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Wedding And Betrothal Rings
Wedding and betrothal rings - the pledges of love - have always appealed to our imaginations, emotions and yearnings. Long ago, our ancestors accepted the ring as an emblem of eternity and a symbol indicative of steadfast devotion - an interpretation quite contrary to Samuel Johnson's brusque definition of "a circular instrument placed upon the noses of hogs and the fingers of women to restrain them and bring them into subjection."
Notes On Eighteenth Century New England Embroidery
In following the history of needlework it becomes apparent that, though frequently the finest examples of technique must be attributed to professional embroiderers, many of the more charming pieces were worked by women for their own use or pleasure.
Flashes From A French Album
Let us begin a pictorial tour of France by opening our album at a section of the republic that is now occupied by the German army. Let us land at Calais, one of the Cinque Ports which played a great part in English history during the Middle Ages. In this port lay the fleet of Dauphin Louis when the barons of Merrie England were putting pressure on King John, which resulted in his signing the Magna Carta.
Romance Of The Music Box
A lad could have a bit of innocent, though prankish fun at the expense of his lass in the late 18th Century, and so could the periwigged gentlemen to the delight of his elegant lady.
History's Influence On Italian Styles
Marco Polo's travels brought to Italy examples of Chinese and Byzantine highly advanced cultures, and id the foundations for the Renaissance.
The Nobile Sport Of Falconry At The Cloisters
A trip to the Cloisters in their exquisite secluded setting is always gratifying beyond words. The new exhibit there on the Noble Sport of Falconry which opened May 17th, is indeed an added incentive to lovers of things medieval for visiting this little haven. Falconry, or hawking, though still in practice in a slight degree, is one of the charming phases of life that have fled with the coming of the Machine Age.
Birthstones - Their Attributes And Ancient Virtues
In his development toward civilisation from barbarity, man has endowed few inanimate substances with the potentialities ascribed to gemstones. Because from ancient times the nativiy of a child was supposedly influenced by both planetary activity and certain precious or semi-precious stones deriving mystical virtues from the same cosmic source, great importance has always been attached to birthstones and their attributes.
Louvre And Metropolitan Exchange Famous Suits Of Armor
The Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum, of Art have exchanged two of the world's rarest suits of armor suits attributed by many scholars to a pair of history's most famous King Henrys--for exhibition through October 31.
Lincolniana Exhibit
Howard University Library, Washington, D. C., recently presented an exhibition of Lincolniana. from the private collection of Dr. John E. Washington, author of "They Knew Lincoln (1942)."
Military Collectibles - Shoulder Patches
During World War II, the collecting of military insignia, especially U. S. Army shoulder patches, was a popular hobby with many servicemen. At war's end, many such collections were brought home as souvenirs, some day to be removed from the attic and shown to Junior.
Paperweights - A Brief History Of The Art
Like Will Rogers, all I know is what I read. In this particular essay I am merely a "read actor." I simply say in my own words what I have found in the several books on the subject. They include: Old Glass Paperweights, by Evangeline H. Bergstrom; French Crystal Paperweights, (or, if you prefer, Les Presse-Papiers Francais De Crystal,) by R. Imbert and Y. Amic; Paperweights and Other Glass Curiosities, by E. M. Elville; and Antique French Paperweights, by Paul Jokelson.
Milan, Ohio, Shrine
A gown worn by Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes, during her stay in the White House is a special feature of the clothing display at the Milan, Ohio, Historical Museum which recently opened for its seventh season. The handsome gown of silk brocade lavishly decorated with pearls and ribbon is one of the delightful collections of yesteryear's wearing apparel to be found on the Museum's second floor.
Antique Prints - What Is A Print?
There is, in the mind of the average general collector, some confusion as to the meaning of the word print. Actually, a print is a design reproduced on suitable material, paper, fabric, even wood or metal in pigments transferred to it by pressure from. a pattern on a sheet or block of another material, wood, metal, even stone or linoleum, which is substantial enough to be used over and over. So fabrics like chintz or calico, wall paper, even some types of chinaware, are just as much prints as pictures reproduced by lithography or etching.
Hummel Dolls - A Story of "Hummelitis"
What could be the most complete collection of Hummels in the United States-possibly in the world-is the prized possession of a Northville, (Mich.) woman.
Antique Sports - Old Football Days And Toggery
The origin of football can be traced to England. Edward II in the year 1314 referred to "the great noise in the city caused by hustling over large balls."
Quill-work is the invention of the North American Indian. It has been his exclusive province in the field of decorative art.
Cards And Cigars
A fascinating sideline to any collection is the "association item." For the playing card collector there are a number of these interesting bypaths. They cover a myriad of objects, from advertising pieces and catalogs issued by card manufacturers, to china and jewelry decorated with playing card motifs.
Post Card Collecting In Japan
Having spent quite a bit of time in Japan since July 1947, I would like to make the following observations regarding post card collecting in Japan. First of all, I think it is safe to say that in post-war Japan, post card collecting does not exist as an organized hobby. The potential could well be here though, because the pen pal columns of the English daily papers carry requests for view card exchanges.
Old Metals: The Art Of Damascening
Steel with a watered or wavy lustrous pattern, as seen in swordblades and other weapons of Oriental origin, is known as damask steel or Damascus steel. This form of metal enrichment can be achieved by twisting and welding together strips of iron and steel.
The Flowered Satsumas
Today, with emphasis on the arts in our Capital City, private collectors and dealers of the entire world may take heart. There will undoubtedly be greater world-wide sharing of cultural heritages. Who knows but that in time, the whole world will literally lay aside its swords and concentrate on peace,- culture and the harmonious life. Are we already at the threshold of a renaissance?
Suggestions For Amateur Porcelain Collectors
Anyone interested in collecting porcelain should realize in the beginning that this has been the hobby of countless people of varying circumstances in many parts of the world for more than two centuries.
Bing & Grondahl
The products of Denmark are known the world over, more for quality than for quantity. Certainly this is true of her porcelain industry. Bing & Grondahl, established in 1853, has become famous for turning out some of the finest porcelain pieces in the world.
Red Wing Pottery
The pottery of Red Wing is one of the best known and most collected American made pottery today. Red Wing Pottery was established in 1878, and continued to produce pottery through 1967. It stayed in business for nearly a century, and closed its doors in 1967. Red Wing produced a wide variety of ceramic ware, as well as their well known, and much collected Art Pottery.
Hovsep Pushman
"Born in the Orient, loving Oriental legends, I try to convey my emotions on canvas with color, design and tone, elegance of form and grace of movement. I have been much fascinated by the legend of the awakening. The girl first awakens as she crosses the life between girlhood and womanhood.
Antique Chairs And Chair Making
In chairs it is possible for the student of American furniture-making to study the chronological development of furniture more easily than in any other article. Perhaps the table may be considered as the one exception to this statement.
What Is Money?
Francis A. Walker, a distinguished authority, defines money as that which passes freely from hand to hand throughout the community in final discharge of debts and full payment for commodities.
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