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The Gamblers and the Clan of the Mystic Confederacy
The towns waxing rich on the river trade were tolerant toward the hellholes like "Pinch Gut" in Memphis, the "Landing" in Vicksburg, the "Swamp" in New Orleans, and Natchez-under-the-Hill, which owed their existence to flatboatmen, keelers, and river travelers.
Antique Prints
A little imagination goes a long way in using a collection of antiques. Take the matter of a collection of antique prints. Of course, you can keep them in portfolios, leafing through them occasion (but what a waste of a collection)...
Liberty Heads
These Liberty Head coins continued in circulation for several decades, gradually diminishing in quantity as they wore out. At first when many of them were sharp, non collectors would not pay any attention to them, but say 20 or 30 years later, every last surviving Liberty Head found in circulation immediately was held out as a possible rare coin-no matter how badly worn.
Fitz-Gerald Rubaiyat Victorian Parlor Table Book
Every old bookcase contains a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Mine is bound in gold-tooled white kid. A teen-age boy friend gave it to me one Christmas.
Shall I Clean My Coins?
This age old question has been bothering collectors and dealers for a long time. Originally, the cleaning of coins was taboo, consequently those that first attempted cleaning, did their best to have the coins they cleaned look as much as possible as if they had not been cleaned.
Three-Card Monte
The grossest fraud that ever masqueraded as a gambling game was three-card monte, which took more fools for their cash than any other card game. George Devol and three other smart Ohio and Mississippi rovers, Canada Bill Jones, Tom Brown, and Holly Chappell, teamed up to play it for four years during the 1850s and, engineered enough money away from the chumps to be able to divide a million dollars by the end of their partnership.
The Reformed Gambler
The only storm of dislike that assailed gambling between the Vicksburg lynchings and the Civil War was comparatively mild. It resulted, just the same, in a widespread series of anti-gambling laws. The genesis of the reform wave was Jonathan F. Green, known all over the America of the mid-nineteenth century as "Green, the Reformed Gambler."
A Pair of Knaves
George Devol, one of the most accomplished gamblers who ever riffled a poker deck or trimmed the gulls at three-card monte, also wrote his memoirs.
The Natchez and the Robert E. Lee
In March 1817 one Captain Shreve commanded the steamer General Washington on a memorable trip from New Orleans to Louisville. A twenty-five-gun salute was fired at Louisville, one for each day of the journey.
What Will Become of This Nation?
The great families in their great houses in tidewater Virginia were bankrupt and in debt for more than a decade following the Revolution, though they still lived splen didly and their hospitality was unabated.
GOld Fever And Gambling
In 1848 the first wave of Argonauts, the gold seekers who flooded California, could heap piles of valuable gravel streaked with gold on their claims, and, without fear, leave fortunes of gold dust in their tents.
The Navajos Took Their Medicine
With the wars between the Indians and the whites ended, the Indians' council house, no longer needed for martial powwows and less often the scene of weighty conferences over the welfare of the tribe, was used for gambling.
Cow Towns and Men in Frock Coats
The farthermost stations of the railroads thrusting out across the country in the '60s and '70s developed into troublesome towns of great commercial consequence.
Sixes And Singles
The deterioration in moral conduct that followed the Civil War and the invention of the Colt .45 were in large measure responsible for the waves of immorality and violence that swept the border towns. Everybody went armed and all disputes were settled by six-shooters.
The Gambler, the Prostitute, and the Bully
Not every picturesque fellow gained the mythical status of a Wild Bill Hickok. In the San Francisco of the '70s the lurid John Peters began a minor tragedy that history has ignored.
The Women
No prospector expected to stay. They started out to dig, make their pile, and go back rich. So they left their wives and sweethearts at home. In the West there might be one woman to ten men, five to a hundred, or sometimes no women at all.
Madame Mustache
In 1873, in the high verdant dell of Surprise Canyon near the western summit of the Panamint Mountains, great deposits of silver were discovered. Miners, saloonkeepers, and the gambling gentry made the difficult climb, and the celebrated Madame Mustache left Carson City to join the stampede.
Collecting Spanish-American Coins
When one thinks of their close association with our Colonial days, the days of our Republic even as late as 1857, the romantic relationship with piracy, and the early colonizing days of Mexico and the West, one cannot help but appreciate Spanish-American coins.
Collecting Autographs - A Fascinating Hobby
Collecting autographs is one of the oldest hobbies. Much older for instance than collecting coins or stamps. Without autograph letters, much of the history of the world would not have been recorded.
South Padre Island - Look For Sea Shells
When you see the sign Padre Island (in the photograph on this page) you will be visiting a part of the Texas Coast until recently out of reach of most Americans.
Stars Of The Gaslight Era
Sam Stratton, publicity man of Hartford, Conn., was offered some lithographs of the gaslight era by a friend. Stratton was entranced with the beautiful colors and the history involved in the specimens, so he decided that he would pursue the subject still further.
The Hitchcock Chair
In 1818 Lambert Hitchcock settled in the little town of Barkhamsted in western Connecticut and established a cabinet and chair factory. Born in Cheshire, Connecticut, June 28, 1795, he was the son of John Lee Hitchcock, a Revolutionary soldier who could trace his ancestry back to Matthias Hitchcock who came to Boston from London in 1635.
Collecting Old Cameras
The hobby of collecting old camras has proved to be at once intersting, rewarding, and informative. mprovements have been carried hrough from the various parts of he first simple cameras to the accurate and highly complicated ones if the present day.
Collecting Snuff Bottles
When Mrs. Edward D. Sultan of Honolulu bought a strangely designed Oriental snuff bottle during a casual visit to a New York antique shop some years ago, she little realized that it would be the beginning of a hobby that would take her to Hong Kong's "Thieves Market" in search of new specimens for her collection.
History Of The Banjo
The five-string banjo, America's only native instrument, has slowly staged a comeback during the last few years, not only in college clubs, but also in many recent recordings.
Venetian Glass
THE vogue for Spanish and Italian furniture has brought into greater popularity beautiful Venetian glass.
Colored Glassware
ONE result of the increased use of color in household furnishings is the interest in glassware of delicate hues.
Italian Pottery
NOT long ago the Italian pottery seen in homes was limited to a few varieties picked up in cities by the tourist.
Spanish Pottery
THE spread of the Spanish style of interior decoration from California and Florida has not only induced new importation of chairs and tables from Spain, but it has also added to the American possessions of Spanish pottery in the forms and designs of Spain's greatest ceramic periods.
Antique English China
ANTIQUE Derby, Worcester or Spode ware, long appreciated mainly as heirlooms, is now being taken out of collectors' cabinets and is enjoying a renewed popularity on the luncheon, tea or breakfast tables of twentieth century households.
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