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Chelsea China
Of all the delightful china that was made in eighteenth century England the loveliest in coloring is Chelsea. It has other points of excellence as well; in fact, Chelsea shows so many signs of skill that in its own day it was called "the English Dresden," a very high compliment.
Quartz Crystal
The six-sided crystals, with the long axis perpendicular to the axis of these sides, and having a hardness of 7, is quartz. Actually, it may be possible to find some six-sided crystals with approximately 7 in hardness but they will be rare.
Raphael Tuck
If one were to take a map of the world and color the spheres of influence of Raphael Tuck and Sons there would be very few spaces left blank. Mr. Tuck, when he founded his business in 1866, did better than he knew.
Hidden Beauties Of Time
There are many trite sayings, such as "You can't judge a book by its cover," that portray the idea that first or casual glances are not sufficient to reveal the full and true qualities of something, or anything. This is all too true.
The Five O'Clock Club
The publication of the article on "The Five O'Clock Club" a few months ago brought a number of interesting letters from readers all over the country. There has been an interesting correspondence with "a collector of odds and ends." W. Latta Hammersley of Colorado Springs, Colo., for instance. Mr. Hammersley had lived in Philadelphia for over 60 years, and his father had been an occasional dinner guest at the club.
The Decorated Chair Of The 1800s
Among the various types of decorated chairs of the 1800's the Hitchcock chair is probably the most familiar, the most sought for and certainly the most produced today. In fact, they have been reproduced from the earliest days of their manufacture.
Paper Dolls
RECENTLY Mickey Rooney, Bette Davis and other movie stars of today could be found with Fatty Arbuckle, Mary Pickford, Theda Bara and other movie stars of yesterday in the Junior Museum of the California Palace of Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but they are Paper dolls from our collection.
Some Clock Questions
PEOPLE continue to ask good questions about their clocks and watches. A few recent ones are given here, since there is the possibility that others, having similar ones, might be helped.
Postage Stamp Design
A postage stamp is, after all, only a tiny bit of paper, imprinted with a design and representing an obligation by the country of origin to perform a specified postal duty.
What Is A Stamp?
THE FIRST QUESTION TO BE asked when stamps come into consideration is the very fundamental, "What is a Stamp?" That's a very simple question, but the answer is complex.
Collecting Stamps - The Urge To Collect
AS A NEWSPAPER STAMP EDITOR, the writer has received thousands of letters requesting authentic information about the basics of stamp collecting. More advanced enthusiasts have brought specialized problems in for solution.
Collecting Stamps - Paper And Watermarking
After a government has decided upon a stamp issue and has approved the design or designs, the mechanics of stamp production enter into the picture.
Collecting Stamps - Stamp Impression
AFTER SUITABLE DESIGNS HAVE been determined, and the format and other essentials have been established, the next thing to be decided is the actual method of impression.
Collecting Stamps - Stamp Pioneers
STAMPS FOR POSTAGE PURPOSES have changed hardly at all since the first specimen appeared in May of 1840.
Origins Of Postage Stamps
THOUGH POSTAGE STAMPS AS such are slightly over a century old, private and official correspondence in one form or another has been relayed by various means over the centuries.
American Views On Old Blue Staffordshire
Miss Comstock is one of the foremost authorities on antiques and has been for many years the American Editor of The Connoisseur. It would have surprised the nineteenth century English potter, Andrew Stevenson of Cobridge in Staffordshire, to know that one of his platters intended to sell for a few shillings would one day bring over a thousand dollars.
A Short History Of Shoes
For many generations, deep in the hearts of short men, has dwelt a wistful yearning and a burning desire to appear tall. This wish is a natural one, springing from an acute desire to escape the many handicaps, real and imaginary, which confront short men in their dealings with those taller than themselves.
Decorated Imperial Glass
Concurrent with increased manufacture of glass in the Low Countries and South Europe, eighteenth century Russia, expanding her industrial activities, witnessed the founding of the Imperial Glass Works in St. Petersburg under the patronage of Ekaterina II the Great.
Collecting Stamps - Foreign Monetary Units
BECAUSE OF THE NUMBER OF requests for values of foreign currency in terms of the United States dollar Western Stamp Collector published a table which has much reference value.
Collecting Stamps - Perforations
AS HAS BEEN NOTED Previously, stamps in the early days lacked any means to separate one from the balance of the sheet, except through the use of scissors, knife, razor or straight edge.
Collecting Stamps - Stamp Rarities
SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE YEARS 1840 and 1900 ordinary citizens of various countries all over the world went to post offices and purchased a stamp. For some reason it was not used, and so we have it today in mint condition.
Collecting Stamps - Stamp Condition
Condition is a very important factor in determining the value of stamps. This would apply in the swapping of stamps, as in the buying and selling. In the early days of the hobby the reverse was true.
Collecting Stamps - Sources For Stamps
THERE ARE SEVERAL SOURCES of supply for collectors, regardless of means, though the most logical is the regular stamp dealer. Usually, though, the first stamps literally come from the trash basket, being removed from discarded mail by the new collector, a member of the family or a friend.
Collecting Stamps - Albums
STAMPS, IN THEMSELVES, ARE wonderful things to collect, but they're poor orphans without a home-subject to dirt and damage. No one can consider himself a collector without an album, even though it may be extremely modest, or even home-made.
Collecting Stamps - Accessories For Stamps
OF EQUAL IMPORTANCE IN THE practice of stamp collecting are the working tools, or accessories. This can, of course, be an overdone field, but there are certain basics which should be in every stamp box, drawer or den.
THE vargueno, that decorative Spanish desk introduced to America by the recent vogue for Spanish interiors, has proved as useful to its owners in adaptation as it once was in old Spain.
FOR those American rooms in which the treatment suggests that composite beauty variously called Spanish, California or Florida Spanish, Mediterranean or Italian, the substantial and highly decorative Italian credenza is running the Spanish vargueno hard as a popular feature.
Welsh Dressers
HIGH prices for authentic pieces of Colonial-made furniture are giving them new dignity.
ALTHOUGH the chest has given way as storage space to the modern closet with its ample drawer and shelf room and electric illumination it retains its importance as a decorative accessory.
Corner Cupboards
CHARMING and useful, the corner cupboard is again becoming an indispensable piece of furniture in American households. In this vogue furniture history is distinctly repeating itself, for a hundred and fifty years ago and more every dining room had at least one of these attractive pieces of furniture.
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