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The Catastrophic Play
The Play Of The Day
High Comedy Or Comedy Of Manners
Shop Talk
Shopping for Furniture
Selling Methods And Sales
Furniture Accessories
Sun Parlor, Porch, And Outdoor Furniture
Summary And Hints For Shoppers
House Furnishings
China And Glassware
Silverware, Watches, And Jewelry
Leather Goods And Luggage
Shopping - When Is A Bargain?
Wearing Apparel
Toilet Preparations, Etc.
Package Groceries
Shopping - Buying Habits
Shopping - Beauty And The Best
Floor Coverings
Domestic Rugs
Oriental Rugs
Care Of Rugs
Linoleums, Etc.
Emerson The Literary Pioneer
Whittier The Puritan Singer
Thoreau The Pioneer Writer About Nature
Francis Parkman's Historical
Mark Twain Our Finest Humorist
Bret Harte's California Tales And Poems
Howells First Of Living American Novelists
Markham The Poet Of The American People
Walt Whitman - Prophet In His Shirt-sleeves
Charm Of Washington Irving
Art Of Edgar Allen Poe
Hawthorne's Somber Puritan Romances
Fenimore Cooper's Original Work
Longfellow The Poet Of The Household
Lowell As Poet, Essayist And Critic
Wit And Humor Of Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Early Tragedies And The Satyric Drama
The Theatre In The First Centuries Of The Christian Era
The Theatre Of Antiquity And The Modern Stage
Liturgical Drama, Miracle Plays, And Comedy Before The Fourteenth Century
Liturgical Drama And Miracle Plays Before The 14th Century
Miracle Plays And Mimed Mysteries In The 14th Century
The Mysteries Of The 15th Century And Their Performance
Miracle Plays Of The 15th Century And Their Performance
Comedy In The 15th Century
Religious Drama In The 16th Century
Historical Comedy, Dogmatic Moralities, Dramatic Moralities, And The Last Mysteries In The 16th Century
Aeschylus And Classical Tragedy
Allegorical Comedy, The Interlude, The Pageant, And The Mask In The 16th Century
Classical Drama And The Schools Of The Renaissance Between 1550 And 1588
Classical Drama In England Between 1550 And 1588
The Theatre In The Early Part Of The Reign Of Henri IV (1589-1600)
The National Drama Before Shakespeare (1580-1600)
Alexandre Hardy, Rotrou, And The French Stage Prior To The Adoption Of Classical Tragedy
The Theatre Of The Middle Ages On The Stage, In The Nineteenth Century, In France And England
The Romantic Drama Of Shakespeare And His Successors (1590-1642)
General Apercu Of The Theatre In France And England Between 1640 And 1900 In France
Sophocles, Euripides, And Classical Tragedy
Tragedy In The Fourth Century B.C.
Old Greek Comedy
The Middle Comedy And The New Comedy
The Latin Theatre Tragedy
Theatres In Rome, And Formalities In Connection With The Dramatic Representations
Comedy In Rome
The Gathering Of The Forces
French And Italian Dramatists
The Russians
Dramatists Of The Germanic Nations
The Imaginative Dramatists
Modern Theatre Architecture
Modern Theatre Organization
Modern Theatre Economics
The Synthesis Of The Forces
Leipzig Theaters
Mechanical Forces: Improvements In Stage Equipment
The Stagesetting, Or 'inscenierung.'
Pure Design
Modern Scene Designing In America
The Intellectual Forces: Philosophy In The Modern Drama
The Stolen Treasure
The King Of The Grail
The Ashes
Daughter Of The God
The Hero Who Knew No Fear
The End Of The Ring
The Knight Of The Swan
The Prize Of A Song
The Blood Red Sail
The Love Potion
The Minstrel Knight
Introduction - The Social Philosophy Of Instinct
Historical Orientation
Instinct As A Sanction
Instinct And Culture
Instinct In Psychology
Conclusion Of The Social Philosophy Of Instinct
Beginnings Of Virginia
Architecture And History
Character And Career Of Abraham Lincoln
ScotchūIrish Race In Ulster And In America
What A University May Do For A State
Allegiance To Humanity
Tercentenary Of The Discovery Of Lake Champlain
Some Hints On Public Speaking
Special And General Education In Universities
Study Of Ancient Literature
On The Writing And Teaching Of History
What University Instruction May Do To Provide Intellectual Pleasures For Later Life
Some Hints On Reading
National Parks ł The Need Of The Future
Address to the Pennsylvania Society of New York - The U.S. Constitution
Landing Of The Pilgrims In 1620
Influence Of National Character And Historical Environment On The Development Of The Common Law
Conditions And Methods Of Legislation
Thomas Jefferson - Third President Of The United States And Founder Of The University Of Virginia
Missions Past And Present
Mission Of State Universities Commencement
Art Of Augustus SaintūGaudens
A Century Of Achievement
Exploration And Discovery
Medical Science, Hygiene, And Surgery
Modern Warfare
Printing And Publishing
Marvelous Machinery
Light And Heat Including Photography
Mining And Metallurgy
The Study of Acting - Elements Of Mimicry
Expressions - Part 1
Expressions - Part 2
The Smilełthe Laugh
Love In Its Different States And Expressions
Intellectual And Other Expressions
General Expressions
Effects Of Pathological States On The Expressions
What Is Mimicry?
Actingłopera And Stage
How To Study And Analyze A Part
General Rules
Exercises For Elasticity
Elements Of Mimicry - Part 1
Elements Of Mimicry - Part 2
Gestures and Movements
Glance At Colonial And Revolutionary Literature
Edward Everett
Brook Farm
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
James Russell Lowell
Ralph Waldo Emerson
John Greenleaf Whittier
Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Early American Historians
Literature At The Dawn Of The Century
George Bancroft
Richard Hildreth
William Hickling Prescott
John Lothrop Motley
Francis Parkman
Harriet Beecher Stowe
New York Authors
Bayard Taylor
Richard Henry Stoddard
Josiah Gilbert Holland
Charles Brockden Brown
Southern Authors
William Gilmore Simms
Sidney Lanier
George Washington Cable
The Later Historians
Walt Whitman
Bret Harte
William Dean Howells
Henry James
Washington Irving And The Knickerbocker Group
Lewis Wallace
Edward Everett Hale
Joaquin Miller
Edmund Clarence Stedman
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
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