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History Of Porsche
Keep your eyes open on the city streets and highways and you will see an unorthodox, small bodied car darting through traffic with unassuming ease. Listen and you will hear a soft, deep-throated purr. The sight and sound combine to form the Porsche.
History Of Bentley Auto
Two tons of car! Big, rugged, solid, careening around a track, the screaming wail of the supercharger rising above the engine's roar - that was the famous "Blower Bentley."
Jaguar Autos
This is the story of the cat that ate the bird. It took a great deal longer than one might have expected, but when it was all over, the parties concerned were much the better for it.
Old Lamps And Candlesticks
THERE are very few collectors, I find, who make a specialty of old lamps and candlesticks. In fact, I know of only two or three.
Lowestoft The Porcelains Salt Glaze
BECAUSE of the unique place which Lowestoft held in the old days, it is of greater interest to the average American collector than almost any other ware except Wedgwood and Staffordshire; and that in spite of the low place that English connoisseurs, and even some American writers, have given it.
English And American Glassware
OLIVER GOLDSMITH said: "I love everything that's old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine."
Bohemian Glassware
THERE is perhaps hardly enough of interest to be written about Bohemian glassware to warrant writing on this subject, and yet it is so different from American and English glass in many respects that there seems to be no other logical method.
The Collecting Of Old Silverware
IT is impossible to maintain that any one form of collecting is better than any other-that it is more absorbing to the devotee, or seems less foolish to the scoffer.
The Pewter On The Dresser
UNTIL recently it might have been said that pewter appealed to a smaller class of collectors than either old furniture, china, or silverware.
Old Brass And Copper Utensils
A CONSIDERATION of antiques and collecting would seem hardly complete without some mention of old brass and copper. And yet, if we are to confine ourselves to such things as were actually used by our American forebears in the old days, the subject becomes reduced, after all, to narrow limits.
Where Ancient Back-Logs Glowed
IT is almost impossible to picture the domestic life of the American colonists in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries without calling up a vision of the huge kitchen fireplace, with its pewter-laden mantel, the old flintlock hung above, strings of peppers and onions overhead, and the family of our forefathers gathered about in the ruddy glow of the hickory and birch.
Two Patterns In Flow Blue
The Davenport business was founded in Longport, Staffordshire, in 1793 by John Davenport (1765-1848), and continued by his sons and grandson until 1882.
The Musical Box Story
The early Swiss musical boxes played only operatic airs. The programme or tune sheet was a thin card, handwritten in French, pinned on the inside lid or stuck under the box.
Missing Masterpieces
The search is on for missing paintings by prominent American artists. Somewhere, in attic or basement, trunk or warehouse perhaps even hanging on a wall, unrecognized paintings of great value await discovery- A disposition to curiosity, a perceptive and knowledgable eye and Lady Luck-will be behind each fortunate finding.
Antique Embroidery: Turkey Work
Much can be learned of Colonial ways and days from the meticulously detailed household inventories kept by early comers to this country.
Pincushion "Dolls"
The original appeal of the ultrafeminine china half-figures, known today as "pincushions", though many were intended for uses other than pincushion tops, must have been overwhelming. It is obvious from the variety found in present-day collections that they were made by the millions, in hundreds of types, over a rather long period of time.
Cherry Furniture
Of the more than two dozen different kinds of woods used in Early American furniture, native cherry held high place. Its slightly reddish tinge made it a favorite substitute for mahogany, though it has a closer grain and is lighter than good mahogany.
Reproduction Of 17th Century New England Chairs, Made In The 1850's
Thanks to the late Wallace Nutting's various books, the furniture of New England has been fairly well impressed upon the consciousness of collectors. Nutting really sparked a revival of interest in Brewster, Carver and Winslow type chairs, all of them the New England counterparts of similar Tudor chairs of old England.
Simon & Halbig - Master Craftsmen
AS with many other German doll firms, mystery surrounds the early days of S&H. Records that might pinpoint the beginnings of this busy factory have succumbed to wars, and to time itself.
Magic Bells
Through the ages, countless magical powers have been attributed to bells. Church bells in France were once rung to ward off lightning.
Painted Tin Or Tole
Painted tin has long been admired by seasoned collectors as well as top notch decorators, so much so that it has been used as the focal point in the decorating and furnishing of many an old farmhouse.
Fruits And Vegetables In Faience
When the art of Continental faience reached its pinnacle of achievement in the eighteenth century, the potter's imagination soared to unbounded heights. Whatever his eye saw, his hands recreated in pottery.
The Fine Art Of China Restoring
C-R-A-S-H!!! When you hear that heart stopping sound of breaking china what does it mean to you? To the collector of fine china objects it spells damage to a valuable item that perhaps cannot be duplicated. To the housewife it can mean the loss of a treasured heirloom or gift from a far away friend.
William Shakespeare's Home Town
William Shakespeare didn't make much money in his hometown during his lifetime, but the old hometown for the last century or two has made millions out of him.
More Talk About Time
When one has devoted as much time and energy to the task of trying to interest people in the laudable and satisfying hobby of collecting old time-pieces, as I have, it is well to stop and take stock of the results.
Historic Adornment
One of the things that impressed newspaper men and women about the recent visit of Queen Juliana of Holland to the United States was the fact that she brought along her world renowned collection of jewels. The Queen inherited these pieces from her mother, and they are one of the great assets of the House of Orange.
Banjo Clocks
MANY a banjo clock-a form of timepiece distinctly American in origin-is still marking time as well as lending an authentic touch to interiors with an early Republic air.
Period Styles In Furniture
FURNISHINGS drawn from several periods and styles are frequently harmonized in interiors. Modern home makers incorporate with recent acquisitions fine or cherished bits of furniture that through long association have become integral parts of a home.
Early Republic Furnishings
DURING the years known as the Federal or Early Republic epoch, there appeared numerous new styles of furnishings, products of native as well as of French cabinetmakers, glass blowers and pottery craftsmen.
Farmhouse Antiques
PICTURESQUE bits of farmhouse furnishings have been resurrected by the antique hunter and promoted from their former humble uses.
Modernistic Furniture
MODERNISTIC furniture made in America has acquired a distinct sense of style. Grace and smartness are taking the place of the bizarre which resulted from unsucessful experimentation in the new mode.
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