furniture Terms
ACACIA: A wood of dull yellow color with brown veins used in 18th-century English country furniture for inlay and banding as a substitute for tulipwood. It is stronger, harder and more elastic than oak and it ranks next to ash and oak for durability. It is the locust wood of America.
Magic Tricks - Card Tricks
The magician spreads a dozen cards in a . fan, and invites a person to center his attention upon one particular card. The cards have been chosen at random, and their backs are toward the magician.
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