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Collecting Stamps - Public Stamp Displays
MOST NATIONS IN EUROPE HAVE impressive exhibits and museums for stamps and postal history, more impressive than any in the United States. There are, however, quite a few collections on display and the list fortunately is growing, so collectors in this country will have increasingly greater opportunities to see wonderful material.
Collecting Stamps - Stamp Values
THERE ARE NO HARD AND FAST rules, unfortunately, as to stamp values. It's impossible to say that stamps of a certain period are worth a good deal, and that certain other stamps are valueless.
Collecting Stamps - Stamp Disposal
WHENEVER A NON-COLLECTOR finds material of philatelic worth, or receives a collection in an estate, and when a collector decides to dispose of his collection, the problem is, how best to proceed.
The Looking Glasses Of A Hundred Years
For most collectors of eighteenth-century antiques who possess artistic taste and the true collector's gift, old looking-glasses hold a fascination equaled only by the charm of the most graceful Georgian furniture.
Antique Clocks
Most writers on old furniture have more or less to say about old clocks, and of course , a clock is, in a way, a piece ot furmture. it doesn't take the collector long, however, to learn that a knowledge of old furniture doesn't help him very greatly in learning of old clocks a subject which opens up to him an entirely new and extremely interesting line of study.
The Truth About Antique Furniture
The charm that rests in a rare old piece of mahogany, and the pitfalls that lie everywhere in the path of the seeker for real antiques, these are my text.
Collecting Stamps - Mounting
STAMP MOUNTING, AS A TOPIC, is as tall as it is wide. The only broad rule is to be neat-after that it becomes a matter of personality. Many collectors use printed albums, and wisely so, because of lack of time, desire or funds.
Collecting Stamps - Covers
COVERS, PHILATELICALLY, ARE finely described as stamped envelopes or envelopes with stamps. They play an important part in philately-more so probably than most people imagine.
Collecting Stamps - Investment
AN INCREASING INTEREST IN THE "Investment" aspect of stamp collecting is being shown by collectors-young and old-and even by some dealers. Though many of the old guard (the conservative collectors) detest this angle, it is here to stay, and must be taken into consideration.
Collecting Stamps - The United Nations and Stamps
LATE IN 1950 THE UNITED Nations, in its new headquarters in New York, announced plans for the creation of its own postal administration, and its own stamps. Prior to that time all outgoing mail bore United States postage stamps, and used a New York cancellation.
Collecting Stamps - Collecting As A Hobby
STAMP COLLECTING, AS A HOBBY, provides peace of mind, visual education, fraternity, and a means of revenue. It is also a hobby recognizing no barriers of race, color, religion or age, and has been well-termed as the "king of hobbies and hobby of kings." Laborers and merchants, struggling clerks and industrial magnates, have felt the urge to collect stamps and its related material, and have found happiness in doing so.
Collecting Stamps - Terms Every Stamp Collector Should Know (Part 1 Of 2)
Accessories. Any or all materials supplementing the collecting of stamps, such as albums, tweezers, hinges, watermark detectors.
The Quest For The Old And Beautiful
I suppose there are plenty of people-good Americans-who can stand for the first time in the old market-place in Boston and read the inscriptions on Faneuil Hall or the Old State House without a hint of an inward thrill.
Old Chairs In Modern Houses
THERE is a certain class of collectors of old furniture and other antiques who seem to take a special delight in acquiring and dis playing the hideous and useless monstrosities of an unenlightened age.
The Beautiful Pottery Of Wedgwood
I THINK I have never met a man or a woman with soul so dead as not to feel something of the charm and beauty of old Wedgwood. The modern product by that name is beautiful, but the old ware-the work of the original Josiah Wedgwood surpasses it, and there is apparent an increasing interest in it among amateur American antiquarians.
Rolls Royce
It really is. The name has become a legendary symbol of perfection. Small boys and taxi drivers refer to it with awe, engineers marvel over its precision and performance, while car owners gasp at the sheer luxury of the appointments.
Old Blue Staffordshire
"Why do you collect old china?" I asked a connoisseur in Chinese antiques, after inspecting his marvelous specimens of the Chinese potter's art.
Old Desks And Secretaries
The average collector will not be likely to devote his chief attention to old desks and secretaries, but two or three of these old pieces in a house are highly desirable. In fact, the old-fashioned secretary, with bookcase, desk, and drawers, is about as useful a piece of furniture as the past has bequeathed to us.
Luster Ware
Although luster ware has been treasured as an heirloom in old American families for a century, and is to be found in many collections, it has only recently been generally sought for by collectors, and a majority of dealers in antiques do not carry a piece of it in stock.
Four-Poster Beds And Others
I must dwell for a little on the subject of old bedsteads. Although their size and high value make them less common possessions, a study of other kinds of old furniture gives a slighter clue to them than to high-boys and sofas. Even the early nineteenth-century bedsteads are rare and valuable, and, if your house is large enough to accommodate them, you may well aspire to own one or two.
History Of Antique Tables
Some of the early seventeenth-century tables found their way to this country, but few of them are in existence now outside of the museums.
History Of Antique Sideboards
The sideboard as a standard piece of dining-room furniture is only about one hundred and forty years old, but it was developed to such a high degree of utility and beauty toward the close of the eighteenth century that there are few types of old furniture more to be desired by the collector.
Sheffield Plate
Within the past few years Sheffield plate, or copper rolled plate, as it used to be called, has been gaining in popularity among collectors. The term "plate" is usually applied to solid silverware, so that the term may seem a trifle misleading to the novice.
The Corvette
Once upon a time there were three Chevrolet brothers, Louis, Gaston, and Arthur. They were no babes in the wood, but neither did they end as financial princes.
History Of The Volkswagen Beetle
At the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century, Americans drove rapidly and complacently along their manicured highways. The cars were impressively large, with huge areas of sheet metal and glass.
Early Republic Mirrors
Two forms of early Republic mirrors are today being used more in original examples and in reproductions than at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when they first appeared in this country.
Chippendale Mirrors
THE more universal use of mirrors as an important part of a room's furnishings is no doubt responsible for the recent vogue among discerning persons of looking-glasses known as Chippendale.
Venetian Mirrors
VENETIAN mirrors are important in the decoration of in teriors where a bit of grace and sprightliness is desired.
Grandfather Clocks
OF all the furniture that the past bequeathed to the current day, the tall, or grandfather clock bids fair to hold its place.
Gate-Leg Tables
MODERN apartment living has reacted upon the design of the gate-leg table and diminutive sizes have resulted which would have been scorned three hundred years ago in the good old Jacobean days when this table of many legs was developed.
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