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Jewelry Fads And Fancies
Masculine fashions in jewelry remain comparatively static with rather simple designs in cuff links, rings, and tie clips foremost as favorites. But what of female fashion in jewelry?
Cezanne - A Modern Old Master
One of the most extensive showings of the art of Paul Cezanne closed on March 16, at the Chicago Art Institute. It is now on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.
Coing Colleting - Mumismatic Thoughts
The religious motto "In God We Trust" first appeared on the bronze 1864 two-cent piece (coined 1864-1873). The two-cent piece is one of the plainest, yet one of the most artistic coins we have, and when coinboarded makes a beautiful exnibit.
Antique Furniture: Something On Wood
A Botanical slant on period furniture, in terms of the wood employed in its construction, is not the usual approach; but since ordinary antiques, out of the museum and collector's bracket, are winning new friends on the virtue of their fine old wood, a cursory glance in this direction might be expedient.
Hooked Rugs
Rug hooking has taken the nation by storm. Every state in the union is interested, judging from our correspondence. The revival of this worthwhile craft began about fifteen years ago and interest has been increasing steadily. It is definitely not a fad.
Haviland's Faience And Porcelain
In the exhibit of the faience or glaze earthenware and porcelain of Limoges, made by HAVILAND & CO., are to be found the most striking productions of the present ceramic artists of France.
Cabinetmaking In America - 17th And 18th Century
When the Mayflower dropped anchor in Plymouth Harbor, December 21, 1620, twenty men went ashore to begin the construction of temporary shelters. Among these men was the first furniture maker in the New England colonies - John Alden.
Old Blue Staffordshire
To many, Staffordshire pottery means Old Blue Staffordshire decorated with scenes or buildings surrounded by a border olf shells, flowers or some other design. It should be remembered, however, that the greater amount of English porcelain and pottery was made in Staffordshire, England.
Mexico - South Of The Border
I had always thought that stories about Amazons were strictly fiction. Women who ruled their men by force were automatically classed with mermaids and all other mythical creatnzmes as far as I was concerned. But that was before I had spent a week in Tehuantepec!
In 1978, Miuccia Prada inherited the family business. This was a small luxury leather goods shop in Milan. The business was founded by Miuccia Prada's grandfather in 1913.
Early American Furniture
Early American furniture has come to generally mean the furniture used and made by the pioneers of our country rather than that used by the Pilgrims and early settlers who brought their furniture from Enig,Iand, France and Spain.
Exhibit Of 18th Century Furniture
A groub of handsome English 18th century furniture recently acquired for The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been put on special exhibition in the Great Hall.
Velasquez Portrait Acquired by De Young Museum
The M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco, announces one of the most important new acquisitions in its history, a portrait of Queen Mariana of Spain by Velasquez. The picture has just been purchased by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and has been added to the Museum's Kress Collection.
Copper And Its Cousins
In the 3rd century B.C. an earthquake crashed to earth the bronze Colossus of Rhodes. It lay a thousand years before the Saracens sold it to a junk dealer who needed 900 camels to carry away this broken sun god.
The Goldsmith's Magic Metal
Throughout the old world where rivers empty into seas, archaeologists have found prehistoric camp sites of supermen or metal smiths, cousins of the blacksmith gods of Northern Europe, kin of Tubal Cain, famous smith of the Bible.
Ornamental Iron And Blacksmith Gods
The day before the Irish battle of Moy Muckroo against the rebels and mercenaries from Great Britain and Gaul, King Art, walking near a woods, heard the blatant uproar of clashing metals.
Silver, The White Gold Of The Ancients
When Quintus Fabius Maximus in 121 B.C. forced Bituitas, conquered French king, to drive down the streets of Rome in his war chariot of silver wrought from the mines of Arverni, a great clamor arose, for the Romans adored silver.
Coins Record History, Religion, And Portraits
One high tide in the year 600 A.D. a ship entered an inlet in Suffolk, Britain. By sunset its men had laid their dead young sea king out for burial, his weapons and his gold and garnet trimmed leather purse with its 40 Merovingian gold coins, beside him.
Jewelry, An Art As Old As Man
She wore a ribbon of gold in her dark hair. On her head was a crown of gold with flowers that had nodded as she walked. Massive ear rings of gold glowed against her olive cheeks. Her throat was encircled with a dog collar of fitted gold and lapis lazuli triangles.
Jewel Beauty In Rare Enamels
Enameling was an ancient art when Phidias sculptured his Olympian Zeus in the 5th century B. C. He inlaid the screens about the mighty throne with blue and red and yellow fused glass enamel. He "embroidered" the solid gold skirt with enamel flowers, and set in rubies, emeralds and sapphires to enrich his great gold and ivory god.
Coin Collecting: Uncirculated Coins
Many collectors have been obtaining rolls of strictly uncirculated coins from all of the mints. Around 1950 this practice was so popular that many speculators and investors put hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of rolls away.
Baseball Cards And The Fifth Cycle
Baseball card collecting, which is but one small field in the growing hobby of card collecting, appears to be entering the last years of the Fifth Cycle of card inserts.
Collecting Baseball Scorecards
At the conclusion of the baseball games you saw in the last season's contest what did you do with the scorecard? I imagine it was cast aside.
Doll Collecting
The House of Girard in Paris bought out the Bru dolls after the Franco-German war of 1870. This might explain the letter G found on some of the dolls. In 1899 the House of Girard was absorbed by the Societe before mentioned.
Santa Claus And The Post Card
How, Santa Claus makes his rounds on Christmas eve is just one of the things that make a Santa Post Card Collection interesting.
Victorian Furniture
VICTORIAN furniture is now rapidly becoming understood and evaluated for its decorative worth. The best of the furniture of that period is being separated from the examples mainly responsible for the ridicule attaching to so many things used during the reign of the great English Queen.
French Provincial Furniture
INTEREST in the more unsophisticated designs of furniture is not confined to the maple and pine furniture of Colonial farmhouses. Furnishings of the simple homes of other lands and times come in for their share of attention.
Venetian Furniture
WHETHER used to add new interest and color to a foyer, to furnish completely a bedchamber or to grace a breakfast room, furniture known as Venetian is achieving a wide recognition.
Louis XVI Furniture
A GREAT many authentic antique specimens of Louis XVI furniture have come over from France. Intelligently combined with other French styles or with eighteenth century English or Italian examples, this furniture made during the reign of the last of the great Louises is becoming a more integral part of our interiors.
Directoire Furniture
OF the several types of French furniture that appeal to Americans, those of the Directoire period, including French provincial types, are receiving an especially appreciative welcome.
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