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Small Egyptian Antiques For The Collector
"Where did the Egyptians come from, who were they, what was their race or tribe? . . . the answers of the learned and great are hesitating too, or at least they should be, some have been who think the origins Nubian, others Mesopotamian and others Indian."
Peachblow Art Glass
Peachblow, one of the most popular wares in the closing years of the Victorian era, originated at the New England Glass Company.
Dedham Pottery
Who would believe that the collapse of the Ming Dynasty in China in 1644 would have any connection with the making of pottery in the town of Dedham, Massachusetts, over two centuries later?
Shipcarvers Of North America
To those who love the sea, the period of the sailing ship, marked by fantastic journeys, exotic cargoes, and pure adventure, is the most romantic in American history, This book, which tells of the carvers who produced the figureheads which gave so much beauty and grace to sailing ships and presented each with an almost personal identity, adds greatly to the factual history of that age -- and to its romance, too.
Silver Caddy Ladles
Forerunner of the caddy spoon was the domed cover of the rectangular tea canister with which the fashionable hostess of Georgian England measured costly tea leaves into the teapot, while a servant stood ready with a silver kettle of boiling water to pour over them. When such tops were superseded by hinges and sliding lids, stemmed ladles were introduced to spoon the tea into the pot.
Backgrounds And Traditions
All thinking Americans who have had a number of preceding generations on American soil are now beginning to ask themselves a few pertinent questions. What was the daily life of our ancestors like? What did they think and why? What effect have their ways of living and their thoughts had upon us?
Hail, America! For Our Arts And Crafts
NATIONAL pride and civic consciousness were born in America during the War of the Revolution. Throughout the years which followed, ship-building flourished, manufacturing began, and commercial life was strengthened.
Antique Pewter
We stood in the dim farmhouse cellar, fragrant with the odor of Blue Pearmaines, Northern Spies, and hardy Baldwins, waiting in their barrels to be eaten with popcorn and molasses candy on crisp winter evenings or to be made into juicy, flaky pies. Can after can of huckleberries, raspberries, blackberries, pears, cherries, and plums, "raised on the place," filled the tiers of shelves.
Antique Glass
We were talking of characters in books who had impressed us most in our childhood, and right into the midst of the pictures of "Jo" and "David Copperfield," and "Hans Brinker" danced "Marietta, A Maid of Venice," bewitched into life by a dark eyed woman whose delicate perceptions and love of the beautiful are a joy to all of her friends.
Sandwich Glass
She sat on her bed in the room of a small hotel on one of the islands of Casco Bay. Her eyes were glowing, and she gloated-yes, fairly gloated-over the array of old glass bottles, pickle dishes, goblets, jam dishes, and salt cellars surrounding her!
Old American Pottery
"A fireplace occupied half of the south wall, and heavy brands flamed between its great andirons. Above them on a crane among hooks and links, an iron teakettle lazily gurgled; and over the fireplace earthen pans, candlesticks, and snuffers sat on a high Mantletree."
Legend Of Gems
To declare that there are strange, inexplicable powers in gem stones strikes the average person of today as absurd. To him a stone is an inanimate thing. Notwithstanding, since the beginning of time, the notion has persisted that gems do exert a positive influence on their possessors.
Diamonds And Zirconia
The average modern, who scorns all things not tangible and concrete, almost always thinks first of diamonds when he is looking at gems with a view to purchasing. In a sense this is well, for the diamond is generally believed to be an adaptable stone; it rarely brings ill will to its wearer, and often does not bring much good, unless one's temperament happens to be attuned to the stone.
Color In Gems
Undoubtedly color has always played a large part in the growth of legends about precious stones. The sun, which transmitted light and heat and stored up power, was believed also to produce color in gems.
Birthstones And Astrological Birthstones
There are abundant signs that an intelligent use of gems-that is, genuine ones-is about to be revived; though it is a bit difficult to reconcile that statement with the present feminine hunger for "glass," or imitation stones.
Aquarius: Onyx And Crystal
The onyx was one of the earliest stones mentioned in the Bible and appears often in the writings of ancient times. It was believed to have the power to protect the wearer from harm and danger, and thus was used to adorn breastplates of warriors or was worn as an amulet in battle or in adventuring into strange places.
Pisces: Coral And Amber
Neither of the gems coming under the influence of the sign of Pisces is truly a mineral. Amber is of vegetable origin, and coral, though of mineral content, is produced by a minute sea animal.
Aries: Amethyst And Bloodstone
The amethyst has long attracted attention because of its delicate shades of lavender. It was one of the colorful stones chosen by the ancient Egyptians for its decorative effect in elaborate jeweled pectorals and breastplates.
Taurus: Emerald And Carnelian
The emerald is the stone of intelligent activity and action, of service for the benefit of humanity. As far back as legend can be traced, it has been highly prized for its beneficent powers.
Gemini: Aquamarine And Hematite
The aquamarine takes its name, as described by Pliny, from the green of the sea, but it varies from the cool sea green to an intense deep green, almost that of the emerald.
Cancer: Pearl And Moonston
The pearl, like the coral, is the product of animal life, but it is nevertheless a gem. Through the ages it has been revered as one of the most beautiful of precious stones.
Leo: Ruby And Jade
In various periods of history the ruby has. been considered the stone of royalty. Among Oriental peoples it was held to guard its wearer from sorcery and the plots of enemies, and to be an antidote against grief, evil thoughts, and discord.
Virgo: Tourmaline And Beryl
Tourmaline, like amber, has pronounced electric manifestations, vibrations strong enough to be felt by very sensitive persons. When slightly heated, it has the property of showing both positive and negative reactions at opposite ends of the crystal.
Libra: Sapphire And Opal
The sapphire is one of the earliest mentioned stones in the writings left to us from ancient times. Because it was often found in stream beds or along shore lines, its clear blue shining bright against the sand, it attracted attention as easily as did the ruby or red garnet.
Scorpio: Agate And Malachite
The agate was from ancient times a favored stone for amulets, especial potency being attributed to the banding of colors and to the lucky chance that cutting might reveal an outline of an eye which was proof against the evil eye and other forms of sorcery and witchcraft.
Saggitarius: Lapis Lazuli And Topaz
Lapis lazuli has long been one of the most highly prized of gem stones. It is believed to have been the stone on which the Tables of the Law were carved. Though the Scriptural term blue stone was at first translated sapphire, it is now believed that lapis lazuli was meant.
Capricorn: Turquoise and Garnet
The word turquoise is derived from turkis, meaning turkeystone, as the earliest known turquoises reached Europe from Persia through the Turkish gem marts. Of deep celestial blue, the turquoise is still to be found mainly in Persia, though today the greenishblue stone mined in Arizona has come to be so well known that the term turquoise blue usually brings to mind the color of the Arizona stone instead of the Persian.
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